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Review- Creepy Hollow Book Two Labyrinth by Rachel Morgan

Creepy Hollow
Book Two
by Rachel Morgan
Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale has officially been suspended for bringing a human into the fae realm. No assignments, no training, and goodbye to that position at the top of the class. While this sucks, it at least allows her time to secretly keep visiting Nate, the human boy who caused her suspension in the first place. It’s not the wisest move to continue breaking Guild Law, but no one’s going to find out. And Nate is worth the risk, isn’t he? 

To prevent herself from going into assignment withdrawal, Vi throws herself into investigating Nate’s real mother, Angelica, a woman who seems to be mysteriously connected to the world of the fae. Nate’s never given her much thought, but that was before an insane faerie abducted him in order to blackmail Angelica out of hiding. Now Nate wants answers, and Vi’s got the perfect ability to help him. 

***Spoilers if you haven't read the first book****

Seems like there have been some loose lips in the fae realm. The kiss that was supposed to be kept secret has been blabbed about and Violet's cheeks are turning red. She's visiting Nate on the sly, breaking all the rules of her Guardian training, but hey, if no one finds out about it, she's not hurting anyone.  Personally, I'd love to have one of those little stylus' she uses to draw on the wall and make a doorway to a different world. How cool would that be?  Anyway, the one thing Vi has never thought about is romance, but now, she can't stop thinking about Nate and with too much time on her hands....let's just say she pops in on him without thinking about what time it is or what he might be doing. She's very much drawn to his bare chest.

Anyway, after Nate puts his shirt on, he and Vi decide rather than to separate that they should look for Nate's mother. Vi has a great gift for finding people. She just has to touch something that belonged to them and she can focus on where they are. So they go snooping.  And what do they find???? A lot of action and trouble and a bit of a cliffie!  There was a ton of action in this one with a look into Vi's world through Nate's eyes. They encounter some bad things in Vi's world and some interesting characters in some very interesting and questionable places.

This second installment of the Creepy Hollow series is just as good if not better than the first. We already  know the characters and they are establishing a relationship, bonded by dangerous situations and a common goal, finding Nate's mother.  The world is unfolding slowly but at just the right pace. It's on a need to know basis, as Nate and Vi experience it, we do too.  Again, I say, I really love these novellas. Such a quick juicy read and I know that come May, I'll have another installment to read. It's a great way to build the anticipation for the story and yet not make us wait forever for the second novel. Sometimes, you just want a little story. This is it. And next month, there will be more! Rachel Morgan is a fantastic writer and storyteller.
In case you don't remember, here is the review of the first novella Guardian.



  1. Oh so this is a novella, meaning short? Is this second book also a novella? I realy think the premise sounds great and although I haven't read the first one I liked your review of this one! Definitely check this series out!

  2. Sounds pretty good and sometimes a novella is a nice change - a quickie read is nice to punctuate the longer reads. X

  3. Okay, I skimmed because I haven't read the first one, but I'm glad to know you thought this second installment was better than the first. I always fear book 2 in a series, worried that it will suffer from second book syndrome:) Love that cover too - just gorgeous!

  4. I skimmed. I haven't read the first yet. I'm so glad that 2 novellas were so good. I think it is hard to write a novella and so I am so curious about both books. Yep, they are both on the wishlist!

  5. Ok, I have no idea how my comment ended up there underneath Jenny's! I seem to be having issues leaving comments here... Sorry!

  6. I resisted reading the spoiler alert. I'm really drawn to books about the Fae. I'm fascinated by all the different interpretations of Fae powers and magic.


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