Monday, August 27, 2012

My Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Nightmare Week

Today the blog is about me.....

No, no review so if you're looking for that you'll have to come by another day. Today it's about something else....



Okay, got that off my chest. I have not been following my reading schedule just frozen in my unending lists of teacher wish lists for my youngest son and a giant blackhole of unknowing for my oldest. I went to Open House on Thursday for my youngest, 7th grade, and it was a marathon. Two hours to visit ten teachers and try to get a moment of privacy to explain that he has BPD and ADHD and we had a  really bad time of it last year. He missed a lot of days and he didn't catch on to the school until the last semester. In fact, we didn't think he'd be coming back until they asked us to come back. And I didn't get to have those private conversations with most of those teachers. So we'll have a meeting sometime soon and be very clear on what he can and cannot do and what I need most from them, which is watch his behavior. If it changes drastically, I need to know. They see him from 8-4 with bus time included. I see him from 4 to 9. That's not much time to assess his behavior. I was exhausted even though we had a battle plan for the Open House. I'm glad kids are the ones that have to go to school. If I had to go from his first class to his second I'd probably need oxygen. Can I get a wheelchair and an oxygen mask for the 40plus woman that can't run a five minute mile please? Oh, and the air wasn't on in the school. Yeah, the geniuses at the School Board Administration Offices, to save money, don't turn on the air until Monday. Yeppers. All those hot sweaty middle graders running around with their parents, smelled like a boy's gym locker by the time we left (or what I imagine one would smell like as I tend to avoid those areas!) Oh and my little genius, forgot his deodorant! Smelled pretty ripe by the time we got in the car!

On the plus side, he has two male teachers, neither gym coaches. One his Drama teacher and the other his Humanities teacher. I swear to you, if I can get a picture of the Humanities teacher, he could feature in the My Book Boyfriend feature, though it would be pretty weird if I asked him to take his shirt off. He's got the tat's up one of his arm, built, played soccer, basketball and baseball all through high school and still umps high school baseball for the county schools. No I didn't ask him all of this, it's on his bio under and I'm not kidding, "Welcome to the Thunderdome" and no, I won't give you the web address. But I will try to get a good shot. If I can figure out how. Maybe when we work on the bike trails around the lake.

Anyway, for my other son, it's all about the $200 pair of Nike's he wants to design for himself on the website and knows if they don't fit he can't return. Fine, he's got a job, he can pay for them himself. I put forth the same amount I did for 2 pair for his brother one in the size he wears now and one the next size up. Same exact shoe. He didn't want me to buy both because it cost too much. How can they both be from me?? But they look too much like their Dad to not be ours. Besides, I was there. Though they swept my youngest out pretty quickly, he was 8 weeks premature. Still, he looks exactly like his dad!

So other than what time the bus will come and some notebook paper, I haven't got a clue what my sophomore needs. Oh and he doesn't even have a schedule. The dumb a**es at the school put him in Civics and Economics and Civics and Economics AP. He had it 1st block and last block. Nothing like starting and ending your day with the same thing. So other than reporting to the office, he hasn't got a clue where to go. But unlike me who would get to school half an hour early to get this worked out if it were me, he's not sweating it at all. Of course, right now, he's on double not so secret probation. If you've ever watched the movie Animal House you'll know what I'm talking about. I won't tell you what he did and it wasn't drugs. But in my house, it was BAD! And he's the one that isn't supposed to give me trouble. Or maybe the roles have reversed.

I'm just saying that the dystopian I was supposed to read and review today and tomorrow is not getting read simply because I feel like I'm living the nightmare. Hundred dollar calculators. For both. Binders for every teacher, a specific size or color, this many sheets of notebook paper. It's laughable really. But it isn't really. How do parents who can barely afford food and shelter afford this stuff? I mean hundred dollar calculators? Really? I don't work so that was really hard to find in our budget. But if we were one of those families that were at poverty level, or a single mom barely scraping by or even a single dad barely scraping by, what would they do? 

So, Here's what I want to ask you to do. If you can, buy an extra folder or pack of notebook paper, some pens, pencils (they like the mechanical ones, that way they don't have to worry about kids getting up to sharpen their pencils or never having a sharpened pencil like my son), dry erase markers, glue sticks, anything to put in the Back to School bins at Staples, Target, Wal-Mart or anywhere in your town that might be collecting. The families that get these donations will definitely appreciate it. Back to school won't feel quite so apocalyptic for them!

And really, those teacher wish lists items, like Clorox Wipes and tissues, you really want to get those for the teachers. Flu and cold spreads like wildfire in the winter with them, imagine school without them and believe me, if the teachers made the salaries they should, we wouldn't have to worry about wish lists. They'd all drive around in sports cars and we'd be buying wish list items for baseball players and the reality t.v. show stars. But this is an upside down world. Always has been, probably always will be. So until then, buy those tissues and Clorox Wipes and anything else they ask for, you don't know how much they buy out of their pockets. Or maybe you do. But they do it because they love the kids they teach and who knows, we might be reading and reviewing some of these kids' books some day!

For everyone starting school and who just started from Kindergarten to College have a GREAT YEAR and HAVE FUN! And GOOD LUCK TEACHERS!



  1. Wow Heather! My life is downright sedate compared to yours! I have stress after just reading your post and contemplating having to get $100 calculators along with everything else. It's a wonder you find any time to read at all woman! I hope things slow down for you a bit soon and that your youngest has a much easier time of it at school this year:)

    1. I'm finding no time to read Jenny. Actually, I have no desire to read and that really makes me sad. I guess since last year was so bad I can't shake the feeling that this year will be the same. But this is motherhood! I just don't think I can read and blog as much as I have been. Reading a book a day is just not going to happen.

      It's okay, you don't have to buy the calculators and they have already been bought! LOL They better not come up with a newer version before my 7th grader gets out of HS! Oh and they have these rubber protectors you can buy for them like they do for phones and Kindles and stuff. Got those, too! My kids tend to drop things, a lot!

  2. First, is the Humanities teacher single? *bats eyelashes* LOL

    I also need to take a breather. You sound exhausted and deserve some time in a spa where everyone dotes on you!

    Btw, I think you sound like an awesomesauce MOM!!

    PS... sometimes if you ask the teacher (if he is good), then you might be able to find some used calculators for math.

    1. Melissa-

      I'll have to check out the ring finger. Didn't see a ring, but wasn't looking. Update from son is that he doesn't think so but might have a girlfriend. We know you can best her!

      I'm just an average mom. like most of the others, but my issues also follow my sons. Imagine the single moms and dads! I watched my sister be a single mom and even though I lived with her and helped as much as I could, Ultimately the responsibility was hers.

      We tried last year with the calculators. They don't have the calculators at school simply because they say everyone would want one. We were able to borrow one for my oldest last year, but since then, the young girl we borrowed it from moved.

      Thanks for your sweet comments and I'll check on that ring finger!

  3. And I keep telling myself I'm ready for motherhood!!! Maybe not? LOL!

    You're an amazing mom, Heather! Hope everything works in your favor.


    1. Oh Missie, if you wait until you're ready you'll never have kids! Just do it. By the time your kids are the age of my kids, the schools will all have tablets for each of the kids to use and you won't have to worry about notebook paper even. The city schools have a lap top for every kid in school, but we're in the county school system.

      And I didn't write the post to get accolades but I appreciate it. I just wanted everyone to know why I haven't posted a book review since last week. I actually haven't read a book since then. I was reading a book a day. That ain't happening anytime soon.

      I am loaning the 15 yr old out if you'd like to start motherhood with that age then work your way down??? PLEASE!

      Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Thank goodness my kids are still young! 2nd grade is much easier (and cheaper), that's for sure! I always hated the teachers that were coaches. They were only nice to the jocks and they were horrible teachers so that's good he doesn't have one.
    Sorry about all the crazy stress!

    1. Candace-
      When people say they are much easier at this age, and I know how they are at book signings, we've emailed about that, believe them. The younger they are, the easier they are.

      I didn't believe that at all when mine were crying or I was getting up in the middle of the night. but it's true.

  5. Preach it, sister! You know my deal with the school. I'm physically exhausted. I feel as if I can tackled by an entire football team and then some. My feet are swollen and heck, I don't even have time for a bathroom break or even eat lunch! I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I swear it almost seems as if two weeks have gone by!

    We'll get over the bumps. It's only a matter of time. The graphic calculators are a pain. I'm sure there are numerous sales going on now with back to school stuff. Be sure to shop around. Also check Ebay or Amazon. Sometimes they have decent deals.

    Get some rest, breathe, and don't worry about the blog. At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself anyway. Good luck!

  6. Imagine going through all of that and also being a teacher who has to host their own Back to School Night and you know my insanity. Ditto Ditto Ditto to the wipes. I've had a lot less "shared" viruses etc. in my class since we started using those to clean the desks. Budget cuts are so incredibly ugly that I know I speak for teachers when I say how much we appreciate parent donations. And just a tip - Back to School Night is the worst night to try and share specific information with teachers. Most of us have a "have to" agenda from our admin. for that night and no time. The best plan is to schedule a meeting early in the year where you can actually sit and have a conversation.

  7. Alright this was interesting makes me realize all the fun I am in for my kids are going to be two and four in September. I am really wondering what your son did now...I haven't seen Animal House in a long time. I can only imagine the smell of that school with hot smelly kids running around. Thanks for sharing. Hope things settle down. I know how you feel, my blog had suffered with all the company. I have a lot of catching up to do! Have a great weekend!


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