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Review- BeSwitched Witch by Molly Snow

BeSwitched Witch
by Molly Snow
Available Now

Idis, a hot-tempered witch, was pronounced dead Halloween night. Her runaway cat, Surla, has a horrific premonition-come-true, when Idis escapes the morgue and then a mental hospital. These two enemies unexpectedly cross paths in the woods, triggering the curse of being BeSwitched.

A powerful opportunity comes with Surla switching bodies with her witch. She can dominate the now little black furball, giving her an education, teaching her patience and taking the shrew to the salon for a fun makeover.

The two go to high school together, when Surla passes as a teenage girl with a little help from magic. When Surla is magnetically drawn to the curious new guy, Jax Morreau, she is infatuated. Could ravens, coffins or a cursed ring keep Surla away from her invitation to the Morreau Family Reunion at Lake Sequoia? An ancient mystery will be revealed, but at what cost?

           ****Contains Spoilers if you have not read BeSwitched-the first book in the series*******

This is a sequel to the first book BeSwitched I reviewed on Monday here.  BeSwitched Witch is a completely different book. As you might have guessed, at the end of BeSwitched, Cathy and Surla switch back and Surla is a black cat once again. (I told you there would be spoilers!)  In a showdown with Idis at the end of BeSwitched, Idis was thought to have died in a fire and is in the drawer in the morgue when BeSwitched Witch  begins. Surla can't quite believe it, to be rid of Idis who always treated her so badly.  Meanwhile, Idis wakes up, gets out of the drawer and  is being chased by a security guard at the morgue and tased in the butt!

Then one day, Surla accidentally crosses paths with Idis who is very much alive and has escaped the mental hospital they put her in when she told them she was a witch.  Once again Surla is BeSwitched, this time taking over Idis' body and Idis becomes Surla, the cat.  Now it's Idis' turn to learn what it's like to be a cat.  Surla enjoys being a teenager with her friend Cathy and they give Idis' body a makeover including an embarrassing pedicure and extensions.  Then they work some magic on her beak nose and she's a beautiful young teenage girl.  Magically Idis, the cat, is allowed to go to school with Surla where she becomes infatuated with the new boy who always seems to be in trouble.

There was absolutely nothing predictable about this book. Finding a finger in a fish with an old ring on it. Curses making people sick. Flying frog guts in the science class all over the teacher. Fights with jocks. Visits to the principal's office. Bad boy crushes. Shape shifters. Warlocks.  There just wasn't any guessing where this story was going. I was caught up as soon as the switch happened and Idis started reaping what she'd been sowing for 300 years!  Then things got really interesting.  It was never ending action and the ending was a cliff hanger!! I'm hoping Molly already has the next book written.  This was a quick fun read and these stories are becoming highly addictive!

This one was perfectly acceptable for any MG or YA reader.  No bad words, no sex, just some light romance and some pranks.  And of course magic!
Molly is having a giveaway at for signed copies of the books and a Kindle Touch WiFi!! You might want to pop over there and enter her rafflecopter form for the giveaway.

I received this ARC for review from the author. I was in no way compensated for my review of it.



  1. Sounds like a treat! And so glad it was unpredictable!

  2. Hey Heather - May have to scoot over for that giveaway :) You read so much I can't keep up with your reviews !! :) Hope the new yrs treating you well - Thought I'd let you know that I have an authors blog now, if you're interested. - X

  3. Thanks for letting us know this is a-ok for MG. I have a few girls in my class who will go nuts for this series.

  4. I haven't read the first book so I skimmed your review, but it seems like a really cute story! Love that cover too, illustrated covers always make me happy:)

  5. I gave you an award! :) Check it out here X

  6. It really is a cute story and is becoming quite addictive. Now I need to find out what happens!!

    Shah- I checked out your author blog. Sounds like an interesting novel!! I'll be a beta reader! But, I don't do awards anymore. I just can't find the time or blog space to do them. It seems even my Saturdays are going to be taken up now!! Thanks though!


  7. Hi Heather! This sounds like such a great sequel to Beswitched. Might make a great movie too! LOL Thanks for the review!!

  8. Excellent read, very entertaining characters were made you feel like you were seeing a move in your head. Great job Molly Snow.
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