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Kevin's Point of View by Del Shannon

"Hi! I'm Kevin Tobin and well, this is my Point of View.  See, the lady that runs this blog- she's been really busy lately with some personal stuff, you know, grown up things, so she asked me to tell you about my book, my Point of View.  Sooo,  here I am!  This book is about a time in my life- a very eventful time in my life- when everything was going wrong- including me.  But I learned that sometimes, wrong is the only way to make it right-ya know what I mean?

Anyway, one way my life was wrong was that my dad was killed in a bicycle accident-the only thing left was a mangled tangle of metal that didn't even look like a bike.  And the way I dealt was to retreat into my imagination.  I pretended to be someone else like Captain Disaster fighting the evil Floogs. One day  I was in my F117A Stealth Fighter at the time about to knock out a missile site when I was called back to Red Team Base by the Pentagon (my mother) for a package pick up.  Turned out to be mine.  I raced to my room opened it up and found this weird remote control and started playing around with it, me being a curious boy of 12 and then Holy Fruitloops (I didn't say that) it blew a hole...."

Uh thanks Kevin!  Thank you so much for starting without me.  I appreciate what you've done, but I'll take it from here.  We don't want to give the story away.  We want people to want to get the novel and read if for themselves.  "But I was only going to tell them about the Influxitron and Scratch and Tony and ..."  Really, Goodbye Kevin!  Back in the book or I'm calling Del.  He may not give you a part in the sequel.  "Okay, bye."

So, to take over my blog again, though Kevin was doing a good job and you can see he has a very active imagination and he uses it to get him out of many sticky situations.  The package he got by mistake was supposed to be sent to the villain in this novel, Devin.  The rest of the novel is full of Kevin's clever use of his imagination in escaping Devin and his armed men.  Kevin is flanked by his best friend, Tony and later on by his sister, Betsy and the pizza delivery guy/boyfriend, Scratch and a surprising helping hand.  Devin again, is flanked by armed professionals and a helicopter.  But Kevin's imagination, friends, loving family and the Rocky Mountains prove to be a challenge for Devin.

This novel is fast paced with plenty of action, but enough dialogue to allow you to get to know the characters.  Each of them fulfill a role in the world of Kevin including the evil Devin.  Here is Del Shannon's explanation of each character's place in the novel  "Kevin finds courage in the depths of his despair over the loss of his father. Tony is almost like the voice of Kevin's fear, constantly seeing the real dangers around him, even in the middle of Kevin's fantasies. Kevin's mother is a minor character now who will grow in other books (if they're written), but she represents unfailing, familial love. Kevin's father, also rarely seen now but who will become more important as the story progresses, is a magnetic north that their family steers by - even in death. Scratch represents the release of anxiety and carefree fun that we all are seeking in our lives. Betsy is both a sibling and a peer who may complain bitterly, but never leaves your side. She's a counterweight to the huge mass that is sometimes Kevin. Right now Devin is just the face of something sinister and evil, but we all know that there is something deeper and hidden from our sight and we should keep a cautious eye in it's direction. This evil will obviously grow and become something we don't expect.  It's just wrapped around a - I hope - fun and entertaining story."

I truly loved this novel!  But I couldn't just say that and you would believe me.  So here are some things I find unique to this novel.  It's written and appeals to MG boys.  It has helicopters and guns and dangerous situations and a really cool gadget that boys love and some girls love, too.  It hooks you right from the start.  Two pages in and you're moving along.  Kevin never breaks.  Remember being a kid and thinking nothing would ever happen to you?  You'd live forever?  Well something has happened already to Kevin, his dad was killed.  But he goes on using the skills he has to cope with it.  At first glance you think he's ADHD, but you get a good look into his reasoning for his escape into his imagination.  The author has one line that my son actually was reading to me and opened up a conversation between us that was so deep and sensitive, for both of us.  For those of you who still read with your kids, you'll find that one sentence and when you do, I hope it helps you open up.  Kevin always looks out for his family and friends.  Kevin and his friends could be your own kids, there isn't anything extraordinary about him, and yet there is.  He puts on a brave face about his dad's death.  But they had plans.  Plans he'll never get to do now and at twelve, he has to swallow a lot of dreams he'll never get to have.  Devin is a scary man making no idle threats.  He plans to kill Kevin and tells him, but Kevin never gives up.  He's always looking for a way out.  I cheered for him and his compatriots the whole way through and at the end I was astounded.  Some things were revealed that I couldn't believe. 

The novel is written in third person point of view, mainly from Kevin's perspective.  Though the novel  is almost four hundred pages long,(a little longer than this review) it does not read like that at all.  Each chapter has a title page and a blank page before it.  It is a self published novel, beautifully bound and not one spelling error or grammatical error that I could find.  These usually glare out at me so if there were any they weren't obvious.  There is no objectionable language, behavior or content.  This novel is appropriate for anyone that can read and understand the content.  I think boys who have a hard time finding reading material that they like will especially like this one. As I mentioned before, it's action packed, fast paced and easy to read.  You can read as much or as little as you want into it.  So far, it's my favorite book this year.  And I named Kevin as one of my favorite male characters.  He's not a kid you'd coddle, more like you'd want to hang out with.

Heather in Sandwich


  1. I was offered this for review, but I didn't think it really fit my review taste. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it though, Heather! Fabulous review :)

  2. I like how creative you got with this review. Great job Heather! :)

  3. Melissa- I was really surprised at how much I did like Kevin's Point of View. Alot more than some of the other one's that you and I have both reviewed. It had substance to it. But you could just read it for a book. That's what I liked so much about it. My son found the substance before I did!

    Kelsa- Thanks for noticing my creativity. I was trying to get out of the same old style and this book really called for it! It's anything but the same old style.

  4. This is a great review! I love the style you used here. So creative! This book does sound very good. Even though it's long, it sounds like it really isn't as long as it appears and might be a good pick for reluctant readers. I'll keep this one in mind. Thanks!

  5. Small- It sounds long, but it isn't. It moves so fast you'd never know it was that long. And like I said, there is a blank page , then a page with the chapter title on it and those count as pages and there must be 40 some chapters. I can't get my copy, my son has it and if I sneak in he'll hear me. The door sticks. But this kid uses his imaginiation, no superpowers, no guns, nothing extra to save he and his friends until he can figure out what the influxitron does. I just can't believe the author could walk around with all this imagination and creativity stuck in his head for so long and not get it out. He sent me a stack of books, and on the outside it says, Handle with care, Influxitron. The postman had used the largest rubber band in the world to attach it to my mailbox. Guess she was scared of the influxitron
    You must read this book! It's better than the middle grade girl books I've read by a long shot.

    Please forgive spelling mistakes I'm half asleep.


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