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Broomsticks The Halloween Spirit by Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker Review

Broomsticks The Halloween Spirit by Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker
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Summary from Amazon:
Halloween has always been a special day for kids, especially when those kids.. ARE WITCHES! All the students at Asher School for Gifted Children are excited about the school's annual Halloween party. Everyone, that is, except for Maggie when she learns the party is being held in a haunted theater! Join magical nine year olds, Stamp and Pocky, in their second adventure full of thrills, chills, and things that go pirouette in the night! Will Stamp and Pocky meet a real ghost? Will the snotty Snodgrass twins ruin everyone's fun? And will the town of Maysville ever be the same after Stamp's first try at trick-or-treating? You'll be in the spirit and even believe in talking pumpkins as Stamp and Pocky kick some Halloween magic in their most bewitching tale yet!

This is only the second book in the Broomsticks series but already it's a favorite of mine. It's for the younger of the MG set, those just starting off reading chapter books or maybe a little older. No romance, just good old fashioned friendship. Stamp, if you'll remember from my review of Broomsticks is a witch, nine years old with a goatee and a familiar, Blevins that can change his appearance. He is the only one Pocky, a witch raised as a mortal, knows that can teach her about being a witch. Pocky lives with her grandmother and she knows nothing about being a witch. Both Stamp and Pocky attend mortal boarding school, Asher School for Gifted Children during the week, but then go home on the weekends.

So, we have a paranormal series for early MG readers. Again I ask you, HOW GREAT IS THAT?  

This story is about Halloween and Pocky teaching Stamp about the way mortals celebrate Halloween. He is supposed to be having a feast at his parents' place and not there to participate, but plans change at the last minute. Costumes and trick or treating, scaring people are very confusing to Stamp until he gets the hang of things. In the meantime it's funny to Pocky and the tricksters.

Pocky and her friends, Maggie and Brooklyn get to decorate the old town theater that has been closed for years for their school Halloween Party. Maggie is very hesitant because she believes the rumors about the theater being haunted and it does sound like the perfect place for a ghost. And of course, since Pocky knows witches exist, she knows ghosts just might exist as well. It could prove to be a really interesting Halloween.

This book is not scary except maybe for the very young and the highly suggestible. Otherwise I would say anyone 7 and up could read and enjoy this story. It's perfect for Halloween and even manages to throw in a little history lesson about how Halloween came about. Better than the first one since I knew the characters and no world building was necessary, the authors only had to concentrate on the story. This is a series I'll be sending to my niece this week so she can have them read to her. 

I've found that both the Broomsticks books have sweet lessons in them about friendship and being kind but they don't beat you over the head with the message. And if they aren't doing that to me as an adult, they definitely won't for children. I don't think it's ever wrong or too early to teach kindness to our children. These books show you how you can have a lot of fun and still be kind, that the two aren't mutually exclusive. I get a  good warm feeling after I read these books.

I did receive my copy of the book from Diversion Press, Inc for a fair and honest review. I was not compensated for my review.

Please contact Diversion Press if you'd like to review this or any of their books. Diversion Press Inc.

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  1. Oh! A way to lead those MG cousins into the paranormal with me. *grins evilly* I also like that it has a lesson in kindness. This sounds so cute!


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