Monday, July 26, 2010

Dark Divine By Bree Despain

One thing I forgot to say in my review.  I didn't feel the chemistry in the romance.  The male character was so flat and underdeveloped, he said the right words, but I just didn't feel them.  And she was so undecided about him that it was hard to believe she felt anything for him.  Maybe the romance aspect was played down, but it was a critical part to the story and I didn't feel it.

I know my review is critical of the story, but I did actually enjoy it.  I'm just letting you know all the flaws I saw.  So maybe I should tell you all the good things I read.  A lot of unpredictable twists and turns.  A very different take on a typical story line.  High school hasn't changed.  There are the usual characters there.  There are some really good deeds going on like helping at shelters, donating old clothes, delivering food to the needy.  And that lesson on forgiveness.  The internal struggle that Grace has with herself about the right thing to do versus what she wants.  And the trouble with family secrets.  I've experienced that one first hand and the secrets hurt much more than the truth.

So there are a lot of reasons to read this book.  It's complicated and maybe that's why it didn't flow.  There is so much to think about.  When I read this, I thought I just read this for enjoyment, but I guess I picked up a lot to think about.  Especially why forgiveness is so hard.  If you struggle with that read this book.

Pondering Forgiveness

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