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Broomsticks by Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker Diversion Press Blog Tour

Pocky McGuire has no idea why she is different. No one else in her family can levitate books or freeze and angry dog in his tracks. She felt alone in the world until one day she met a strange boy with a goatee. Unlike Pocky, Stamp had no doubt who he was. He was raised by witches and he was a witch. Upon meeting Stamp, Pocky hoped to befriend her magical counterpart and learn a few tricks of the trade. Stamp, however, wanted no part of anything or anyone mortal, including Pocky. Will it take magic to bring these two kindred spirits together?

BroomsticksThe real magic of Broomsticks is not about the witchcraft! It is about the magic found in a special friendship and the magic of being yourself!
This is a great MG novel especially for those readers that look at the back to see how many pages are in the book.  At 59 pages it won't seem daunting and with short chapters it's great for those reading chapter books.  Plus it's PARANORMAL for MG!!!  Can't say that for many books.
Pocky goes to school knowing she's a witch but feeling like a fish out of water thinking she's the only one.  She gets along with her roommate, who is the joke of the rich, snobby crowd.  Yes, even at the tender age of nine, there is one of those crowds, and I'm starting to believe it!  Anyway, Pocky meets Stamp on the rooftop and finds out she's not the only one in the world that can do magic.  She gets an education in magic from Stamp and they both learn something about friendship.  It's a cute story with a subtle message.  The writing is easy and straight forward.  It's third person Point of View if we want to get technical, but I don't.  There are great little drawings in it and yes, that is a goatee on a nine year old.  It's magic of course!  I hope there are other stories in this series.  It reminds me of Sabrina from the Archie and Jughead comics.  There's even a tribute to Elizabeth Montgomery in the beginning of the book.  The kids won't remember her, but I remember her and Pocky is as innocent and magical.  Grab a copy to read with your favorite MG reader!
Heather in Sandwich


  1. Heather, I know I've already told you in an email what I thought of your review, but I have to thank you again. This is one of the nicest reviews we've ever received! Not only did you say such wonderful things about the story and the characters but you made a point to mention what a fun and easy read it is for the MG crowd! It has been so much fun working and conversing with you on this blog tour I hope you'll have us back when our second book is released. Your words of wisdom and quick-witted humor has made this such a fun experience.

    If any authors out there are thinking about a blog stop, make sure you pay a visit to BURIED IN BOOKS! Heather is sweet, involved, funny and , like I said, a most accomodating host! She even provides valet broom parking!

  2. Sean- It's just because I want a ride on that broom!! No, you'll find that I support authors with my whole heart. I love books and growing up they were my best friends. I don't ever want books to go away and Broomsticks wouldn't be nearly as appealing without it's eye catching cover. I'm kind of a cover shopper if I'm not in the bookstore for a specific book. It works out pretty well 85% of the time.

    I appreciate your kind words, but the two of you have been so much fun to work with as well. Fun and creative! I will gladly host you for your other books!! And I'll donate your book to my friend I told you about. So, I'll be looking for your next book in the fall, but don't be strangers!!


  3. Heather,
    Thanks for sharing this great review! First off, I love Archie comics! Sabrina the witch with her nose twitching was a program that everyone watched even though it was before our time! I can twitch my nose, wiggle my nostrils (just like a rabbit) and wiggle my ears without and crazy facial expressions... yes, yes, I know, what talent I have--but back to your review!

    I like a MG book that sends a good message, especially about friendship and standing up for others!

    We're so much alike! Without books, my life would be so empty!

    Wonderful review for what sounds like a wonderful book!

    Kristi-The Book Faery

  4. Kristi,
    Thank you! Broomsticks does send a good message, but it's all about fun and friendship! Hope you enjoy it!

  5. Kristi,
    Thank you for your kind words!


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