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Waterfall Wednesdays Read-Along 3

It's Week 3 of Waterfall Wednesdays and this week it is hosted by Edgy Inspirational Romance!  So without further ado
here are my answers.

 Discussion Questions for Chapters 12-17

1. In Siena, on her way to the ball at Palazzo Pubblico, Gabi likened her experience to being on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, the goal being "to see and be seen." If you were a peasant, watching from the crowd, what would you be thinking as this procession passed by?

God I wish that were me out there!  Oh, look at that beautiful blue dress!  Oh look at those jewels!  Oh boy is he ever handsome! Etc...

2. Though quite nervous about dancing at the ball, Gabi discovers a strange feeling of connection to the time, the people, and the society through the unified beauty of the dance. Have you ever been in a position where you felt out of your element, but, in one, pinpointed moment, became a part of or connected to something bigger than your fear?

While often feeling out of my element, I can't remember a time when I just connected.  My fear has always been bigger than my experience.

3. The kiss. Oh, the kiss. When Marcello finally kisses Gabi, he believes the experience to be proof that they are meant to be together. What did you think about his assumption? Were you surprised at Gabi's reaction to it? Have you ever experienced a kiss that seemed to be prophetic in a similar (or opposite!) way?

Hmm,  I think a kiss meant a lot back then.  Unmarried girls didn't go around kissing men just willy nilly.  It really meant something.  I think that's what Marcello is assuming.  That it meant something, a promise.  I thought Gabi was very mature in her reaction to it and yes, I was extremely surprised.  I'd have grabbed him back and to hell with Lady Rossi!  

I wish I could say my first kiss with my husband was prophetic, but we met at a bar and had imbibed a little.  So... I wouldn't call it prophetic.  I did chase him.  I never do that.  EVER!  So maybe there was something in those first kisses that told me to go for it.

4. Many go through their teen years with a subdued sense of immortality. Do you think Gabi has a sense of this teen feeling? And did you think Gabi's converse observation, "Sometimes death came hunting and there was no way to cut it off at the pass." was informed more by the experience of losing her father, her self-admitted closet hypochondria, or the forced maturation of being transported to a different time? How does this observation show Gabi's growth as a character?

I think teens feel invincible, but I don't think Gabi feels it quite like other teens.  She's seen her father die.  She's watched men die in front of her, but she does do some reckless things in the beginning of the novel.  The observation shows that she concedes to the limits that the 14th century puts on women and the brutality of it for everyone.  She does seem to show that she knows people die young in this century and she too could die young, at any time.  Her invicibility shield drops.  

5. In the span of a few moments, Gabi goes from sword-wielding teen beauty to man-killing warrior. Did you think her realization of the finality of death -- and her justification for its necessity -- was realistic? And, in her slippers, could you have done the same?

I thought it was very realistic.  She's horrified, but she's seen enough to know that it's kill or be killed.  She knows it's not a game and you can't back off.  I thought it was well written.  I can't say in her slippers what I would have done.  I hope I could have been as strong and brave.  I'd like to think I could protect those I love with anything and everything I have.  I certainly feel that way.  And that's what Gabi was doing.  So, yes, in her slippers, I would have done, could have done, the same.

These were awesome questions!!!

Just to let you know- There is a great giveaway going on over at one of my favorite bloggers site Small Review to help get the word out about The River of Time Series!  There's even a possibility of a fourth book!!

Next week join in the fun with Jenny at Supernatural Snark



  1. Great answer to the last question. I too think Gabi acted on instinct. She's seen battle and knows how serious this fight is. She is there to protect the one's she loves no matter the cost.

  2. Good perspective, "kill or be killed". I never thought of it like that with Gabi, but it makes sense.

    I'm impressed with you not expressing any type of jealousy in question #1. I'd be feeling a lot of envy and be VERY jealous of these rich folk.

  3. Great answers! Especially #5. I can so relate with your answer to #2 "my fear has always been bigger than my experience." I let a lot of things in life pass me by because of my fears.

  4. You know what's funny? In all those crowd scenes through the trilogy, I always saw 99% of the people perfectly pleased with where they were, happy to be a PART of the celebration and festivities and "oh-yeah, there're those she-wolves" kind of mood. But then I see all of Italy in that idealistic, dreamy way...

    Thanks for taking part in WW! Appreciate you!

  5. Ha! Yeah, if his kisses had you chasing him when you never did that sort of thing before, I'd say there was definitely something prophetic there. Maybe it was just buried under beer at the moment. LOL

  6. Wonderful answers! I would be definitely wishing I was wearing those gorgeous gowns and drooling over those handsome knights :)

  7. Great answers! I think most everyone has finished the book and this time I just had too! Now I have got to get my hands on the next one! Thanks for telling me about Small Review, a forth book would be great. Think Mrs. Bergren would write it just for us?!

  8. Lisa- totally agree!

    Gina-I hope that as a peasant I've accepted my lot in life and I just enjoy seeing all the beauty. Sure I might wish it was me but it really wouldn't do me any good. I don't know if they had fairy tales back then, but I've never believed in Happily Ever After.

    Julie-Yep, fear has robbed me of so many experiences, but it is hard to overcome. Therapy, medicine, willpower, none of it seems to work. Acceptance is where I'm at now.

    Lisa- You know they probably were. I think it's only now that people have fears of crowds. I do think Italy has a beautiful dreamy quality to it. Have ever seen the Merchant Ivory film "A Room with a View"? It portrays Italy that way. The young couple falls in love there. It has gorgeous scenery in it.

    Missie- More like tequila- I was a margarita girl!

    Nic- I know. Isn't it a shame only the rich and famous have places to wear those beautiful gowns these days. Wouldn't it be funny to show up in the grocery store all dressed up in a gown and jewels! Hmm, if I could find someone to do it with me, I would!


  9. I agree completely with your answer to number 5. I think that we'd all want to be that strong and brave were we in that situation...who knows how far those intentions would translate to real life. Hopefully we'll never need to know.

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  10. You know what's horrible? I don't even REMEMBER my first kiss with my husband! I'm sure we were imbibing as well, but I don't remember. That's horrible. HORRIBLE!
    Great answers Heather!

  11. I agree, Gabi was pretty mature about the kiss, but I'm with you, I would have said to hell with Lady Rossi. I want you all for myself.

    And, I think I could have done the same in her slippers as far as defending myself and those I loved. I probably could have done it barefoot, although it would have been a little more painful. The adrenaline would have been pumping though! :D

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  12. Super happy that you had great weather for your wedding too! Great answers.

  13. I think I caught everyone already on their blogs but thanks for agreeing with my answers about the kiss and fighting. Just thinking about someone attacking my kids or my husband, or what I went through last year when my youngest was the target of a kid that wanted to play out a video game on the playground. I so wanted to stand out there and take him out! When you're a mom, you'll do anything to keep your kids safe and happy. I don't know what I'll do if a girl breaks one of my son's hearts. So don't let your girls date my boys. I'd hate to have to get all mama bear on your daughter!


    Book Diva- Check out Lisa's blog- She's already got a little bit written of the fourth book!!!


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