Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sing Me To Sleep by Angela Morrison

Will you be the boy who rescues me?
Will you be the boy who makes me sing?
Will you make me true to who I am?
If you're leaving, take me with you,
Here's my hand.
If you're leaving, take me with you,
Here's my hand.

True love can turn you into a whole new person. Even if you once we The Beast, you can become The Beauty. One boy can awaken the music inside of you and make your voice sing out. And then, one terrible secret can take it all away.

But as Beth discovers in this tragic and luminous talk from the author of Taken by Storm, no matter how painful love is, it's worth it. Because it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Okay, that is a really cheesy book jacket description and hardly describes this wonderful book. I am not a Nicholas Sparks fan and had I read on Amazon that Nicholas Sparks lovers would like this book, I wouldn't have bought it. That being said, I loved this book! Poor Beth's father took one look at her after she was born and said she was da-amn ugly. That story stuck with her when she heard her mother tell it to her aunt. She's tall, has frizzy hair and acne scars all over. To make it worse there's a group of senior boys that do everything they can to make sure she's reminded of how ugly she is. She has one friend that helps her make it through the day, her best friend Scott from 3rd grade. He tells her she's more than her looks. And her hormones are starting to recognize Scott is a hottie. It was a little annoying that Beth didn't pick up on his less than subtle hints that he was into her.

But then, Beth also has her music. She's picked to sing the solo at what amounts to the Olympics of choir singing in Switzerland and she's contacted by Derek from the Olympic Champions several years in a row on line. He falls in love with her voice before he's ever seen her. Good thing too because she goes through a grueling transformation before they go to Switzerland. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. But Beth gets bad news and it affects the rest of her life. And Derek has news that affects the rest of his life.

When they get back home, Derek makes excuses for not seeing Beth and Scott makes it hard to resist him. Derek makes unexpected appearances and they have passionate moments and just as passionate fights. Derek tries to make plans for them to be together more, but it doesn't work for Beth. Then he disappears for weeks at a time. His friend rumored that he had a drug habit when they were in Switzerland. Beth isn't sure with his long absences.

I don't know if you know how hard it is to cry when you're on antidepressants, but it is very hard, especially when you've been on them as long as I have. But my husband had to come in and find out what was wrong with me for the last few chapters of the book. I couldn't hold it in. I'd fallen in love with Beth and everything she'd felt and been through and was going through. From page 250 on it's a gut wrenching ride and if you need to cry, it's a great place to start. I usually use parts of The Color Purple to cry, but this one is going to be my new go to when I need a cry. It ended perfectly. Not a fairy tale, but realisticly. I absolutely give it my highest recommendation!!!!!!

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