Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ASH 2 NASH Book Tour Morganton, NC

I'm not sure if any of you are aware of the ASH 2 NASH Book Tour.  Wonderful writers Myra McEntire, Beth Revis and Victoria Schwab decided to bring a book tour through their rural southern towns so we wouldn't miss out on all the book signing fun!  So, I was headed to the small town of Morganton tomorrow about an hour from home, to the public library to see them speak and get my books signed.  But then I looked and saw, they are going to be at Malaprops, my favorite Indie bookstore, in Asheville, NC.  Now that's two hours away and it's at night, but I figure I can drag my kids with me.  My husband won't get home in time to get me there in time.  So the big decision is, do I go to Morganton for Myra McEntire, Beth Revis, and Victoria Schwab or go to Asheville and get the added bonus of meeting Stephanie Perkins, but also probably less time to talk to them as it will be at a book store and more people will probably be there.  I'm thinking I'll support the library.  I don't like driving in Asheville.  Lots of one way roads and that makes me nervous.  So off to Morganton we go!  And you know what that means??? Giveaway!  When I get back, just to make sure I can deliver, I should have a signed copy of Hourglass, Across the Universe and The Near Witch.  All for give away, US only, sorry international friends.  All to celebrate the ASH 2 NASH Book Tour!



  1. I used to live near Morganton (in Marion)...I miss that area so much. I'd choose that one, too-Have a great time!

  2. That is awesome Heather! I hope you get lots of geek out time with the authors. <3

    Make your kids useful if you bring them and make them take pics for you, haha! Have a great time!


  3. I'm jealous - Nothing like that happens here ;( You enjoy yourself Heather. Good luck with a fat juicy giveaway too! ;D X


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