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IMM 12/18/11

IMM is a meme started by The Story Siren with inspiration from Pop Culture Junkie.  It's a great way to show other bloggers what's new and what's old and what's soon to be released.  I missed a couple last week so here they are.

Now for this first one I know you're going to wonder why I'd even want this book, but I am an aspiring writer and just as I suspected it has a lot of good information about the technical aspects of murder and murder investigation.  I won this book from Book Sake so a big SHOUT OUT to them and Thank You very much to the publishers of The Killer of Little Shepherds.

A riveting true crime story that vividly recounts the birth of modern forensics.

At the end of the nineteenth century, serial murderer Joseph Vacher, known and feared as “The Killer of Little Shepherds,” terrorized the French countryside. He eluded authorities for years—until he ran up against prosecutor Emile Fourquet and Dr. Alexandre Lacassagne, the era’s most renowned criminologist. The two men—intelligent and bold—typified the Belle Époque, a period of immense scientific achievement and fascination with science’s promise to reveal the secrets of the human condition. 

With high drama and stunning detail, Douglas Starr revisits Vacher’s infamous crime wave, interweaving the story of how Lacassagne and his colleagues were developing forensic science as we know it. We see one of the earliest uses of criminal profiling, as Fourquet painstakingly collects eyewitness accounts and constructs a map of Vacher’s crimes. We follow the tense and exciting events leading to the murderer’s arrest. And we witness the twists and turns of the trial, celebrated in its day. In an attempt to disprove Vacher’s defense by reason of insanity, Fourquet recruits Lacassagne, who in the previous decades had revolutionized criminal science by refining the use of blood-spatter evidence, systematizing the autopsy, and doing groundbreaking research in psychology. Lacassagne’s efforts lead to a gripping courtroom denouement. 

The Killer of Little Shepherds
 is an important contribution to the history of criminal justice, impressively researched and thrillingly told.

And on a much lighter note- I'm doing a book tour in early January featuring this book and it sequel.

When a magical black cat, Surla, runs away from her bombastic witch, Idis, she has no idea that she will soon be living as a teenage girl, confronting both the mean girls and the popular—and very cute—guys of Washington High on a daily basis.

While Surla may look like Cathy, her peers notice a dramatic change in her personality when she starts standing up for herself, dressing differently, snagging dates, and picking up strange habits. Meanwhile, the witch Idis is a flaming red-haired fury as she awkwardly tries to fit into society. She must hunt down her familiar in order to be able to continue performing spells. In spite of their circumstances, Surla and Cathy learn more about themselves and gain great self esteem by being each other. Not only this, but the usual drama and young love in high school life is kindled in BeSwitched as Todd, the handsome quarterback, shows sincere interest in Cathy. The "curse" of being BeSwitched winds up being the most purr-fect secret these new best friends could ever have!

So what did you get in your mailbox?  I can't wait to see!!


  1. BeSwitched sounds pretty cute! I love how the black cat is more than just the side kick...I also find "The Killer of Little Shepards" quite an interesting pick. Nice to know there are other history buffs out there!

    Cute blog :) New follower! You can find me at my blog, Books Are My Heroine, at

    - Genny @ Books Are My Heroine

  2. Hahhaa...yeah, polar opposites those two are! BeSwitched does look pretty cute though!

    Check out our Mailbox at Book Sake. - Jessica

  3. BeSwitched looks like such a fun read! Looking forward to learning more about it on the tour. :)


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