Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloggiesta Update Day Three

Pedro was hungover and I had to wake him up.  I on the other hand have been transferring reviews to Goodreads.  I forgot that was also a goal of mine.  But that stupid Gnome movie ad keeps coming up.
Anyone else having trouble with that?  It's making me want to crack open the bottle of rum someone gave my husband for a Christmas present.  I've never heard of the brand and it's guaranteed not to mix well with tequila, but Pedro's saying something about the hair of the dog.  I don't want the dog to have any.  I already had to clean up dog puke today.  And posted a review.  I even had to finish the other half of the book.  It was so great.  Don't look at the labels on it or it might take away from the second half, but not really too much.  The button is going to wait!  I'm just so proud that my tabs are at the top and my labels got done.  I don't think I'll be able to finish transferring all my reviews over everywhere, but I'll finish Good Reads and Library Things if Pedro doesn't make Pomegranate Mojitos.  My downfall.  What's that?  He thinks I deserve one.  It's tempting, but I really want to check things off my list so now, Pedro is no long motivating, he's a hindrance.  Someone will have to keep him in line.  He gets to clean up the next pile of doggy throw up!
Yes you do it's only fair, you slept through the last one.  I gotta go, things to do, and Pedro is fighting with the queen of arguing.  Checking back in a little while.  By the way Beth Fish (know that's not really you)  YOU ROCK!!!

Heather and a naughty Pedro in Sandwich

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