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Cornerstone Read-Along Week Three

This week's Read Along questions are brought to us by Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings
This is week 3 of the Cornerstone Read Along and the Questions cover Chapters 11-16. Thanks to Heidi for these questions and for participating in the read along! Again, if you haven't read Cornerstone, the questions and answers are going to give the story away, but if you don't mind, read away! And remember,
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Cornerstone Questions Chapters 11-16

1. Were you surprised about the revelations of the unique society that Nali now finds herself a part of? Which of the four signs do you identify the most with: Alo, Contego, Addo or Veritas?

Come on, I'm a book person- Alo of course! I'm not a fighter/protector (unless it's my kid then Mama Bear comes out), I'm not a wise person and God forbid I try to organize anything. The world would be an unruly mess. Wait, it already is! Maybe the wrong people are Veritas!

2. The Reese boys have a unique way of answering their phone. Tell me the funniest or most interesting way you have answered your phone or someone else's.  

My college roommate and I had a morbid sense of humor so we used to answer the phone "City morgue. You stab 'em we slab 'em." It's probably from a movie or something but it became a habit for us to answer the phone that way. This was before caller i.d. My son just told me that was sick and not in a good way so maybe I shouldn't be admitting this, but it's what we thought was funny back then.

3. Do you think Nalena is going to be able to stick with her initial choice of living a Simple Life or do you feel Garrett or the Addo will persuade her to change her mind?

She won't stick with it. She's got way too much Contego in her to not fight it. Plus, I know she wants to be able to protect her mother.

4. The Addo does not fit the wise man mold with his sweats and cookie crumbs. What was you first impression of him? Would you go to him for advice?

Okay, when I picture the Addo in my mind, I see Brian Doyle Murray in my mind, the way he looked in 17 Again, with the beard and mustache and white hair (I know he's supposed to have brown hair). And I can see him in a sweat suit and yeah, I think I'd go to him for advice. Why not? Who says you have to look serious to get advice from them? There are great comedians out there dishing some great wisdom! Plus he just sounds approachable. I like an approachable looking and sounding wise man rather than a stern, scholarly looking person. I'd be much more likely to go to them and listen to them.

5. What do you think of Nalena's mom's reaction to the revelation that other Addo are dying? Do you think she is in denial?

Uh, yeah! Like big time!! Denial like the river in Egypt! Too Corny???? I also think she's a little bit scared for herself. It will also mean that there is a Cusp and that Nali may have to use her powers to fight to protect her mom.

6. What do you think of Nalena's new guardian angel, Grace? Do you believe in guardian angels? Have you ever had an experience where you felt like someone was looking out for you?
I always liked that line when Nalena wanted her mom to write a story about it so I'm glad that is who Grace turned out to be. She sounds adorable.

 Do I believe in guardian angels....I have to say I think some people have someone looking out for them. As reckless and clueless as my youngest son is, he should be dead or at least horribly disfigured and maimed by now, but he quite obviously has someone taking extra good care of him. He's done countless things that would have killed others or has just missed killing himself, just missed an artery, an eye etc. No one can be that lucky! I don't believe I have one.

I think that inner voice inside us that tells us to wait for someone else to go into the parking lot at night or to double check the doors or not talk to that stranger, I think that's someone looking out for us whether it's our primal nature of survival, inner wisdom or wisdom from above. The trick is learning to listen to it and not feeling like a fool for listening to it. Trust that inner voice. (Not the one that tells you bad things about yourself, that's a different voice. This is the one that makes decisions for you, instinct).

Awesome questions Heidi! You can link below to follow along.

Here are next week's questions:
Brought to us by Heather (great name!) from The Flyleaf Review

Cornerstone Read-along Questions- Week #4
Ch.17-21, pp. 195-219

1.  At the party Jen's true colors seem to re-emerge. Did you buy Jen's earlier apology and feel that she was genuinely sorry for the way she treated Nali or did you suspect all along that she was being false? Do you think Jen had an ulterior motive for inviting Nali (and Garrett) to her party? Was it a good idea for Nali to attend the part in the end?

2.  When Nali discovers her father holding her mother at gunpoint he tells her that he only wants to be a family again. He also tells Nali that her mind has been poisoned against him by her mother.  Did you believe there was any truth to his words or that his feelings towards Nali were sincere at all? Do you think there is any truth to Roger's claims of the Ianua being controlling?

3.  When Nali drops the Cornerstone in exchange for the release of her mother, it distracts Roger and Nali's mom attempts to escape. After a struggle Evangeline is shot and killed by Roger. Do you think Evangeline intentionally sacrificed herself? Were you surprised when Roger took his own life afterwards instead of returning to the Fury with Nali? What does Roger's suicide say about his character?

4.  After Nali's mom is killed, she returns as Nali's new connection replacing Grace. Did this surprise you? Do you think it "was meant to be" as Nali's mother says?

5.  When Nali regains consciousness she learns from the Addo that in addition to losing her own parents, all the other Addo's have been killed as well as Garrett's father. Were you surprised that all these characters were killed off by the end of the book?

6.  Nali must decide whether to pick the Cornerstone back up and start the imprinting process again (which will be extremely painful and possibly life threatening) or she can choose to walk away and have a Simple life. Nali decides to pick the stone back up and become Contego. Why do you think she made this decision? Was it for vengenace? Was it for Garrett? Or do you think there is another reason? Would you have made the same decision if you had been in Nali's place?

I so love these Read Alongs!! We actually get to discuss books!


  1. "My college roommate and I had a morbid sense of humor so we used to answer the phone "City morgue. You stab 'em we slab 'em."

    And I just died Heather. Seriously. I spit my water out on the computer screen:) That is hilarious. And messed up. But mostly hilarious. As much of a book person as I am, I think I would be Contego just because I would want to learn to fight and protect - I think I would most likely fail at it for a good long time, but I'm sure I'd catch on eventually. Right? Right:)

    1. Glad you like the way we answered the phone. What's really bad is she was going to nursing school at the time. Hate to think if a patient called right?

      You would definitely be Contego! There is no room for ad libbing in Alo so you couldn't put snark in there. I can't see you liking that. And you don't seem the type to just sit around. So yeah, you'd be Contego!

  2. I would choose Alo too, I'm just not a fighter. And oh gosh, your phone story sounds exactly the way we would have answered our phone when I was young and just out on my own. But we didn't have a phone to answer, so it wasn't something that happened.
    And I agree, Addo seems approachable. He's someone that would be easy to talk to and not intimidating.

    1. Well we had a phone because 1) Moms and Dads were paying the bills and 2) we were in an apartment and not in the same city so they liked to be able to call us. No cell phones back then. No age jokes please.

  3. I think you have a guardian angel... they are just helping you stay upright when your son goes through his trials. ;)

    Oh and I used to do that phone thing too...
    "Pete's Pool... 8ball speaking..."
    "Joe's Bar and Grill... Joe's not here right now..." ;)

    1. Who say's I stay upright? I'm usually screaming "Oh My God" like when he rolled down the stairs on Clifford the Dog when he was two. Thankfully the landing caught him before he hit the ceramic tile and he didn't go out the window!

      Yeah, it's always funny to get people like that because they just stutter not sure if they've dialed the right number or what. It's hard not to crack up!

  4. I am glad you enjoyed the questions. I know our kids are going to miss out on prank calling...a dying gag. An Alo, you must have the patience of Job! Yep she is in Denial like the river. Ha ha! Now I have to go google that Brian guy cause I can't picture his face....I am sure you have someone looking after you as well. Your son sounds like a handful, I pray my two year old son stays easy going. Sorry I haven't been by to comment this week, I have been in a commenting funk!

    1. I have been too. Actually a blogging funk. You'll know Brian Doyle Murray once you see him. Actually, my son was two when he did that, LOL. You know those ride on toys kids have with the wheels and they push themselves along. He just thought "I'll drag this upstairs and ride it down." He's been doing stuff like that ever since. Last was last year when he broke his foot in two places the night the movers left with our stuff from MA for a move to NC. Insurance was running out in 3 days and we couldn't get a cast until 7 days. Don't know where that Guardian Angel was then.


  5. Ugh... I couldn't handle it if my son was like that. I would cover him in bubble wrap. lol

    My son goes over to his friend's house, and they're in like a 70's time-warp over there. His friend and brothers always prank call people. You just have to do *67 or block your number on the cell phone.

  6. I'm sorry I'm so late getting over here this week!!! I got totally distracted (bright shiney things)

    You're Alo! Such a mom you are!!! And your son cracks me up - what kids think is funny and not funny is so different from us back then. I think answering "City Morgue" is great!! I'm training my son early with my sense of humor - we watch Phineas & Ferb together (I seriously love that show!!)

    Brian Doyle Murray is one of THE best character actors out there! Great call on that one!! I went classic wise man and got taunted, justified of course.

    Okay, which voice tells me to eat chocolate and can I listen to it all the time?!?! :D Great thoughtful answer, girlie!!


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