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Interview with Rachel Morgan author of Guardian Bk 1 (Creepy Hollow)

Today I have Rachel Morgan of the new series Creepy Hollow here to answer a few questions. You might remember my review of the first novelette in the series Guardian back in February. You can read it here.

Below the interview you can find biography information on Rachel and how to contact her.

Rachel, thanks for answering my questions and being a guest on my blog today!

1. Why a series of novelettes instead of one book? Will you ever publish all the novelettes into one novel?
My first idea was that I wanted to e-publish some short stories. That then morphed into the idea of having all the stories connected, like individual installments of one long story. So I now think of it almost like a TV series, but in book form. Each “episode” (novelette) has its own story, but it’s also part of a longer ongoing story.
At some point I will publish the stories together. At that point I can then also do print versions. It will depend on how many individual stories there are, and how long each one is, as to how many I put together in one novel.

2. If you were in Nate's position, would you believe you were in a dream after witnessing the fight between Violet and the reptiscilla who tried to kill him?
Well, I’m usually pretty good at telling the difference between a dream and reality, so I’d probably realise it wasn’t a dream, but I would most certainly be incredibly freaked out!

3. Again, if you were, Nate, would you have grabbed Violet's shirt as you watched her leave your room?
Hmm . . . now that’s a tough one. Probably not. Where Nate is full of curiosity, I think I’d be too scared to even move!

4. Violet is competitive and perhaps a perfectionist. She is concerned about her standing at the top of the class when Nate comes back with her. She worries about losing to a fellow guardian-in-training. Are you competitive by nature?
I do have a slight competitive streak, but not nearly to the degree Violet has. She takes competitive to a whole new level!

5. Did Violet choose to be a Guardian or was it circumstance that brought her to that point?
Probably both. That was the environment she grew up in, so it was natural for her to follow in her parents’ footsteps, but she also chose the life of a Guardian. It’s probably also that she just never considered doing anything else.

6. Describe where Violet lives.
Violet lives in a magical forest (called Creepy Hollow) in the fae realm. Her actual home is similar to the Guild, in that it appears to be nothing more than a simple tree. This is actually powerful glamour magic at work, though, as there is an entire home concealed within this tree. It’s similar to what Violet would call a human home, except that it’s round instead square-ish. The bathrooms are different too. Why would you clean yourself in a boring old bath when you could instead swim in an enchanted pool complete with indoor waterfall? (Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I thought that sounded like fun!)
You get to visit Violet’s home in the next novelette.

7. What can we expect in the next novelette, and when will it be out?
In the next novelette, entitled LABYRINTH, Nate and Vi go searching for Nate’s mother, and what they find doesn’t come close to what they expect . . .
LABYRINTH will be available on the 5th of April.

Thanks, Heather, for hosting me on your blog!

Here is a trailer for Guardian the first in the series

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Rachel Morgan is the author of Guardian, the first novelette in the Creepy Hollow series. She was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in
a fantasy land of her own making. These days, in between teaching mathematics to high school children, she writes fiction for young adults.

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  1. Thank you for being one of the stops on the Creepy Hollow blog tour! I enjoyed answering your questions :-)

  2. I've never heard of a book being released as a novelette before, but that is a clever idea! While I do like short stories, I prefer when they are all linked so I can get a better feel for the setting and the characters. Most of the time I feel like I finally get a grasp of what's happening in a story and then it ends. Nice meeting you, Rachel!

  3. Love the idea of a series of novelettes and the fact that they all have an individual story that's linked to the other stories but stands alone as well. Super fun:) This series is completely new to me so thank you for sharing Heather and Rachel!

  4. Great idea! And I so want to live in a magical forest. I've got to check this out!

  5. This sounds good! I kinda like the idea of novelettes. I'm going to check them out on Amazon! Thanks for sharing info on a new self-pubbed author.

  6. Novelettes! Great idea! I also love the purple (violet?) in the cover. I need to do my hair like that. :D

  7. I have never read a novelette- but it sounds like a cool idea. It sort of reminds me of how writers used to publish parts of a story in a magazine and the installments would be spaced out. The book sounds interesting and I enjoyed the interview!


  8. Hmmm...a series of novelettes, I think that's a clever idea! I like the sound of the place of Creepy Hollow, it sounds very interesting!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to share with us today. I just heard about this series today and am really excited about it and look forward to reading more!


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