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Interview with Chanelle Gray Apocalysie Author of My Heart Be Damned

Today- I have debut author Chanelle  Gray here for an interview. Her novel My Heart Be Damned releases

September 15th, of this year. She has a full time job,
that has nothing to do with being an author. She is a Twenty something graduate with degree in psychology and counseling. She lives, writes and works in London, where she also enjoys shopping and eating out. She is a HUGE animal lover (yay) with two dogs that are practically her babies. When Chanelle isn't working, writing or socializing, she's with her new baby nephew whom she looks after often and happily! 

Chanelle also has a very active blog where she reviews books, shares book covers, movie trailers and other interesting bookish things. I've had fun reading her blog. And she has very interesting Pinterest boards. 
Here is where you can find here around the World Wide Web-

And now for the interview:

Me:     Amerie has been described as a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" only fighting the Damned. Did Buffy influence your creation of Amerie?
CG:     Buffy was my favourite show growing up. It still sometime is! I've been craving a story with a physically strong female character like Buffy forever!  There are a  few stories like this, but still not exactly what I wanted - so I wrote it myself!!

Me:     Would you want to know if there are paranormal/supernatural creature out there or would you rather remain blissfully unaware (like me)?
CG:     Oh, I would HAVE to know. I'm nosy like that. I'd want to know what goes bump in the night.

Me:     How do you feel, being an Apocalypsie (debut in 2012)? Your book releases in September. Are you sleeping? Eating?
CG:     It's getting a little nerve wracking. The closer it gets, the more I have the moments of sheer panic. Only when I think about reviews, though. Mainly, I feel incredibly lucky and incredibly excited.

Me:    Okay, down to the book, Amerie, understandably doesn't want anything to do with being a Hunter. What would you do in her situation?
CG:    Hmmm. It's hard to say because what I think I might do isn't actually what I end up doing. I do think I'd probably quit though. Like a two fingers up at the world. That, or I'd be militant and a hunting machine to try and avenge her. (Amerie's mother).

Me:    Amerie has two best friends, Mercy and Chuck. And one arch nemesis from way back. What were your school friend like and was there a queen bee at your school? Did you get along with her? Who were you in high school? Nerd? Cheerleader? Floater?
CG:    Hmmm. I started off quite nerdy at school! All I wanted was to get good grades and impress my dad. But then, as often happens in school, I fell out with my friends and made new ones; ones who were more interested in boys and clothes and makeup than getting A's on their tests. We didn't really have a Queen Bee at school. We had a lot of different groups and within those groups you had the obvious leaders and the obvious followers. My friends pretty much floated between groups not wanting to put a label on ourselves.

Me:    Amerie works at "The Hut". What was your first job as a teen?
CG:    I worked in retail selling luxury shampoos and conditioners to people in a hairdressers! I still remember my training and take good care of my hair to the day :)

Me:   What is the cheesiest pick up line you've ever heard other than the one in your book between Amerie and the guy at the toilets?
CG.    Oh how do I pick one- they're all cheesy!! Erm... "You must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day." And "Your dad must be a thief because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes." And a lot more which are a little R rated. (God, I'm glad I'm not single. I think I'd sit home and read.)

Me:   Amerie plays a pretty competitive game of dodge ball at school during PE. Did you hide in the back or were you a up in front knock someone out kind of girl during dodge ball?
CG:   Oh I was definitely up front, knocking balls into people's faces. I'm pretty competitive when I'm interested in a sport.

Me:    Amerie is very snarky(in a funny way). Are you like that at all?
CG:    I can be so sarcastic. It's a bad trait of mine, but I like sarcasm (even though it's the lowest form of wit). I like it when other are sarcastic too!!  I find it pretty entertaining. I especially love bantering with people.

Me:     Oh and did you base any of these characters off of anyone you knew either in looks or personality?
CG:     Only one character and that was Sarah White! (the Queen Bee) I promised an old colleague of mine that I'd name and base a character (looks wise, not personality wise) off her. She looks exactly like my colleague down to the red lipstick, and has the same name, but the personality is different. I made sure not to base anyone of anyone I knew, personality wise, because I didn't want to accidentally offend anyone!

Me:   Okay, last question- What do you have planned for release day?
CG:    I'm hoping to be in New York doing a book signing for the day. But keep an eye on my blog for a concrete plant!

Well make sure you swing down South for some Southern hospitality and some book signings down my way!

Thank you so much for answering all my questions and for visiting my blog today!

You're welcome! Thanks for having me here.
Don't forget, My Heart Be Damned Sept 15th, 2012 


  1. Chanelle-

    I'd like to thank you for answering my numerous questions and emails! I think this is a great interview and I appreciate you sharing so much with me! Love the cheesy pick up lines! I kinda feel like my blog is being blacklisted today, but I'm sure someone will come by!


  2. Those pick up lines made me snort:) Especially the thief/stars one. *rolls eyes* My husband, bless him, never tried a line with me, I must have had "don't try to pick me up with your lameness" stamped on my forehead when we met:)

    Your rocking the questions Heather, I'm so proud (I like how I just claimed credit for something I had nothing to do with. *pats self on back*)! Such a fun interview to read:)

  3. Also, that should be "you're" in the second paragraph there, but I can't type today.

    Looking forward to reading this book after the review and interview!

    1. You no' you coached me on my inner Jenny tae rock my interview (That's the best Scottish I can give you, I'm better at a Southern drawl)!


  4. As a single... yea... those pick up lines are bad, but their are worse! LOL

    I also loved Buffy and I would want to know too! Great interview Heather!!

  5. Thanks for hosting this interview, Heather!


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