Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Banned Books Week Challenge


In the spirit of celebrating our right to read whatever we choose and to publish what other might consider "wrong" I am joining the Banned Books Week Challenge to bring awareness to the ludicrousness (and I'm not talking about the rapper) of some requests made to ban books.  As a child I was never restricted from reading anything.  I don't know if my parents didn't care or if they thought I had the sense enough to read material appropriate for my age.  Certainly the librarians never said anything to me.

I recall in the Bible Belt where I lived at the time that people wanted to banish the Harry Potter books from the schools and libraries.  These books were flying off the bookstore shelves like Harry on his Nimbus 2000.  Kids were buying  books!  And people wanted to stop it.  Where's the sense in that?  Are they not smart enough to know that children know there are no such things as magic and witch craft and flying brooms and magic wands.  It's why the books are found in the FICTION section of the bookstore and library.  But perhaps these same people didn't go into the bookstore or even open the book.  Maybe they don't care if their child has a love of reading.  But I guarantee you, their kids were borrowing those books and reading them.  It makes them more enticing if they think they aren't supposed to read them.  I know, "Are you there God, It's me Margaret was talked about in whispered tones among the girls in my circle because somebody's mom didn't want us to read it.  You can bet the one girl that owned it loaned it to all of us!

And they thing about censorship is why is someone else allowed to tell me what I can and can't read.  What's best for me?  There is enough governmental control already.  I don't need five people who call themselves concerned citizens deciding what my children should read.  That's my job and right as a parent.  And I don't want them removing my access to these books at the library so that I cannot read them.  That's an infringement of my rights and I don't really understand how any book gets banned based on that.

That's my rant for now.  My children will be reading at least one of the books on the list if they haven't already, if their schoolwork allows for it.

If you'd like to join please visit Steph Su Reads and look for her post on Banned Books Week on the right hand side of her page.  Also the lovely banner at the top and on the right hand side of my site is courtesy of
Donna at Bites and it was at her site that I first found out about Banned Books Week.

Heather in Sandwich


  1. Lovely banner! And I completely agree with you about people who'd like to take books out of libraries, etc --- very frustrating!

  2. A fascinating post, I'm hoping to post about this event on Saturday.

  3. I had a mom who saw the Harry Potter books in the library tell me that "no school should carry those books". I told her that we had to support a variety of families and interests, but would respect her request that her children not check out the HP books. She then picked up "The Golden Compass" (written by an atheist) for her son. I was amused and her son loved the book!

  4. Now that is hillarious! Shows what people don't know! They don't even read the books and immediately say they shouldn't be read. There is so much loyalty and friendship in Harry Potter and overcoming obstacles, there is a lot of good in it and it doesn't teach the Wiccan religion at all. They'd probably be the first to say that! As I wrote it is FICTION! Drives me nuts, especially in the South when I have to defend Southerners and they make it so hard!



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