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Blaze (or Love in the Time of Super Villains) by Laurie Boyle Crompton Review

Blaze (or Love in the Time of Super Villains) by Laurie Boyle Crompton
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Goodreads Summary-Blaze is tired of spending her life on the sidelines, drawing comics and feeling invisible. She's desperate for soccer star Mark to notice her. And when her BFF texts Mark a photo of Blaze in sexy lingerie, it definitely gets his attention. After a hot date in the back of her minivan, Blaze is flying high, but suddenly Mark's feelings seem to have been blasted by a freeze-ray gun, and he dumps her. Blaze gets her revenge by posting a comic strip featuring uber-villain Mark the Shark. Mark then retaliates by posting her "sext" photo, and, overnight, Blaze goes from Super Virgin Girl to Super Slut. That life on the sidelines is looking pretty good right about now..

Okay, no doubt about it, you must read this if you enjoy contemporary coming of age stories. It's humorous, uplifting, heartbreaking and triumphant all in the same book. Blaze is a girl that has had to grow up faster than the rest of her friends with the disappearance of her father to NYC to pursue his acting career. Being left to be the only breadwinner, Blaze's mother works as a physician's assistant in the ER and Blaze becomes the soccer mom and all around  errand runner, chauffeur to her brother Josh's friends and chief cook of burned casseroles. It's no wonder when Mark, cute soccer coach of Josh's team shows some interest, Blaze dreams of a life of her own, one  that doesn't involve prepubescent boys and Superturd, her brown mini van. But, when she gets a little taste of the life, she finds she might be in over her head.

As Blaze's life spins out of control, she finds herself turning more to her comics and creating The Blazing Goddess vs. Mark the Shark, to get her revenge against Mark. Her brother tried to warn her but...
Here is what I love about this book, besides the fabulous plot. Blaze does not care that she has to haul around four 13 yr old boys who are alternately obsessed with her boobs, farting, food and Nintendo. She is protective of them, as much as any mother would be and they play goofy games like Cows in the car. In return, the boys are just as protective of her, especially her brother, Josh. 

Mom is a bit absent- she's lost her husband to his dreams, thinking he would come back after only a few months. Instead it's been years and life has been hard on her. But she doesn't realize the toll it's taken on Blaze. Until she finds out the mess Blaze is in and realizes she has been more than relying on Blaze. But its not just Mom, Dad's mother MeMa bashes him every chance she gets and whenever they visit it's like a slamfest on her Dad, something Blaze just can't take because she still sees the fun dad, the good times, the guy in the family portrait before things fell apart.

It takes a unplanned trip to comic con, four well meaning 13 yr olds and two caring truckers to help Blaze see her way out of the mess she's in and see her father for what he really is, a poor excuse for a dad. I absolutely love the relationship between brother and sister, how she seems to be taking care of him and then all of a sudden he seems wiser than her. I love his friends much more than hers. And mom, who for all her faults, loves her kids and is just stuck. Blaze definitely grows up in this novel for mature readers and shares her wit and knowledge about comics with us as she does.

Here is some great artwork from the novel below by Anna Cain.  Leave your email addy below or some other way to contact you for a signed bookmark.

 © 2012 Anne Cain

Thank you to the publisher at Sourcebooks for the E-ARC provided through Net-Galley. I was not compensated for my review in any way.


  1. I loved the brother so much in this story-usually I prefer stories about sisters but this is one I'd make an exception for.

  2. I am soooo excited you loved this book as much as I did! It was phenomenal and I didn't expect to love it that much. I really need my own finished copy to see all the comic drawings!

  3. You got me at humorous and uplifting.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. I need to read this Heather! I've been seeing glowing review after glowing review and I could literally kick myself for not requesting this on NetGalley when I had the chance. I definitely need to go out and purchase a copy! I love that Blaze is protective of her boob and fart-obsessed boys, that just makes me smile:)

  5. Oh shoot, now I regret for not requesting this one from NG. I was a bit hesitant after reading the not so stellar description. I guess I'll have to check it out once it's published. I love the sound of the sibling relationship though it's a bit sad that the mother is absent.

    p.s. I forgot to answer your question about reading an eARC of the graphic novel. Sorry! I read it on my laptop since the text and images don't gel on my nook. :( Can't wait to discuss Nana with you. Just shoot me an email whenever you get to it

  6. I should have gotten this one. It sounds like so much fun and I seriously love the artwork, I would read it just for that!

  7. I really loved the whole family dynamic in this book. It was a very important aspect of the story and I just loved it actually being PRESENT as so often family is just shoved to the side or left out completely.
    So glad you loved it too!


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