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Tempting Tuesdays- Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill Week Two

Today's questions are brought to us from Tina's Book Reviews and cover the chapters 5-8 of Chloe Neill's Some Girl's Bite.

Questions for Chapters 5-8

1. In what is a make you blush, steamy scene in the book- Chapter 5 has Ethan and Merit sharing a few hot moments after Merit's hunger strikes...that is until Ethan becomes a total cad! What do you think of him so far? Strong, masterful vampire, conceited playboy.....lover boy in disguise?

I think, at this point, Ethan is a conceited arrogant prick.  He's gorgeous and he's powerful and he knows Merit thinks he's hot.  He knows everyone thinks he's hot and has thought so for hundreds of years. It takes that long for that kind of ego to build up.  I'm glad Merit could take him down a notch or two. And that she was able to get her feelings under control.  I'm not really liking him that much.  But I still think he's sexy. 

2. Merit and Mallory begin some major training in these next few chapters, resulting in cool Katana Sword facts and Ninja moves. What is the most physically challenging or adrenaline fueled event/activity you have participated in?

I did a 5k walk for charity, I think the American Heart Association once years ago when I was single.  I walked it with my sister and a friend and the last part was up a bridge.  I could not move afterwards.  We drank beer and ate junk food the rest of the day figuring we had worked off those calories. Not a great idea!
Couldn't move at all the next day.

3. Mallory and Catcher have sparks so intense they almost fly off the page.....what do you think of this cozy couple? Did you like the insta-love between them? Do they add to the story?

I like them as a couple and understand how they force Merit to make a certain decision later. And I'm sure in the coming books Mallory's skills will be needed and someone will have needed to train her.  But I'm a little sick of the crawling all over each other PDA that bugs Merit, as well.  This is paranormal and I always expect some magical force to draw people together so insta-love doesn't bother me at all.

4. Lets talk Bff's....Mallory is hands down a terrific friend to Merit, the girls relationship is real, down to earth and fun....not to mention hysterical. What is your favorite memory or favorite thing to do with your bff? Feel free to share pics!

Aw, to have pictures of some of the things we did! From third grade on it was tuna fish sandwiches and cokes and The Guiding Light after school every day.  Chasing each other with doctored up chocolate chip cookie dough (horseradish, tabasco, pepper, mayo) that we were making for the mean girl at school. Ironically, I was friends with the mean girl but my best friend wasn't-there wasn't enough room for two of those personalities in a school!  Building the Homecoming float in her garage and her parents feeding twenty hungry girls.  Leading cheers in the stands at the football games.( A couple of beers make me an extrovert)!  Watching Ferris Bueller for the first time in the movie theater and deciding it was a great idea to go caving in the middle of the night in a farmer's field in Newberry, Florida.  These were underground caves that we had to basically fall through, no rope, a few flashlights and our fearless leader was not really sure if this "was the right cave or not." 
Her stories are legendary.  The best was when she was drunk and her mother slapped her for some smart remark and she did a flip over the bed, just because she could and she was a drama queen.  Oh, and she lived on a creek and her mom was hanging the laundry and someone forgot to close the gate.  So we tapped on the glass to tell her there was a gator coming up on the land.  But she kept waving at us (we were in 2nd grade).  We kept tapping and pointing and finally she turned around.  I've never seen a woman her age run that fast in my life!!  Good Times!!

5. Things are starting to heat up in the mystery department...the set up at Red, Morgan's flirty appearance.... Catchers vague answers......as correlation day gets closer for Merit do you think someone is out to get her...or maybe recruit her to another house? Or PS- feed her some more food...because goodnight this girl likes to eat!!!

I definitely think someone is out to feed her some more food!! It makes me hungry to read this book all that yummy food.  I asked my husband about Jenny's question about being changed and what he would miss and he said, "Food" and I told him in this book you get to eat food, a lot.  He was okay with being a vampire!

Anyway, yes, it really feels like Morgan was setting her up.  Then it feels like someone else wants to maybe get her into their house.  There's something about her being an unusual vampire as in powers, so there's a hint at something there, I don't know what.  But yeah, it feels like something is definitely up and someone doesn't like her.  But Merit won't take it sitting down!

Great questions Tina!! I loved answering them!!
Thanks for being a host!!


  1. A 5k walk is intense! I'm so out of shape that I get so swore after doing any remotely aerobic exercise. I wish I had Merit's metabolism and powers!

  2. There was seriously a gator coming up behind her? I would have freaked the *insert swear word here* out but probably would have been frozen in place by fear and would have gotten eaten. Awesome. And how great is the vampire metabolism?! I would be such a happy vampire in this world getting to eat whatever I wanted with no repercussions. Lucky Merit:)

  3. Vampire metabolism sounds AEWSOME!! Especially since I've reached the age where things start slowing down. LOL Chloe, you and your BF sound like a great match. I've been friends with my BF since we were both preschoolers. There's nothing like a lifelong best friend.

  4. I love your comments about your friends! It sounds like you had a great HS experience! And your walk - wow! i think your of re-caloring was perfect!

    Haha, I think you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on Ethan, though - I really like him!

  5. Linds- Oh I like Ethan! I love Ethan! I never said I didn't think arrogance wasn't sexy! I of course would never had the courage to even speak to someone like him. I like Ethan! We got not disagreement!!

    Paige- Yes nothing like a life long friend. Sadly, we are no longer in touch. But we had good times while they lasted. For almost thirty five years!! Crazy, crazy times.


    Yes, this was Florida! There was a fence that kept the creek gated off from the yard, but the gate was left open and the gator was headed up the land towards her. He must have been really hungry. But people on that side of the creek also fed the gators so they didn't see people as a threat. But yeah, she dropped that laundry basket and ran like the wind. F***** Funny!

    Rummanah Aasi- I could not do that now. I get winded running up and down the stairs with the fifty million loads of laundry a day.


  6. Yeah, I was totally proud of Merit for having respect for herself and turning Ethan down. Bet he wasn't expecting THAT. lol

  7. He needs a little bit direction on modern day courting, IMO. But still sexy ;)
    Mallory and Catcher are awesome but the insta-thing just didn't do it for me. Maybe a little bit build up between the two before they finally 'did IT'!

  8. The doctored up cookies. Oh wow! I might have to keep that in mind. Hmmm.

    I love that Merit takes Ethan down a couple notches too and his reactions to him.

  9. Those are such fun stories about your friends. =)

    I agree, there's definitely something special about Merit that has everyone taking notice.

  10. I COMPLETELY agree with your take on Ethan. Im glad im not the only one that feels that way. And I know, reading about Merit eating everything in sight totally makes me hungry. Great answers. Im going to read the next installment right now :)

    Here is my post:

    ch 5-8 discussion


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