Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire REDUX

So you know if you read my blog this past week that I got to meet Myra McEntire this week.  And those troublesome little things in the first part of the book, Hourglass, well I got to ask some questions about them.

And I feel it's only fair to give my opinions about the book now that I have the answers which I probably should have asked in the first place.  I have this problem with thinking that authors don't want to talk to me about their books.  Apparently, with the four authors I met this week, nothing could be further from the truth.  And if you think about it, why wouldn't they want to talk about their books?  They wrote them for us to read and if we are going to write a review, wouldn't they want us to ask a question rather than have a misconception?  So the first question was:

  1. Why is Emerson walking on the wall on the cover when she doesn't in the book?  The answer- Aesthetically pleasing!  So we cover sluts can hold our heads up proudly.  They did it just for us!
  2. Why is Michael like he is in the first part of the book?  The answer-  Michael knows way much more than he's letting on.  He knows a lot!  And we don't get to know until Emerson gets to know.  And why not?  Because he's trying to protect Emerson.  From what?  Hmm that remains the question doesn't it?  Could she die and he goes back for her?  Was he protecting her from the truth of the accident.  Yes definitely, but we don't know that until the end.  With this type of time travel it's very hard since they've been back so many times.  And other people have meddled.  But I did figure out on the morning of the signing on my way to the foot doctor why Emerson started seeing ghosts right before her parents died.  Don't have to hit me in the head twice to get me to catch on.  Just give me two months to figure it out!  I plead insanity because of being mid move when I was reading it and the child broke his foot just to add some drama.  My name is drama, don't need him to add any more to it.  So I really feel that I misjudged the beginning of the book and that with a second reading of it I will discover more and more.  This isn't one that should be rushed through and definitely should be thought about, discussed and reread.
  3. My final question and I knew I'd get this answer, but I had to try- If Emerson came to Michael from the future and told him to go to the past to get the professor, why didn't she warn him about what happened at the end of the book?  Or did she not know?  And I got the shoulder shrug, knowing look and "See, that's what I can't tell you."  Obviously it's coming.  
I caution you as you read Hourglass, don't breeze through it.  Take it slow and digest each piece of information and interaction.  I won't tell you why but it's important to remember at the end that Emerson started seeing "rips" or ghosts before her parents died.  Remember that when you're at the end and then realize how much you might have missed as you read the story because you didn't realize it was important.  I now believe Myra McEntire is a master storyteller, perhaps too smart for me to unravel her story until I talk to her.  I'll be sure to do that if I have questions when the next book comes out, but I hope that I've caught on to her secret now.  Michael is always protecting Emerson.  First and foremost.  That seems to be very important.  Even in future books.  So look for that.  And besides Michael, you might find Kaleb a drool worthy book boyfriend.

Oh and to the blogger that knew about the time travel sequence and said Emerson did it wrong, "DUH!" That's what was supposed to happen.  So if you also happen to be a science nerd along with a book nerd and know about the ________ time travel sequence or paradox or whatever, don't look stupid and say she did it wrong.  That's what she was supposed to do.  I looked stupid enough criticizing the first part of the novel on my first review for the both of us.  They say there are no stupid questions.  I'm going to rely on that principle from now on.  Expect a lot more interviews on my blog, if I can get 'em.


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  1. Love that you got some of your questions answered and that changed your thoughts on the book a little bit. I still really want to read this one, and I love that they thought of all of us fans of beautiful covers when designing this one!

  2. Thanks Alyssa *blushes*

    Jenny- Yes, I loved that they thought of us, too!
    We shop with our eyes and it really made a difference hearing Myra talk about the book. I had to remember how fragile Emerson was. This isn't a spoiler, you know right off, she lost her parents and she sees ghosts. I think I'd be fragile too. But she's so sarcastic and snarky that her vulnerability doesn't show much so it's hard to remember what's happened to her. I forgot all that in the first part. She's strong, but not.


  3. Bah! I so need to read this book now! It sounds like one that's going to make me talk out loud to it and the characters. (Everyone in the house just loooooves when I do that.)

  4. I'm going to save reading this post for when I've read Hourglass. I don't want to spoil myself, but I love that talking to the author helped change your view of the book. This is exactly why I like discussing books :)

  5. I have a policy to never comment on reviews - but I found this accidentally - and dude ... thank you.

  6. Dude-
    Thanks for answering the questions on the tour! It helped so much and made me look at Hourglass so much clearer. I can't wait for Book 2!!!



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