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Review-Nikolas and Company The Merman and The Forgotten Moon

Nikolas and Company
Episode One
The Merman and The Moon Forgotten
by Kevin McGill

Nick lives in a time when one can extend their life indefinitely through cerebral downloads, zip from country to country in hovercars, and have every whim taken care of by the ever faithful nannydrones.

Nick hates it. 

Aside from the refugee camps, overpopulation, and unchecked consumerism filling every city across the globe, Nick just doesn’t belong. That is when he hears the voice of a woman: 

“The Rones lie about their true intent. They enter the city of Huron at the peril of us all.” 

Shortly after, his slightly crazed grandfather reveals to him:

“All you’ve ever heard about the Moon is a lie, my dear Nikolas. He was not always a mere satellite, a ghost wandering the stars. In an age before our own, Moon was our twin, and in him bore the whole of magical life. The cradle of this magical civilization was a fantastic metropolis filled with fire-breathing winged lions, volcano-born nymphs, automaton-legged mermaids, and so much magic you can smell it. We called this city Huron, and you, Nikolas, are her steward.”

Meanwhile on the moon, the senior stagecoach driver Yeri Willrow thought he was performing a simple drive and drop for his mysterious passengers, until they are attacked by foul-breath red-eyed creatures. He soon learns that his passengers are a family of automaton-legged merfolk, and he is their only hope. Yeri suddenly finds himself tasked with saving the merfolk or they will fall to the peril of the creature most foul.

 This novella has one foot in science fiction and the other in fantasy. I was reminded a lot of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when I read this. It was kind of crazy with weird creatures and unusual journeys and a weird mission.  The character Nick who is the main character is adventuresome, an inventor, a thinker and not likely to follow instructions-any one's!  I really liked him because he took charge and did what needed to be done when a leader wasn't clear.   There are many characters including Tim, Nick's twin who is the exact opposite of Nick. He seems to be cautious, overly sure of his qualifications (to beat a girl up twice his size called Rocky) and wants to slow down and think things through. He'd rather stay on earth where the atmosphere is so bad that there is no sun and the Geneva Virus is spreading like wildfire killing thousands at a time.  But he isn't given a choice when they are attacked by trackers that don't give up until their prey is dead.

Meanwhile, back on the Moon, Yeri the brave and heroic wagon driver finds that he is carrying precious cargo, The Duke and Duchess of  Eynclaene, the Merrow people who guard the coast and keep the treasure of the city of Huron safe.  Yeri is brought into further service of the Merrow people, but in this Episode, we don't know if he succeeds or fails.

At 130 pages, this was a nice introduction into the two worlds of the story. The characters were summed up nicely by Nick- "Haley hates love. Brandy loves fashion. Tim's a wuss. Daniel: evil scientist. Xanthus: dragon nerd. And you (Caroline): good cook."  That is who they are at their basest, but of course we all know people are more complex. Nick just likes to think everything is simple. I think he's going to find things are very complex as he travels to the moon and becomes the Steward of Huron, charged with speaking with the Merrow and protecting Huron's fortunes.

I enjoyed this story very much. As I'm not a science fiction fan, I may not have enjoyed the story in it's entirety, but broken up like this, it's got me very curious. And the fantasy world created which  Nick and friends are just about to enter is very interesting. I can't wait to learn more about it! The lore is that the moon and the earth were twin planets joined together by a bridge.  This will prove to be a very imaginative story.  And I must say, it was very well formatted for my Kindle. The pictures were all in the right places and the titles were in the right places. It was a pleasure to read it!  I will definitely be reading the rest of the series so I can see what happens. 

It's great for anyone that loves fantasy, science fiction, it's clean with just the slightest hint of boys and girls taking a notice of each other.  Lots of adventure, but not so far fetched that you don't believe it.

And, now to show you a really cool video that the author and friends made when they got their first copy of the book which I think is incredibly cool!

You can go to this website Kevin McGill and find out about the contest they are running to win a Kindle Fire! They launched the book into space and you can guess how far away it landed when it came down. That's it!  But watch the video, it's cool! And the book going to space has to do with the characters traveling to the moon.  So in all a very creative and out there author! Just the kind I love!

Thanks to the author for the numerous attempts to get me a copy I could read! I loved it and will read the next one when it comes out!  The free copy of this first in the series in no way influenced my review of this novella.  I have to say again, sometimes when you just want something to read, but need to finish it in a day, a novella is the way to go. Of the ones I'm reading, they all seem to end on a somewhat conclusive note but with tons of questions waiting to be answered. But I feel satisfied enough that I can let it go. And I don't have to wait a year for the next edition. That is a big plus in the favor of the novella!!

I'd definitely recommend this one!
Kevin McGill is going to share some thoughts next week on my blog and we'll be doing a giveaway so be sure to come back on Monday May 21st!


  1. That sounds actually pretty fun!!! But, it's more of a MG novel right? I truly have to be in the mood for Mg -I prefer my protagonists a little older. But, I love the genre mix!

  2. this sounds fun!! i love short stories when i'm in the mood.

  3. What a fun way to reach those alien readers. :) I hope they read english, unless it was written in Klingon. :D Yes, I'm a nerd. ;)

    I also got the free copy! Thanks for the review and the great vid!

    1. No Klingon but some very different words and a very unpronouncable Kingdom if you ask me. But it was a great action packed story! Can't wait for the next and I thought it was so cool what they did with the first book! Who would think to send their book into space and video it?? That is beyond cool. I think it might be EPIC!

  4. I stand enchanted. Anything that has a smatter of Hitchhiker's Guide goes on my TBR list.

    1. I swear the first few words and I was right back there with Douglas Adams may he rest in peace! I truly loved his zany books and this one was just as convulted and yet made sense a lot quicker!

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