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Glass House Bk1 Morganville Vampires Audiobook by Rachel Caine Narrated by Cynthia Holloway

Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires, Book 1)Claire is a 16-year-old math whiz whose parents decided she should spend two years at a small local college instead of taking her scholarships to an Ivy League school. How were they to know that Morganville, Texas, is a town controlled by vampires and that the leader of the popular girls, Monica, will soon be out to get Claire? Cynthia Holloway makes very real the vengeful dynamics of Monica and her "girls" as they hunt and torment Claire. She shows Claire's vulnerability and demonstrates the comfort Claire finds in making new friends, who eventually help save her life. As Claire s confidence builds, Holloway gives focus to her growing resolve and strength.

I listened to the audio version of this book purchased from Audible a division of Amazon. Audible gives a good long sample of the book for you to determine if you like the narrator, book, etc.  I'll be honest, I had a hard time finding a voice I liked.  But I like the voice for the Morganville Vampires so I'll probably get all of them, slowly.  Audio books aren't cheap, but it's nice to be able to listen on my iPod and do other things.

First, the story.  Claire is super smart and young at a low quality community college.  Worse than that she's in a crappy dorm ruled by a Queen bee, yes, even in a crappy dorm who really seems to be trying to kill her.  She got on Monica's radar by making her look stupid in front of some frat guys and that's all it took.  She gets pushed down a flight of stairs and left there.  I thought her neck was broken and she'd get turned into a vampire and the story would work out that way.  But no, I was wrong.  Claire is smart and clever so she looks to the roommate wanted ads and finds a funky place that needs a roommate.  Basically she saves herself.

Claire doesn't believe the story about Morganville being filled with vampires until she's chased home by one.  Then their is one of her roommates that sleeps all day and is only awake at night.  Is he a vampire or something else?  And why all the secret rooms in the house and what's the story with her Goth roommate's boss, Oliver?

Then, Claire discovers something that all the vampire's in town want and when they find out she has it, they'll do anything to get it.  Anything, even if it means killing and more.  And it looks like they've got everyone working for them.  It's amazing how the roommates get out of this only to find themselves in a much worse situation.  And the enemy is close to home.  The book leaves you in a definite cliffhanger.

About the narrator.  She changed her voice to denote different characters and it was a decent job.  She had some pronunciation problems I thought.  She said the word "settee" very strangely.  There were a few other words she pronounced "wrong" to me but otherwise she did a great job reading the book.  I liked her voice.  She was young so it fit the book.  I would recommend this audio book to anyone that wanted to listen to an audio book with suspense that moved quickly with a hint of romance and a lot of running from vampires!

Like I stated above I enjoyed this audio book enough that I'll be downloading the whole set, if I have enough room on my iPod!
Heather in Sandwich
This fits my audio book challenge, vampire challenge, start a new series challenge, and several things in my bucket list-audio book, start a new series, start a popular series, read a vampire book, read a book that takes place in college. 


  1. I don't read this genre of books, It is nice that there are so many genres to choose from. Therefore, we people who love to get buried in books have a wide variety to choose from.

    Thank you for visiting My Reading Corner.

  2. Yeaaaahh for your first audio challenge Review!! I'm glad you enjoyed Glass Houses. I looove this series.! It took me a while to pick them up but once I did I was glad, this series is wonderful and I'm happy you enjoying the narrator!! What I loved most about this series is the strong friendship those 4 kids develop throughout the series. How they are teasing each other and take care of each other.. This even gets better with each book!

    Wonderful Review!!

  3. Gigi- That is what is so great about the library! My library post is down below. But one of my reading resolutions is to step out of my comfort zone and reading genre, just to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. I do like vampire stories as YA fantasy is my genre, but I wasn't sure about audio books and I really don't like series because I don't like to wait for the next book, and she leaves big cliffhangers. So we'll see.

    Heather in Sandwich

  4. You're doing a good job with your challenge. I have a hard time listening to audio books. Sometimes the way a person narrates bugs me. But I have the first two in my TBR pile. I'm looking forward to reading them!

  5. Julie- At Audible, they give a good long listen to see if you like the narrator or not. It gives you plenty of time to figure out whether you like the reader or not. I think the one for the Morganville Vampires is good. There weren't a lot I liked so far, but I haven't listened to that many.


  6. Great review! I've thought about trying this series, it sounds pretty interesting. I hate when a narrator pronounces things oddly, it really brings me out of the story for some reason.

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