Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Halloween Kentucky Style by Charles Suddeth Diversion Press Blog Tour

Halloween Kentucky Style

For Halloween 1959, Mike and Timmy try to trick their cousins, Alice and Rose. The trick is on them when a homeless man and their nine-year-old neighbor team up to give them a Halloween scare that they will never forget.

Halloween Kentucky Style is a great MG novel with a nostalgic look back to simpler times when Halloween was simple and innocent.  It wasn't about the candy and the commercialized event it is today so much as it was the spirit of fun, tricks and treats.

Mike and Timmy are too young for the teenage parties they long to attend and too old for trick or treating.  But they don't want to sit at home watching t.v.  Imagine that!  In the time before X-box, Wii and texting, kids actually went outside to play!!  Mike and Timmy discover some great places to take their cousins, Rose and Alice to scare for Halloween and from the descriptions, they'd scare me, even today.  The cemetery, a spooky old mansion where they convince a friend to act like a ghost to scare the girls and even an old grist mill.  The boys want to scare the girls, but find out they have treats, home made fudge and fresh made apple cider if the boys don't scare them.  It's a dilemma whether to scare them or not.  But thanks to a homeless man and their friend who decides to do some haunting of his own, the boys get scared as much as the girls.

This is a great MG novel for boys because it's adventurous and focuses mainly on things boys like to do, at least I hope they still like to do them.  Traipsing through creeks and the country.  It may not be as safe as 1959, but I love the idea of kids getting outside and exploring rather than sitting behind a computer all day.  This novel is set close to when I was born, 1965 and I remember it was still safe to wander the neighborhood during the day.  I love the way the book is written in short chapters and easy to read sentences.  The sentences almost remind me of a more complex version of Dick and Jane, possibly because of the innocence of it all.  Now that's now to say that there isn't high adventure!  It's a great read for MG readers that need a book tougher than  The Bernstein Bears series and perhaps isn't interested in Magic Treehouse.  It's a great chapter book at 64 pages and I think it's innocence would appeal to many readers.

Heather in  Sandwich


  1. Great review Heather! I like the sound of this one for the Halloween theme and the fact that the boys get their just deserts for trying to scare the girls. Lol.


  2. Nice blog, Heather. I will be hosting Halloween Kentucky Style on May 3. See you there!http://ritamonette.blogspot.com


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