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Guest Post and Giveaway Kevin McGill Author of Nikolas and Co

Nikolas and Company
The Merman and the Moon Forgotten
By Kevin McGill

You may remember my review last week of the first Episode of Nikolas and Company called The Merman and the Moon Forgotten an adventurous story about a group of friends that travel to the moon, chased by monsters that don't die until their prey are dead. The moon was once the twin planet of the Earth but the bridge connecting the two was somehow destroyed and the moon basically died, or life on it died. But no matter, these kids travel back in time to when the bridge was still there.
And the adventure begins.
If you don't remember my review you can read it 

You can purchase this episode for 99cents from Amazon

Kevin also has a program called "Kids Read Free." He will send a copy of the book to any kid between the ages of 10 and 16 that will read the novella and make a 1-2 minute video about it. That's not much to ask. My 12 yr old, Jakob is going to do it and I'm going to let his school borrow the book for the rest of the school year. You just need to contact Kevin and let him know the
details. I think that's a really great thing he's doing! Yay for Kevin an Nikolas and Company!

So here's Kevin with his favorite character Caroline!

First, I want to thank Heather for letting me steal a little blog space from her to share about the world of Nikolas and Co.
I get asked a lot about the ensemble cast I created. Usually there is not enough time to present my characters thoroughly in the story, so I thought I’d take the opportunity now. Hope you enjoy one of my favorite members of the company…

Character Profile: Caroline Wendell

"Content Caroline. Content with your cooking and cannery and butterfly kisses." -

Surprisingly, Caroline turned out to be my favorite character. When I first developed my ensemble, I was pretty confident that Nikolas and Xanthus would be my favorites. Both optimistic characters who were willing to get into the middle of things without thinking first. So I was surprised when I realized how much I liked writing Caroline. She didn't save anyone or defeat some inner-demon, or possess an undiscovered magical power (yet), she just cooked. Being the middle sibling between her dominate, older sister Haley, and made-for-reality-T.V. sister, Brandy, Caroline is the classic, overlooked middle child. But she doesn't carry a chip on her shoulder. Actually, she enjoys being the self-appointed mother of the company as she does the cooking, cleaning and mending. And that's why I loved her, I think. She could stand in the middle of battle, where blood is still dripping off the tip of katanas and lionsbrans are gasping for their last breath, and ask when are they returning to Manor Minor so she could work on her pies.
Her clothes were probably the most important to me. Growing up, there was a hold over 70's style that my stepmom, Denise introduced to me (well, she introduced the renaissance style too, but that's a whole other story). The style was a Little House on the Prairie/hippie kind of look. Homemade dresses with flower print patterns. Throw in the simple, thick glasses (horn-rimmed for Caroline though), and black stockings black boots. While I never described it this way, I could even imagine Caroline with pigtail braids. Overall, it was the pippie-long stockings, Raggedy Anne vibe. All this spoke of a nostalgic character. Someone who valued the past, and believed that home cooking and living simply was better for us as a whole.
As you will read in this episode and further episodes, Caroline does have her moment of heroism, but it is in a smaller, more profound way.

-       Kevin McGill

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  1. I am going to share this, sounds like a great idea and I love his guest post. And hey - you have a giveaway too :) Don't forget to enter mine. It's open now... time differences are a mare! PS: The author apologised for any offence regarding his post. Bless. X

  2. Oh I just got this one. Great profile on Caroline!

    1. I KNOW! Melissa this one is such a great read! It's kind of MG but anyone that enjoys fantasy would love it! It's written great. Oh, you did Of Poseidon. Have to go check out what you thought!

  3. This sounds really interesting. I wasn't aware of the series before. Definitely sounds like one i would love to try.

  4. I would say that if i were to travel to another planet it would be like one from the 'Avatar" movie with floating jungles and tall tress.

    1. Oh, I loved Avatar and that was one very cool world with everything connected to every other living thing. But my ideal world would be filled with BOOKS!!! I'd sit on them, make tables of them, I don't think I'd sleep on them, but a desk of them anything I could make from them!!!

  5. the kids read free idea is great!! caroline sounds really cool too :)

  6. This is a book that I really want to read. I'll have to mention the Kids Read Free to Kole and see if he will make a video. Very cool idea!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

    1. Oh - and as for a planet I would pick. One filled with fantastic wonders of the world - and teleportation, so I can see each and everyone of them without spending hours on a plane!

      - Jessica @ Book Sake


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