Monday, November 14, 2011

Ode to Book Bloggers from LM Long

HERENot long ago, I posted that I'd be doing NaNoWriMo this month and that any author that wanted to use my blog for a guest post could do so. Well, I've actually been busy with blog tours I'd forgotten I'd signed up for, something I won't forget when next November rolls around I'll say no to. But LM Long, author of  Founder which I reviewed HERE.

She sent me this post and it's so lovely and appreciative of us, book bloggers that I decided Monday was a great day to share it with you all!  Thank you so much L.!

Hey Heather!

Hope Nano-mom-o (I swiped this from someone else because I think it's cute) is going well!

Here's a guest post I whipped up for you, it's short, but I hope you can use it this month.  :)

When most kids leave for college they bring a laptop, some clothes, maybe a couch, and if they’re living on their own, some food.  You know, the necessities for life.
When I left for college, I brought my books.
My roommate brought her upright piano. 
We were quite the pair.
I would lie on the floor of our tiny apartment, absorbed in a great book, while she tapped out the melody to Les Mis.  We discovered the piano bench made an okay couch in a pinch, and my books could be stacked for shelving.  So for a while we were perfectly content in our choices, until it became time to attend classes.  We quickly realized our necessities weren’t going to cut it for college life.   Emergency phone calls to our parents led to the purchase of a couch, a computer, and a dining set.  We had to succumb to some of the more traditional comforts of college life, and some of the not so comfortable parts too.  Classes, homework, sports, and part time jobs took over our schedule, as the piano keys grew dusty, and the only reading I did was no longer for pleasure.  
This went on for a few months, before one day I got home from work and she was playing again.  I walked in the door to Jaime completely absorbed in her music.  I sat on my rump and just listened, letting the chords wash over me.  She played for over an hour, her fingers dancing with the keys, switching from one piece to another, leaving me dizzy.  She finally finished, turned around, and said, “I needed that today,” before heading to her bedroom and collapsing into bed.
Even though the only thing on the piano I can play is “twinkle, twinkle little star,” I understood.  I understood the need to escape for a little while.  The need to slip into something great.  It’s why I love a great book.  The complete absorption.  The escape.  
And now every time I hear Les Mis, I crave a good Roald Dahl novel.  I hear Beethoven and need Jane Austen.  
Almost like an alcoholic walking into a bar.  Keep me away from the music, and for that matter, keep me away from a good bookstore,
Or even worse. . .a good book blog.
Book blogs.  A whole group of people just like me.  Who understand me.  Who understand why thirty boxes of books would be considered a necessity, and a special moving truck to move a piano is no big deal.  
Enablers to my addiction.  That's what you are.
And I love you for it.

Much Love!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful post! I completely get it. I am not the same person when everyday life prevents me from getting lost for hours in a book. I need that escape, for some reason it unburdens me. I also feel the same about the book blogging community. I am just as likely to get lost for hours in the amazing book blogs that I find as I am in my newest book find.
    I already purchased my ecopy of Founder and can't wait to finish reading it!

  2. Happy Booker- I am so glad you enjoyed this post! Isn't it so nice to know that authors appreciate us. I know when I get overwhelmed, I often feel that the only thing that can settle me is a book or writing. I love to read my favorite blogs and see what they've been up to!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That was sweet - I never experienced college dorm life but it was nice reading about your experience.

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  4. Aww! That is so sweet! Thank you, L.M.!

  5. Thanks for the post L. I can't wait for Heritage to come out, I know you're working on it. Maybe an interview of where the story comes from when we both get some time. I think it's fascinating and should not be wasted on the back of a book!


  6. You know I'd do anything for you love- email me when Nano craziness is over. lol.


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