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Sappire Blue by Kerstin Gier Review

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier translated by Anthea Bell
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Goodreads Summary:
Gwen’s life has been a rollercoaster since she discovered she was the Ruby, the final member of the secret time-traveling Circle of Twelve. In between searching through history for the other time-travelers and asking for a bit of their blood (gross!), she’s been trying to figure out what all the mysteries and prophecies surrounding the Circle really mean.
At least Gwen has plenty of help. Her best friend Lesley follows every lead diligently on the Internet. James the ghost teaches Gwen how to fit in at an eighteenth century party. And Xemerius, the gargoyle demon who has been following Gwen since he caught her kissing Gideon in a church, offers advice on everything. Oh, yes. And of course there is Gideon, the Diamond. One minute he’s very warm indeed; the next he’s freezing cold. Gwen’s not sure what’s going on there, but she’s pretty much destined to find out.


So Sapphire Blue picks up right as Ruby Red left off and Gwen is confused by Gideon's actions as any girl would be. Here she thought he was in love with cousin Charlotte and now he's kissing her in a church no less. And she's kissing him back! Until that damn Gargoyle starts talking to her. Now not only can Gwen see ghosts but she can see Gargoyle ghosts, demons cursed to live in the bodies of gargoyles. But he does help her quite a bit, helping her spy on the secret society which though she is a time traveler and it involves her, she is not privy to the information. And more importantly she's interested in what goes on between Gideon and her horrible cousin, Charlotte.

I will say right now, there is no way you can't like Gwen. Just like you can't hate Charlotte. They are polar opposites. Gideon, well the jury is still out on him but the last few pages of the book leads me to believe I will eventually love him. This is a book full of mysteries, time travel with two rogue time travelers that  have one of the time traveling machines. They go back and forth in time trying to thwart the attempts of Count St. Germain to do something wrong. But they have no one on their side to help them. Except the secret society believes Gwen somehow is convinced by them somewhere in time to help them. If they only knew what we know about them, they'd be even more wary.

Gideon starts to suspect something when he's injured in what should have been a simple trip to the past and the last face he saw was a smiling Gwen. It doesn't help that Gwen has been secretly meeting with her grandfather in the past trying to make sense of things that happen in the future coming back reeking of cigarette smoke. Every day, they must go back into the past at least four hours to keep from doing it spontaneously in the middle of somewhere in the wrong clothing in the middle of danger. So they have a safe room for them to elapse into. That's what Gwen has been doing but then she's been venturing to her grandfather's office to meet up with him. Until Gideon decides he'll start elapsing with her and that ends the conversations with grandpa.

Are you confused? It actually isn't hard to understand at all. It's the simplest time travel novel I've ever read, steeped in mystery, romance, history and betrayal. I can't tell you how happy I was to get this novel  from my friendly UPS man that doesn't even ring the bell anymore since my dog is doorbell enough. It is translated so completely flawlessly that nothing is awkward or sounds unusual. 

I am such a huge fan of this series. The books have such beautiful covers. They are reminiscent of the period dresses that Gwen gets to wear when she goes back to the past. I think I'd like to be in her shoes, except for the teen angst. Oh and I forgot to mention the comic relief, Xemerius. He time travels with her from the past by latching on and then helps her when her cousin tries to embarrass her, hangs upside down from chandeliers, constantly asks for a dog. He is a great break in the tense lessons she has to take when people call her "stupid child" while grilling her about 18th century politics and teaching her the dances of the period.

If you haven't read this series, I really suggest it to anyone. It' fairly chaste, just some kissing, and absolutely a lot of fun. Gwen is not a shrinking violet. She will not play the fool and she doesn't bow down to anyone just because she's female. I really love her and her mental retorts if only she'd say them out loud! Now to wait until next Fall for the next book. YIKES!



  1. Great review, Heather! I'm really excited to read the sequel since I read book 1 earlier this year. It was a fun read with a great cast of characters, but I'm really curious to learn more about the secret society and how Gwen and Gideon fit into the scheme of things.

    1. Rummanah-
      I've seen some people call it a bridge novel, but I didn't think so at all. Maybe because I feel like I've been waiting for it forever. But I just love the characters! Charlotte is such a b**ch and Gwen has this Gargoyle sticking up for her. I just loved it. And God, she really is a trooper when she's only been a part of this for about a week! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I have the first one waiting on me to read it. I recently read/reviewed Cornerstone (the one you personally told me to read... and you were so right) so I know I have to read this one. HAVE to! I also heeded the warning and skimmed the review. So glad to know Gwen is strong. I so love strong female characters. I can't wait to read it.

    1. Oh, this is such a fun mysterious one to read. I haven't figured out the complete mystery yet, but I haven't really tried. I'm pretty sure it's nothing good for Gwen. But I think enough people are looking after her that she'll be okay. Like I said, as far as time travel goes, this is one of the easiest to follow so you won't get bogged down trying to figure all that out. Put it up higher on your list.


  3. Yes! I LOVE these books!!! And that gargoyle- loved him!!!! And I don't know what to think of Gideon but I think he's a good guy... I love Gwen! Ah, I want to reread this already, I loved it so much!

  4. You and Candace speak very highly of this series and I am most curious to check out a German author and see how it translates. I need a really likeable heroine because as of late my last few have been annoying! I am definitely picking this up! It sounds like lots of fun!

  5. Yes! Glad to hear that this one is so good. I read the first and I think I may have given it a 3/5, but liked the ideas in the story so much I really want to read the next one!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake


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