Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interview and Giveaway w/ Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman

Meet the fabulous dream team behind the novels
Sirenz and the recently released Sirenz, Back in Fashion-authors Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman. They have agreed to answer some questions about both books and then at the bottom are offering a sinful giveaway, good enough to tempt Hades himself!

So I have to thank Charlotte and Natalie for putting up with my very last minute questions and for their humor-I think it makes me look good. So here's to you Jenny and your tutoring!

-Jeremy was kind of the start of Shar and Meg's problems in Sirenz, how much will we see him in Sirenz Back in Fashion? 

Oh he's there--but he's the *least* of their problems this time >:) ...

-Char and Meg are kind of forced into their first deal with Hades in Sirenz. Would you make a deal with Hades given their situation? 

Char: I think it depends on the situation. To save someone's life, yes. For fame, fortune and other fleeting intangibles, no because we all know how well that worked for Faust, Ghost Rider and everyone else who's made A Deal. 

Nat: Totally agree--to save someone's life, no question. Even though Hades is devious, how could you risk it? Anything else--no dice

-What is one thing you can share with us about Hades that we don't know?

Char: Everyone has a soft spot... 

Nat: ...for togas. He just can't give them up.

-How does Persephone feel about Hades attraction to Shar? 

Char: Nuclear meltdown imminent. 

Nat: eh, she'll get over it! ;)

-If you were in Sirenz, Book One, which girl would you be, Meg or Shar and why? 

Char: Definitely Shar, although Meg has some of my qualities. I'm a fanatical Go Green person into recycling, reducing waste, conservation. But, I don't wear that much black, love color and bling and I'm snarky the way Sharisse is. Plus I wouldn't have to change my hair color. 

Nat: Can I be Reynaldo? I think I'm *almost* as tightly strung as he is ;)

-Which girl are you most like in real life Shar the trendy social girl or Meg the studious quiet though a bit rebellious girl? 

Char: That depends on the day and my mood. Some days I'm in a new dress and chatting it up at a party and other days I have on my reading glasses, curled up with the cat and a good book.

 Nat: hmmmmm... *thinks* ...this is turning out to be a tough one for me! I'm still kinda stuck on Reynaldo, but I *have* been freaking out about this-and-that lately--too much stuff going on--I need an assistant! 

-What is one piece of advice you'd give Shar and Meg to help them in Sirenz Back in Fashion? 

Char: You are stronger than you think. Go for it! 

Nat: Trust your gut, it won't steer you wrong.

-Are there any feathers and chicken toes in Sirenz Back in Fashion? 

Nope. Been there, done that. Something different this way comes.... ;)

-Somebody get Nat an assistant STAT! She cannot be that uptight! 
Thank you so much for your fabulous answers and for both books, Sirenz and Sirenz Back in Fashion! Both great Summer Reads!!

And now I bet all of you would like to see what's being given away???

Well that would be a copy of Sirenz Back in Fashion, Chocolate Gold Coins (just in case you have to cross the river Styx), bookmarks, and a huge faux diamond paper weight that you are sure not to lose! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form!

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  1. *giggles* so cute!!!!! I was already sold after your review yesterday, but this I really liked :)

    1. Thanks Danny! I thought it was funny too!

  2. Hades would have to have some serious blackmailage hanging over my head to make me work for him.

    1. I don't know. You might need to read a description of him before you say that! He's mighty fine! Wouldn't take much for me to work for him!

  3. YEAH HEATHER!!! I thought you asked fabulous questions:) The line about Hades having a soft spot for togas made me snort. I tried to enter with the form but it hated me and wouldn't let me, so I'm just going to go ahead and answer the question anyway. Does Hades look like Chris Hemsworth? Because if so, I would go to work for him immediately. Just saying:)

    1. Hades is actually very hot! Not Chris Hemsworth, but washboard abs, good dresser, and constantly trying to win Shar over with presents. I'm not sure I could or would resist him. Of course, she's only in high school!

  4. Oh I was trying to think up something cleaver, but then I read Jenny's response and had to agree... but I'd have to add shirtless Chris Hemsworth. Shirtless.. yesss....

    Loved the interview. I always love character interviews!

    1. He is very hot( tee-hee) and can give you anything you want! I don't really see a downside to him. And it's not like you have to die or anything, but there is probably a catch cause he's like that!

  5. I hope this posts. I've been trying to get blogger to work for the past hour and it apparently hates me. *Sigh* What a fun interview. I'm curious about Hades's soft spot and who this Reynaldo guy that Nat keeps bringing up. Guess I'll have to read it to find out, huh? ;)

    p.s. Yes, all the Nana volumes are out. And the manga section should be right next to the graphic novels in B&N. At least that's how the B&N near me is organized. And yes, it's weird that the YA/Teen section was so small!

  6. Nothing. I'll go to him right now and ask for any jobs. Shirtless Chris Hemsworth? *ehem* Here I come.

  7. I would do it if it meant seeing my children achieve their dreams in life :)

  8. yay, awesome interview! i am reading this next, I can't wait!


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