Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review of 13 To Life by Shannon Delany

13 to Life isn't hard to figure out.  From the beginning you know that Pietr Rusakova is different and you're pretty sure on the first day he attends school what that is.  But he is well rounded.  He has more feelings than most guys do in real life and he's a heart throb.  Jessie, the heroine, is chosen to guide him around school the first two days of class and she doesn't like him.  She, of course, is in love with the football star Derek.  And lately he's been  paying her a lot of attention.  But she can't tell if his intentions are honest or if he's just stringing her along.

We know that there is a huge disaster that has happened in Jessica's life and the author gives us bits and pieces as the novel goes on.  I like how she lets us know what the disaster is, then later on reveals the rest of the details that make it even more tragic.  Jessica has two BFF's though she's always calling one her BFF and leaving her real BFF out of the loop.  Sarah and Amy.  Jessie helped nurse Sarah back to health when she had something tragic happen to her, basically teaching her how to do everything all over again and Jessie gives Sarah anything she wants, including Pietr even though she and him like each other.  Pietr goes along with it.  Sarah begins as a lost puppy dog and then seems to get some spunk and sharp tongue.

Amy  is Jessie's true friend  with a no nonsense attitude.  She doesn't put up with the give Sarah everything she wants business.  And she stands behind any decision Jessie makes, unless it involves Derek.  Anyone but Jessie sees he's no good for her, but there's a reason for her crush that goes beyond football star.  It comes out very late in the book.

There are other background characters, not fully developed, but Alexi, Pietr's oldest brother is more developed.  He's short tempered, mean and suspicious. He seems to be at odds with both of his brothers, Pietr and Max.  He seems okay with Charlotte their sister, but then she's very quiet.

The story was great until the end.  I thought the introduction of  who they introduced and the storyline crashed and burned from there.  It seemed like the writer decided to go in a whole new direction and then hurried up the ending.  I would have let Jessie and Pietr have their camping trip and then introduced the characters they did at a later time.

All in all though,  I'd read it again and the sequel comes out in February which I'm so glad I don't have to wait a year for it.  I'm hoping for a better ending this time around.

I'd give it a solid B plus.



  1. this one sounds really good! i just got this book last week, so i'm glad to hear you liked it!

  2. This book sounds good. I liked your honest review. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Nice to 'meet' you! I love the idea of a 'Book Camp'! This summer I am having a pool party for all of my students who read 21 hours and attend one event at our local library's Summer Reading Program. Anything to get those kids reading! ;)


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