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Traitor Creepy Hollow Series #3 by Rachel Morgan

Traitor Creepy Hollow #3

by Rachel Morgan
Goodreads Summary:
Violet and Nate may have escaped the labyrinth, but only one of them came out unscathed. Nate is now the bearer of a mysterious eye-shaped tattoo, a mark he has no memory of receiving. While Vi is intent on discovering the meaning of the tattoo, Nate seems less interested. His experience in the labyrinth has caused recurring nightmares, and he’d prefer to pretend none of it ever happened. But Vi has never been one to let a mystery go unsolved, and she’ll do whatever she can to discover who’s behind the tattoo—even if it means leaving Nate out of her plan.

You know how you're reading a really good book and you keep wanting to read one more chapter but you really need to go bed? With this series you have to because there is only so much of it written, so far. I think it's (I'm averaging what Amazon and Goodreads says about how many pages it is) about at 168 pages so it's a good read but each section ends on a good place. Until....THIS ONE!

*****Note there might be spoilers from the previous two novels but I will try not to do that******
(After reviewing my review, there are no big spoilers in my review so you can read it and still read the series without major upsets at me!)

Violet is a Faery Guardian in training sent to protect humans from rogue escapees from her world. She's got tons of neat gadgets like a stylus that she can draw on a wall to open a Faerie pathway and weapons she just has to think about and they appear in her hand. Problem is that on one assignment (Guardian book 1) the human she's protecting sees her and the creature she's fighting. That isn't supposed to happen. Worse, he follows her into the fae realm and she has to take him back.

And that's how it all starts. He gets her on suspension. She kinda gets a thing for him and they start to date. They try to figure out how he can see her and travel in the fae realm without dying. And last time they got into a bit of a scrape in a labyrinth underground. Violet's stylus doesn't work underground and they got separated. So it got a bit hairy and I mean that very literally. Violet has no idea what happened to Nate and he doesn't really remember. All he knows is they got separated and he got this weird tattoo on his back.

In Traitor, Violet is back to training. Being number one in the class like her deceased mother is her priority. And finding out about the tattoo on Nate. Her biggest competition  is a jerk named Ryn. She's not the only one that dislikes him but they are in the running for the top spot and she is determined not to let him get it. There are some really creative fighting and training implements especially The Fish Bowl. No, not gonna explain it you have to read it. But Vi's personality really comes out in this story. She's observing her classmates, two giggly girls flirting with Ryn and we see, "Aria waits until she's standing beside Ryn and Dale before gracefully stretching her arm out and watching her weapon disappear with a sparkle. Perhaps the boys are meant to find that attractive. I don't know. She just looks stupid to me." She is not jealous at all, that's really how she feels. Later on when she's listening in on their conversation she thinks she needs to focus on the wall in front of her as she runs in place because "I'm in danger of falling asleep listening to their inane conversation." Yep that wall is more interesting than them. However, she's not a smartass to people's faces. She's direct, but not unkind. Unless it's Ryn. But he always deserves it.
Then she talks about one of the things she's really bad at. When she has  a kill, she has to go to counseling. She says about it, "That thing where I have to discuss my feelings about killing someone. Great. The list of things I'm not good at is pretty short, but discussing feelings is probably at the top." Oh, she's a bit self confident, but then she does have to kill Goblins, Minotaurs and other creatures I've never even heard of without assistance. So it pays to have a healthy dose of confidence in yourself. Of course, when Nate drops this on her, not being able to discuss feelings makes things a bit difficult- 
Nate- "I mean, no matter what happens, you won't forget that I lo-- that I really care about you?" 
Vi- 'Whoa, hang on. HANG ON. Did he almost just use the L word? ' 
Poor Vi she's freaking out with that one! I think she could handle a battalion of trolls better than the L-word! She, of course, leaves very quickly after that.  

The worst thing about Traitor is who the traitor is. There is a definite red herring. I thought I knew right away before I started the story who it was but not so. There are always the people that she is close to. Tora, the head of the Guild and a kind of mother figure for Violet. And she has a married couple that she's close to and Nate. She does have a couple of friends in her class. There are some characters from past stories that it could be, Vi's made a few enemies. But I couldn't believe who it turned out to be! This is one of the few trusted people in her life and it is crushing. I only hope that Masquerade which is already out and on my Kindle to be read reveals why the betrayal.

Honestly, if you haven't started reading this series, I don't know why you haven't. It's a great story and I can feel the tension building with each episode. Rachel Morgan, the author is great at giving a good story in the episode and giving a feeling of having read just enough. This was the first time there was a cliff hanger, but when I know the next installment is a month to six weeks away, I can stand it. She really does  deliver quality writing to her readers in a timely manner so that we have something worth looking forward to. I love it when I get an email from her to know the next story is ready.

The characters have depth, the world building is layered and the plot thickens! I'll be reading Masquerade tonight!

Thanks to Rachel for providing a copy of Traitor Creepy Hollow 3 for me to review.



  1. Sounds like an intense read! I'm glad that it isn't your typical faerie story. I'll keep my eyes open for this series.

    p.s. I'm hoping Nana K. gets some sense knocked into her. I think she's just wanting someone to steer her life and will go with whomever. I'm very, very, mad at her. Hurry up and read the series! I would love to chat with you about it!

  2. Okay, I'll try to get through it! Maybe we could do a read a long with you and me. Vol 9 next week. Doubt I'll get there. I'll try to catch up!

    I think Nana O. needs to set her straight!


  3. Awwww poor Nate almost slipped with the "L" word and freaked Vi out! I feel bad for him. I want her to love him and I've never "met" either of them:) This sounds like a fun series, and now you've got me super curious about this Fish Bowl thing. I want to know what it is Heather!

  4. Creepy Hollow is such an awesome name for a series! Love it!

  5. I'm not a big faerie fan but this sounds like a pretty interesting series. I'm already liking the sound of the romance, and well-developed characters and great worldbuilding just make the story better. I'm going to have check this one out, especially since the cover is so pretty :)

  6. I don't know why I haven't read this series yet either. You really have captured my curiosity and I love a good fae story! Yep, this sounds like a fun series!

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  8. Bah! Another series I have yet to start that sounds totally good!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  9. Thank you very much, Heather, for the review, and everyone else for the comments :-)


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