Monday, February 7, 2011

New Books and Thank You's

And because I'm announcing what came in my mailbox, I'm paying homage to The Story Siren who first started the In My Mailbox  at some point in time that I do not know.

This week it seemed like the mail box liked me.  The side walk didn't, but mail box did.  Thankfully, my lovely oldest child always bring the mail in from the road so that I don't have to traverse the steps and do a face plant on the ice like I did Friday afternoon.  But you know your kids love you when your ten your old brings the phone out to call 911 because your mother is laying on the ice (no gloves) and can't figure out how to get up without falling again. And your other son and his friend are hauling me off the ice dragging me towards the snow all the time saying, "Oh my God , your cheek is bleeding, mom" and "Mrs. Rosdol, are you okay?"  I had to be brave when I felt like crying.  At least my favorite pink and black glasses didn't break.  So I got up with two strong fourteen year olds, got inside without anymore incidents, crawled into my pajamas and got in bed.  My cheek did not need attention and 911 was not called. 

Then I looked over all the books that I had been blessed with this week.  So I will start by thanking Amanda Ashby and the Penguin Group for the totally bad a** looking Fairy Bad Day  Amanda's new book coming out in June!  Isn't that a totally awesome cover!!  Now, Amanda is currently living in New Zealand but is on her way back to Australia where they have been devastated by floods.  So anyone that reads my blog and is an Aussie and is able to help visit her website.  She is collecting books for the libraries that were ravaged by the floods.  Actually the Romance Writers of Australia are collecting them but if you get in touch with her, she can tell you where to send them.  You can find her at Amanda Ashby.

I also received a great new book (I've already read the first chapter on line) by a new author, Gabriel Madison, called Dayling.  The premise is that vampires are called Daylings and can go out in the daylight until they are 18, after that they have to become night creatures, immortal and crave human blood.  Meet Haven- a Dayling who will cross over into the world of the Nightlings in 3 weeks.  Most Daylings live like humans until they turn 18, but Haven is anti-social and its safe to say she hasn't enjoyed the world as a Dayling.
Then an old Dayling friend appears in Tallahassee (boo hiss arch football rivals) and says an ancient sect of Nightling hunters is in town hunting them to extinction.  There sounds like some romance is involved as well as this mystery/suspense and the writing was good that I read.  So thank you to Gabriel Madison for sending his novel and Shellie at Layers of Thought who I won the book from in a contest! This novel also has a great cover.  Gabriel Madison is a Good Reads author so I'll be following him there to see what else he writes.  I'll be reviewing this as soon as possible.


Also, I don't know how long it will last, but I got City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass in a boxed set for 14.99 from Amazon.  So, if you are like me and haven't started that series, time to get started!  For the price of one book you can have all three.  I really doubt I'll review them as everyone else has, but I will read them so I can catch up and be waiting for the next in the series!!!  It's already gone up in price to $17.33
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass

So reviews will become soon for Dayling and I think I'll wait until closer to publishing date for Fairy Bad Day, but that doesn't mean I won't read it before then.  And don't forget the Follower's Love Blog Hop!
Prizes will be announced then.  (Mainly because I haven't decided what they will be.)  And it is international so you know there will be a gift card in there somewhere.  But there will be more than one prize.  And as always, it will be simple.  I even took the word verification thingy off for you !  In case you want to leave a comment.

I also purchased or swapped for the following:
The original hardback of
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
in preparation for Where
She Went being released soon.
She Smells the Dead by L J Stevens 

Impossible by Nancy Werlin- there is some dissension among my commenters as to whether this is good or not.  I thought it looked good so we'll just have to see.  I however do not have this beautiful blue cover, I instead got the paperback edition and it has her in a beautiful red dress, but she certainly doesn't look pregnant.

And then Nobody's Princess from Paperback Swap.  I have a lot of credits and the books I want are what everyone else wants so  I'm trying to use the credits for book I probably wouldn't buy normally.  This one is about Cleopatra.  And I have one about Cleopatra's daughter so those should make interesting reads.  I had planned to be an archaeologist at one point in college.  Didn't work out.  Turns out its very hot and sweaty in most of the places that archaeologist have to dig or buggy and muggy, like Florida where I came from, so I decided on English as a major.  A lot less bugs, unless you live in Florida.  Then we've got those six inch long Palmetto bugs that are like flying roaches.  Totally disgusting.  They should not allow dorm rooms next to the garbage chute.  That is all I'm going to say.  And it's amazing how many roaches can fit in a roach motel!
Well now that I've gotten totally of track, I'll say good night.  And hope you don't live next to the garbage chute no matter how cool the room is!

Heather in Sandwich


  1. Aw, I'm glad you didn't need to call 911. :) Sounds like you have some good kids there. I'll be looking forward to your review of Fairy Bad Day. That one looks cute.

  2. I read Impossible. I really enjoyed it. You can find my review here:


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