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Book Signing Lenore Appelhans, Beth Revis, Victoria Schwab, Megan Shepherd and Meagan Spooner at Malaprops in Asheville, NC from a few months ago

Okay, in my defense, I have a new computer and a new camera. And my computer doesn't have a slot for me to load the camera software so I have to hook a disc reader up to do that. And then I have to figure out the camera software. Some of that happened and some of it didn't. Kodak was very user friendly. Nikon, more for the advanced picture taker, I'm thinking. So here are the unedited photos. These were shot at the beginning of February on a blustery snowy night in Asheville. Commentary to follow. The cute kid in the glasses, is my 13 yr old, Jakob. I try to avoid pictures at all costs!

  This is Malaprops. This is part of the cafe that they cleared out for the authors to sit in to talk about their books and to read a little bit from them. Then they took questions and signed books.

This is the sign it says, Young Adult Author Readings. Everyone's book had just come out so we were all very excited. I had read everyone, but Meagan Shepherd's. But Megan Spooner was a surprise, so I didn't even have her book. When she talked about it I was like "WTH where did this book come from? Why didn't I hear about it?" So you know I got it.

Megan Shepherd reading from The Madman's Daughter. An interesting fact was that she wrote a lot of the book right there in Malaprops. There she is, if you ever go into Malaprops take a look around and you might see her there writing.

And here's Victoria Schwab reading from The Archived. I think it may have been the prologue to the book. It's a bit hard to read from a book and not spoil something for someone. But she did. Read I mean. Not spoil anything. Interesting fact for her, The Near Witch, her first novel, was only her second novel she'd written. She was still in college when she got a contract for it.
And here's Lenore Appelhans reading from Level 2. She was so gracious and happy to read without giving anything away. She's a book blogger, too. Her blog is Presenting Lenore. Level 2 has just undergone a major change. It has a new cover and name. I'll show you at the bottom. Or you can click the link and see for yourself. I talked to her about Level 2 and said I thought it felt like things weren't quite what they seemed in the book. Everything just came too easy after all the work and detail she'd put into the world and the memories for everything to fall into place so easily, it just didn't make a lot of sense. Then I said, "I just kept remembering Julian saying not to trust ANYONE, there and not to even believe what you see." She just gave me a knowing smile and said, "I know. I know." Like we had both been reading it and were discussing it, forgetting that she was the one writing it. Then she told me how hard she fought to make sure we didn't have a cliffhanger at the end of this book. I thanked her for you, but you can tell her again. I mean it sounds like she had to fight really hard, maybe even fists came out, or at least little plastic swords. Anyway, she got her way, for us. Thanks again Lenore! And everyone that didn't understand that carefully constructed world that she built, she actually had her brother-in-law build one of those little pods so she could feel what it felt like to be in one. That my friends is dedication to detail. And there is a reason for everything in the world. Just wait for the second book. My speculations are that what Felicia went through at the end of the book might have been a dream or a wish. But I don't think she's in a happy place yet or with the guy she wants to be with. I think it was all smoke and mirrors, because Julian, is one manipulative a**. Anyway, on with the tour.

This, you must know, is Beth Revis. I have only been to one book signing that did not include Beth Revis! So yeah, I know who she is....and I always start by saying, "You signed my son's cast on the ASH to NASH tour?" She remembers. But I bring him just in case she doesn't. I never have anything remarkable to say to her. She's so damn funny. She didn't read from the book, she just said some things that were funny and we all laughed. I don't laugh when I read her books though. She's always killing someone. I think she talked about that. Anyway, Beth Revis is awesome and I feel very humble around her. Oh I know she was sitting between two people who had their very first novels published and if you don't know, Across The Universe was her 10th and I think final (so she says) attempt at getting published. So she might have said something about dynamite under their chairs or don't start their cars, something funny. And I asked about her next project and she said, she couldn't say anything about it. So....whatever it is I really can't wait!

In case you haven't met her before, this is Meagan Spooner. She wrote Skylark and let me tell you it has magic and mystery and when she told me about using Google Maps for research I thought, "Wow, she really did her homework." Apparently the main character has to travel some distance through the woods and Meagan wanted it to be accurate so she used Google maps to track how many miles it was and the terrain and how much food and water she'd need. You really learn all kinds of things at these readings! And she never said a word about that new book she was writing with Amie Kaufman These Broken Stars. She said she forgot.
The sequel to Skylark comes out this October.

Props to my faithful sidekick and inquisitive little budding writer, Jakob for always being willing to come to a book signing with me no matter who is going to be there. He does have a slight crush on Beth Revis. I hope he doesn't read my blog today. (Sorry Jakob):) Below are some pictures of him with the authors.

New cover for Level 2 Old cover

New cover called The Memory of After-

Pretty cool!

I love book signings and I was feeling so guilty for not posting this one for so long. Now I can feel good that I've finally shared with you guys. It was a lot of fun and I am planning to go to one in June at Malaprops again. And guess who's going to be there? Yep! Beth Revis! Lol

Happy Weekend!

I'm getting a blog makeover this month so if you come over here and nothing looks familiar you'll know why. Everything is going to change.


  1. Lots of fun! I need to contact Leonore and get her on the blog I have a copy of her book and I want to get it read. I loved Victoria Schwabl's The Near Witch still haven't read The Archived. I also need to read something by Beth Revis. Your son is cute... oh wait don't tell him I said that, He is handsome! THanks for sharing girl! Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you make your dreams come true while making money at home but don't make money at home running an escort business :)

  2. Looks like a really great time. Too far away for me with the girls, but I need to get to a signing soon

  3. You don't always need the software that comes with... just sayin'... ;) Looks like you got it figured out tho! Great pics! LOVE Jakob! What a cutie!

    I so need to go to a book signing soon. I feel so deprived! LOL

  4. Woo hoo! That looks AWESOME! I met Lenore at ALA and got my book signed and hung out with her a tad, she's pretty great! I haven't read her book yet though. I love Beth's books so I'm curious what she does next.
    What a good sport Jakob is! Not many boys would be willing to pose with all the authors. Or to even attend the event...
    I have had some issues with my fancy(ish) camera connecting to my computer too. Just my video camera. It won't register that it's plugged in. Good thing I don't take many videos, but I'll be wanting to figure it out so I can!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. I love bookish events so very much and am so sad that I can't attend as much as I want to, because I don't live in the US. I adore Beth Revis' AtU series and would have loved to see Lenore again (met her in Frankfurt last year). Happy to see you had to much fun:)

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