Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here's Why I Love to Blog

I was contacted by a woman on my email to know if the Wicked series was appropriate for her 12 yr old daughter.  I told her no way!  Not with everything that goes on.  I told her I didn't like the series for one, but that is definitely just my opinion as the Bewitched Bookworms loved them.  But I told her a few of the things that happened and told her no.  Then I started trying to recommend books.  I asked her how she found me.  I have those two Wicked Books on Paperback Swap and wondered if that was how she found me.  Nope she was just looking for recommendations and did a search and found my review of Born at Midnight.

She got me thinking about how I rate my books.  I don't rate it on whether you'll like it or not, that's an opinion, see above paragraph on Wicked.  But as far as age goes.  I usually list what happens in the book so that parents can know what is in there that they might find objectionable.  I'm thinking I might make that a little bit tighter by doing a rating system kind of like the movies.  But my mind was drawing a blank on books and the mother was on her way to the book store with her daughter.  And then it occurred to me Iron Fey and 13 to Life had both been clean and more about story line than the romance.  Her mother had already said she'd let her read the Twilight series minus a few pages (honeymoon maybe).  I told her Hex Hall, too.

She wrote me back today to say they got all the Iron Fey and 13 to Life.  I felt so helpful.  Like I worked in a bookstore!  But I thought, now that's what I write the reviews for.  We all read a lot of the same books.  We know what the big sellers are.  There are some hidden gems that some of us dig up and try to make sure people hear about.  But to be able to recommend a book to a mother looking for something appropriate for her daughter, that felt great!  Somebody else reads my blog besides the very few that I really think do.  And for all the right reasons.  To get a book recommendation.  That makes me feel great!!

So, I'm going to log off before someone can burst my bubble!  Good night and goodbye January.  I'm so glad you're almost gone!

Heather in Sandwich


  1. Those are wonderful moments hu? Sometimes I wish I could own a small bookstore and sell book and talk books all day.... I guess I romanticize this a lil bit .

    But, I'm glad I blog and that I find so many wonderful people to talk to, so yes this is why I love to blog too!

    Have a wonderful start in the week! :)

  2. Isn't it a great feeling? Sometimes it feels like no one is reading my reviews or my posts and then once in a while there's a comment or I see someone bought a book based on a recommendation I made and it's all worth it.

    Not every reader will agree with our thoughts or opinions but it's a joy when they help someone on their reading adventures. :)

    Enjoy the glow!

  3. Danny and Rhianna- yes it is a great feeling and it makes me feel like the hours I spend blogging is all worth it. I mean let's face it, I'd read anyway, but the reviews, challenges, contests twittering, facebook all of that extra stuff I'd never do. Then again, I've made some great friends on line, so I wouldn't trade blogging for anything in the world. Sometimes I blog more than I read!


  4. I agree, it's an awesome feeling! This is pretty much why I started my blog too. I love when I post a review and then see a bunch of people on Goodreads mark it as to-read. The best is when the people you recommended the book to come back and say they loved it!


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