Thursday, January 27, 2011

Library Thursday Blog Hop

This is a newish meme hosted by Lazy Girl Reads where you share what you checked out of the library instead of bought or swapped.
I missed last week.  My mind was on Bloggiesta and, I didn't go to the library.
This past week though as I was cruising the aisles, I picked up this:

It's by Nancy Werlin of Extaordinary fame and looks fantastic but then, with a guilty conscience I put it back because I have forty seven books in my TBR pile and more coming every day.  But I will read it because it just sounds too good to not read it.  I do however have this waiting for me to pick up.Juliet  They had to get it from another Library.  And then I requested two audiobooks one of which I've listened to that was fantastic and I've already reviewed a few spots down called Love You, Miss You, Hate You by Elizabeth Scott. 
Love You Hate You Miss You                              I also picked out another audio book for my audio book challenge calledSplit
                                 by Swati Avasthi.  I haven't listened to this one yet.
                      I also have Before I Fall on hold when it comes in.

So, that's it for me.  I won't be getting out any time soon because of the weather so it's audio books for me.  Unfortunately, it's slim pickens in the audio department.  I was glad to see the Elizabeth Scott book.  They have a great L.J. Smith series but they have books 2 and 3.  Not book 1.  It's not the Vampire Diaries.  Something about four friends with psychic abilities.  I'm hoping they'll get the first one this week.

So, what did you get from the library this week???

Heather in Sandwich


  1. Oh, I loved loved loved Impossible. If you like Nancy Werlin, I highly recommend reading The Rules of Survival, too :)

  2. wow you've got 47 books in your tbr pile!! EEE!

    the covers on all your picks are amazing :)

  3. Lazy Girl- Thanks. I get all my pictures from Amazon though if the books is way in the future I have to get it from Good Reads. They seem to have the ones that are coming in October when Amazon doesn't. I'm an Amazon Associate so if you click on the picture and purchase, I get a small credit for buying new books. It's not working out for me though. LOL But it is easy to get the pictures.

    Melissa- I haven't read any Werlin books, but I am going to starting with Impossible. I'll read your suggestion, as well. Thanks!

  4. The two books I got from the library, were ones that had to be ordered through another library and they both came in at the same time too. So will have to get busy reading them.

  5. I love audiobooks! I got a few last week so this week I loaded up on picture books...for my kids and my students. :)

  6. Gigi Ann- I know. I feel like I have to hurry up although I can renew up to two times on line, sometimes I still don't finish them.

    Mrs. Vincent- Phew I saw that name and thought my mother had a blog. That's my maiden name. But I knew she couldn't because she's never even looked at mine. And she doesn't understand how my son could have a Facebook account with people she doesn't know on it. Uh, he's fourteen You live in Florida. We live on Cape Cod??? But still I saw the name and I about had a heart attack because I do talk about my family from time to time on here knowing they aren't visiting it.


  7. I've been wanting to read Juliet. I hope you enjoy your books.

  8. I loved Juliet! It was really good! I hope you enjoy it :)

  9. I liked Love You Hate You Miss You... I read it for a few summers ago. It was sad but good!

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  10. I bought Impossible a long time ago, but never read it. I'm looking forward to your review!


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