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Review Sirenz-Back in Fashion by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman

Sirenz Back in Fashion

by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman
Back of the book Summary: (Goodreads Summary is wrong)
It's Hell on heels--again
When Shar tries on a Tiffany diamond ring from Hades, the annoyingly hot Lord of the Underworld, it activates an obscure contractual clause that puts Shar and former-frenemy-now-friend Meg in Hades' service once more. Shar is whisked away to the Underworld to prepare a ball, while Meg is sent to help a spoiled rich girl.  Just when it appears the girls will be doomed to serve Hades for eternity, two gorgeous demi-gods show up. But can the girls finally ditch Hades forever?

Okay, so I really am not only reading mermaid and mythology books this year, I promise! I started out with fantasy and dystopians! It's just lately that's where my pile has been and it's been wonderful. This one being another fabulous summer read!

Shar and Meg have just gotten back to normalcy after having to serve Hades as sirens in the previous book after being tricked by him. They decide to go on a little shopping spree and oops, at the bottom of Shar's purse is a Tiffany's box. She knows there is a five carat, flawless, emerald cut diamond set in platinum because Hades gave it to her in the last book. She never really accepted it because well, it kind of looks like an engagement ring and Persephone has one just like it. And she kind of forgot about it. But that little blue box is just too tempting to shop-a-holic, accessory obsessed, perfectly dressed Shar especially when Meg eggs her on to try it. So she does and guess who appears? Yep, with some hooey about contractual clause etc. Shar ends up in the Underworld in a polka dot bikini and those red heels from the last book that started all this trouble and Meg is given the task of making Paulina Swanson wear the Golden Fleece which has the power to send her to the Underworld. But unlike last time, Meg has no idea what Paulina did to deserve this punishment and when pushed, Hades tells her to just do her job.

 Paulina becomes her roommate and makes it almost impossible for her to dislike her. Meanwhile Shar is stuck in the Underworld in bikini's and sheer dresses picked out by Hades with no sign of Persephone, as it's Spring.  His advances are getting increasingly harder to ignore and avoid, except for a delicious fellow captive named Caz. Together they explore the underworld from Ancient Greece to current day NYC. And Shar has to play hostess for Hades planning  the W'Underworld Ball! Except for being in the Underworld, she really is in her element, there.

Of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds, just like last time and though there are no chicken toes or feathers, there is some humiliation on Meg's part, like talking to a window of chocolate confections when she and Shar get five minutes a week to talk. Other uncomfortable things occur and getting Paulina to put the fleece on, though it sounds simple, just isn't easy for Meg to do. Shar gets upset when Meg doesn't succeed faster than she should and the girls start to suspect each other of liking where they are. Divide and conquer anyone?

There were some truly funny scenes in this one and the girls really had to use their wits to get out of this one. Shar may have made a deal with the real devil himself. And you just know at the end that this isn't over, mainly because of Caz and Paulina. And the surprises. And what Hades tells them.

Some favorite lines from the novel:
  • "Ooh, this was so not going to be good: I just knew it all the way down to my You-Can-Never-Be-Too-Pink toenail polish.(p.19)
  • Shar talks to herself a lot in the Underworld so the italicized are her retorts to Hades-"Yes, Mr. Megalo-maniac, I think we all get the pic." I faked a girly squeal and jumped away from both the tree and him. ...Bad things happen to girls in gardens with snakes.(p.130)
  • "...pulled me so close I felt like I was sharing his pants."( p.230)
I guess by now you've figured out that Shar is the one with the witty comebacks and sharp retorts whether spoken aloud or just in her thoughts.  I'd like to have her mind. Snark is her middle name.
If only Hades could read her mind.....

Anyway, this is an absolutely must for the Summer! If you haven't read the first novel, you really should to know what the references are about. They are both great summertime reads! Clean and wholesome, though there are quite a few references to what Hades wants from Shar and it's not the pleasure of her company. And before you think gross, his picture is on the back of the book and he is sinfully yummy!



  1. OoOO I had the first one on my pile since forever! But due to the cover I never made the connection to Greek Mythology and mermaids!! Now, you got me hooked!

  2. Oh, you'll love this one! Lots of swoony guys. Hades is described as a "sexy hot mess"! So glad to have you back! Missed you!

  3. This series definitely does sound like a fun series for summer! Plus, you know I love a girl with some snark, so bring on Shar and her witty retorts:) Snark + Greek mythology = my ideal read. Thanks for the review Heather!

  4. Bad things happen to girls in gardens with snakes.

    I love that!

  5. I don't mind the mer books. I get to see what more is out there! This really sounds like fun. Heh... I'm with Jenny... Snark and mythology is love! :D

  6. I love mythology and I haven't read a book with mermaids yet- so I just may give this one a try. I like that it is funny- prefect for summer. :)


  7. Okay, didn't mean to mislead everyone, these girls are Sirens, but not mermaids. I've just been reading a lot of both types of books. But these books are funny!

  8. I don't think I've heard of this series before, but it sounds really cute, light, and fun. Work has been so stressful that a detour from using my brain would be a great thing. ;)


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