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If I Speak True by Jessica L. Brooks Blog Tour and Giveaway US and International

If I Speak TrueIf I Speak True by Jessica L. Brooks

Dahlia Kennedy's sixteenth birthday marks a decade of mysterious dahlias arriving and strange, lonely dreams of being in a forest. The only difference this birthday, however, is that for the first time, someone is there with her. And he's practically from a whole other era.

The more often Dahlia visits Rowan in his land of Ambrosia, the stronger their connection grows. But... is Ambrosia real? Is he real? What is going on between the two of them, exactly, and why does he insist that she keep it to herself?

As secrets usually go, however, it's only a matter of time before everything comes out. And when Dahlia finds out the truth of who Rowan is, who she is, and how he really feels -- it’s beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

So this is where I tell you what I thought of the book and the characters and how it worked for me and such. But I can't. I started the book midweek and ran into a migraine that kept me from reading. So I'm only about 20 percent into the book and it's not enough to give a review of the book. I decided since I was supposed to post today and I hadn't let anyone know in time (because I was hoping I could speed read through the other 80% lol) I would just tell you the truth. I will read it and review it as soon as possible. But, if you want to know about it, follow the tour.

Jessica BrooksAbout the Author:

Jessica L. Brooks resides with her husband of over sixteen years, three awesome daughters, and a plethora of pets in Central California, where fog, frost, triple-digit heat and various items of produce arrive bountifully, depending on the season. She has an affinity for both coffee and owls, and loves to connect with fellow readers and writers on most social networks like Goodreads, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also connect with her on her blog, Let Me Tell You A Story.

Jessica shares reviews for her favorite books on Afterglow Book Reviews, spreads writing and author love for independently-published authors at Indie Ignites, and salutes all writers (no matter what stage in their writerly journey) at Operation Awesome.

IF I SPEAK TRUE, the first in the Flora series, will be available 1/27/14. PITY ISN’T AN OPTION (Cozenage, #1) is her debut novel.


US only

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(Big thanks to Candace for helping me getting this formatted correctly!!)


  1. Well crap! Migraines suck> I have had a cold so I know how it goes. Best laid plans... hope you are feeling better soon. I will watch for your review.

  2. ((HUGS)) I totally understand that! I get chronic migraines myself. :( I've also tried to read through them once I get the pain down to at least a 4 or lower. Of course that NEVER works and it's back up to the upper numbers for pain soon after. :P Don't follow my example and take care of yourself!! <3!

  3. Thank you so much for posting Heather! I know you weren't feeling well so I really appreciate it!


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