Thursday, June 9, 2011

12-21-12 by Killian McRae

In Anticipation of my blog tour post from Killian McRae author of 12-21-12 I've decided to post a little excerpt and trailer for the book.  Please be sure to stop by my blog on June 14th and leave a comment.  Every time you comment enters you a chance to win a 20$ Gift Card to Amazon.  This post doesn't count.  You have to come back on the 14th.  But you can still comment today!

Here's the excerpt:

 “And will you be checking any bags today, Miss Kent?”

Reflexively, her hand smoothed over the surface of the canvas tote, weighing heavy at her side. She was still surprised that she had been able to get it through security so easily. Putting the “Made in China” and mock price tags on the bottom of each artifact had seemed sufficient to substantiate her story to the customs agent that they were merely trinkets picked up on an extensive multi-destination holiday. She hadn’t actually suspected Alex’s idea would work, though. The plunging neckline of her dress, no doubt, had helped to distract the agent just enough for her to pull off the con, however.
No, my bags have already been taken by my ... friend.” Victoria smiled, remembering her brief rendezvous with Alex in Veracruz.
In a fortunate twist, the arrival of Shep Smyth had provided her a convenient excuse to make the rendezvous with her most favored acolyte. Even more convenient still was her ability thereafter to drop him to catch an outgoing flight just as Shep was inbound. Talk about winning the logistics lotto.
Not that anything had happened during their meet up, per se, but it wasn’t because of her lack of appreciation for the human. Oh, she would never have actually done anything with him. Even though she occasionally gave herself leave to mess around a bit if someone caught her fancy, she never did so with a member of The Order. Too many political complications and group dynamics to contend with if she did. For Alexander Cezanne, however, she might have made an exception.
And here's the video:


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  1. ooh, I've not heard of this one yet. On my TBR list! And I'll come back for the tour!


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