Tuesday, October 11, 2011

E.J. Stevens Spirit Guide Series

Since E.J. was kind enough to send me the next book in her Spirit Guide Series (it's not really hers, it's Yuki's and Cal's but they let her think she's running the show).  Anyway, E.J. also sent me some yummy Romance Cards from the first two books in the series.

The first book is called She Smells The Dead.  I think that may be my favorite paranormal title ever!

Poor Yuki smells the dead, but not in the way you think.  She doesn't smell rotting decaying people.  She smells a particular scent, like pickles or vinegar that is associated with the dead person and until Yuki solves that person's death, the smell won't go away.  Oh, and as a goth in small town Maine, she's kind of seen as a witch by the small minded people in her school.  Not all, just the small minded ones.  But thankfully she's got a big hunky boyfriend.  Well, first he's just a best friend, but the switch over comes pretty quick!  

Anyway, the next book is where the real terror starts to happen as all the spirits are coming together for the Day of the Dead in the Spirit Storm.  And guess what Cal is? 
Guess the picture gives it away.  But that is one mighty fine looking wolf wouldn't you say?

Now, as a treat I'm going to show you some pictures that are on the card E.J. sent just so you can get an idea of the hunky characters in this series.  Calvin and Yuki are together.  Simon is a lone wolf (lol) but the way things are going and the way they fight, I'd bet he and Emma are going to be a pair before long.  

So here they are:

And here are the cuties because I couldn't get them big enough
This is Calvin Miller and he is in love with Yuki.  And I mean really in love.  And his protective instincts are so swoon worthy, sigh!

And this is Simon!  But wait, there's another one!

And now to introduce you to the latest book in the Spirit Guide series  The Legend of Witchtrot Road.

I'll share with you what got me interested and hope E.J. doesn't mind.  But you've really got to read the series because it builds on itself.

"I heard the harsh, grinding creak of a ship's hull straining against stormy seas just as I felt the vertiginous tilt and roll of the waves beneath me.  I considered letting the motion lull me back to sleep, but one thought kept creeping in to ruin my slumber.  I wasn't on a boat.

With a jolt I tried to leap upright, but up was down and down was up, causing a searing pain to shoot through my shoulder as I dangled from the car safety belt.  I needed to get a look around, but turning my head didn't seem like an easy option.  My neck was stiff, like the time I fell asleep with wet hair, and my head was pounding a rhythm that matched the vampire bats gnawing in my stomach.  Come on Yuki, you can do this.

I had to find out how the hell she got upside down in the car and if Cal was with her (please no) or maybe yes.  She'd be safe.  But when you start the story with a car crash, it can't go anywhere but down!  And I don't think Yuki's extra sense (smelling the dead) gets her into trouble, it's her curiosity.  That silly dung beetle :)

You'll have to read the book to find out what the dung beetles are all about.  But it's a really fun series.  Yes, book one is mainly world building, but it's got a lot of fun things in it, like the dung beetles and the romance with Calvin and Yuki and Yuki's real name.  And I'll be reviewing Spirit Storm and Legend of Witchtrot Road later this week.

Hope you like the eye candy.  Thank EJ for that!

Thanks EJ!!


  1. Great post. OMG - how hot is Simon (or is it Simen?)I love the book covers too - wish I could do all that digital design - I've looked into it and I'm getting a fab camera, but tbh it all looks so complicated - layering and such.

    This series looks like a yummy read. I have Lucianna Rivers at my blog today, her guest post is up and the blurb to all three of her books - a romance series. http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2011/10/guest-post-by-luciana-rivers-emotional.html

    Have a great day Heather. X

  2. Hello, Simon! I feel like a perv, but oh well.

    I think I got a request months ago to review this series, but I never got back to the author. I'm so behind. =( It looks amazing though. I wonder if they would still let me review it?

    Your reviews helped confirm the fact I already knew: I should have already read these books!

  3. Oh my. I had a crush on Simon before but it may have just crossed the line into obsessive and outrageous love:) That is quite a lovely picture and I won't mind picturing him while reading one bit! Thanks for sharing Heather and EJ!

  4. I need to jump on this series. I have the first book on my Kindle but, haven't had a chance to get to it. *sigh*

  5. Yes,

    I knew some visuals would help! They always help me!

    Hey Flashlight- Catch her on twitter or email her.

    Jenny- I'm a Cal girl. So you're welcome to Simon

    Jen D.-What are you waiting for?

    I'll be over Shah, but you and romance? Is there blood and gore in it too??

    BTW E.J. promised more visuals!!!


  6. I definitely need to get my hands on some of EJ's books. I always love the cover and the synopsis too. Those cards are freaking awesome!

  7. It is a wonder that you had posted this. I was just thinking of re-reading the book and of how it was just amazing of you to send it to me. It is a awesome read and well it is October. LOL!

    I do love those trading cards. What a great idea for book characters? Team trading cards for Bookies!!!



  8. Oh, man! The love interest is both the MC's best friend AND a werewolf. Crap. I did NOT need anything else for my TBR list.


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