Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Talk to Me Tuesday #9

Talk to Me Tuesday is a brand new weekly meme where we will discuss anything (and everything) literary-related in an open forum of honesty. Questions for the next week will be posted one week prior to the post on the Features page. If you'd like to participate in this weekly feature, simply create your post and link back to I Swim For Oceans.

This week's question: What is your take on book to film adaptations...do you have a favourite or least favourite?
I don't have a real big opinion on this.  I usually don't go to movies when I've already read the books.  I'm almost always disappointed.  So far, I haven't been wrong.  Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Stormbreaker and The Tale of Desperaux, I'm not even sure those were the same ballpark!  I'll concede a few of the Harry Potter's have been good.  But then the books have been so long, how could they possibly live up to the book.  And don't even get me started on the Twilight series.  I saw the first one and didn't bother with the others.  Now, Hollywood is taking notice of some of our beloved YA's.  How will they butcher them?  Please dear Lord, don't let any of the Twilight people near them!!  Oh, and sorry I'm so late to the party.  I'm just slipping this one in under midnight.
Heather in Sandwich


  1. Pretty sure ya meant movies there didn't ya! Time for bed Carrie. Good night!


  2. I hope some of these books aren't butchered! I think Hollywood starts running out of good material. Btw...I'm adding your new button!

  3. Thank you Julie! Yeah, it depends on the director. I think Ron Howard is a good director, but then he's probably mad some duds. I think the Quentin Tarrantino is good, but only for the right kind of book. I loved Pulp Fiction. And a few of the Alias and that CSI he directed. That CSI was phenomanal. Probably my favorite, where Stokes is buried alive. You have to watch it to understand, but it was great.


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