Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday Meme

Is a new meme from Melissa at I Swim For Oceans
Talk to Me Tuesday is a brand new weekly meme where we will discuss anything (and everything) literary-related in an open forum of honesty. Questions for the next week will be posted one week prior to the post on the Features page. If you'd like to participate in this weekly feature, simply create your post, link back to me, and add your post to the wonderful Mr. Linky below. Have fun, and have at it!

This week's question: Do you have any specific literary pet-peeves in the genres you read and why?

Yes.  I too dislike the love triangle.  But I also hate the high school books where there is always one girl who rules the school.  I went to high school.  I was a floater and was in many different social circles.  There wasn't one girl that ruled my school.  I graduated  in a class of 520.  No one.  Not one girl was the Queen Bee.  No one could make or break you.  I have read countless novels that happen in high school and there is always one clique that has a Queen Bee and she can make or break your social standing.  I just got through listening to one.  "Love You, Hate You, Miss You," by Elizabeth Scott.  I'm tired of that formula.  Does that really happen?  Did it happen in your high school.  I mean sure there were popular girls, but the prettiest girl in my school, happened to be the nicest girl, too.  The cheerleaders stuck to themselves but they didn't make or break your social status.  Even the girls that got pregnant didn't lose their social status.  So what gives with having to claw your way to the top in all these books.  Was my school an anomaly?

Heather in Sandwich


  1. Great meme! I'm definitely going to participate in this one. I like a love triangle sometimes. However, it depends on how it's done. I just read Unearthly. I like the love triangle in that book. As far as cliques, I had 250 kids in my class. There was no Queen Bee. Definitely more popular kids, but no one that was mean or ruled the school. However, bullying and cliques has always been around, but I think the bullying has gotten far worse. I went to Catholic school. Sure, there mean kids, but they didn't seem to direct it toward other kids. At least I didn't see it. I was very shy. Kept to my circle of friends, but I knew everyone in my class. Certain people stayed in groups, but I didn't reach out either. I look back on that now and often regret it. I was intimated then by the popular crowd -- who were nice! I don't know what the public schools were like. I can see YA books having cliques because they are in school. They always have been even if we never saw it personally.

  2. Oh, I went to public school and there were cliques, believe me. But there wasn't any one clique even that could make or break you. I never heard rumors about anyone or that anyone was such and such. There just didn't seem to be that one girl that everyone wanted to be like or stay on her good side. Perhaps I was ignorant, I didn't know that certain people were on drugs that were until my BF in high school told me years later, so maybe I'm not a good judge of it. But, I had severe depression in my senior year, undiagnosed, (speaking of clueless parents) and I lost a lot of weight and cried constantly. And there were never any rumors about me. Believe me, my BF was Gossip Queen and she never heard anything. She was the kind that would have enjoyed sharing it with me.


  3. Hi Heather!

    Thanks for stopping by The Enchanted Book and commenting. I agree with your assessment of high school, and I don't think yours was an anomaly. I don't read YA, so I'm not familiar with this issue, but it would definitely turn me off reading a story.

    Have a great one!


  4. I'm so with you on this one, Heather! I had a teeny graduating class, and we certainly had cliques, but there was no singular mean girl or singular clique that ruled the school. If I want to read about high school, I want to read something real and tangible...I just can't connect with that.

    Great answer, Heather, and thanks for participating!

  5. Oh, I see what you mean. I misread what you wrote. I had a horrible Senior year, too. But hey! We made it through! But I always look back on it and go geesh I could have talked to more people! LOL But I like reading realistic books. However, sometimes they are depressing so I try to stick to Paranormal and Fantasy.

  6. You made some really good points on my post about relationships crumbling in sequels. I totally agree with what your are saying and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hates this. What ever happened to good old fashion talking it out?

    As to yours, I agree. There wasn't a singular girl who was popular in my class either. There was a popular crowd but there wasn't one who ruled them. Maybe to avoid this pitfall, authors should stop making the girls who are mean to the protags queen bees but rather one of the popular crowd and they stick out to the character because they are mean. Great post!


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