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Suddenly You A Modern Retelling of Mansfield Park (The Jane Austen Series) by Cecilia Gray

Suddenly You A Modern Retelling of Mansfield Park
(A Jane Austen Academy Novel)
By Celia Gray
Copy of Novel provided by Author for review
 Kindle/ Nook

Fanny doesn't want to be at The Jane Austen Academy. She intends to lay low until graduation when she can try out for the Olympic track team. She doesn't need friends or love. She only needs her running.

But The Academy is in danger. In an effort to save it, Fanny joins forces with the friends she never knew she wanted. Suddenly, Fanny finds herself center stage in the middle of the Academy's biggest love triangle as the lead in the school play...only this track star can't afford to break a leg.

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So I have followed this series from the very beginning and each book gets progressively better. I guess because the story is more complex, more couples, more time has passed and saving the school is coming to the finale.  If you love a great contemporary YA novel that is easy to enjoy with a guaranteed HEA, this is the series for you. Well most people have an HEA. Sometimes, there are people that get left out. But I'm sure their stories are coming. I don't remember Mansfield Park, so the similarities to it, I don't know. But if that's what the author, Celia Gray says, I have no reason not to trust her. She is very gracious and appreciative and she's a great writer. 

The Characters
Fanny- Fanny has been a minor character in past books. But she is the main character in this novel. She is a track star with dreams of being an Olympic Gold Medalist. She's put in the time and has the discipline to do it. She's a scholarship student as her mother had previously worked two jobs to pay for her track meets and equipment and gas to drive her to meets. But once she entered The Jane Austen Academy on scholarship, that was all paid for and her mom could drop a job and go back to school. Fanny, to be able to train for the Olympics when she graduates, has entered every academic competition and won the prize money storing it away for that training. She has also started clubs and is president so she can use the money that is not used for the same purpose. This leads to the Asian American Cultural Club. There are two members. Fanny and Tran.

Tran is at every meeting and when Fanny ask if there is any new business he always answers "mischief and mayhem." He's funny, cute and extremely likable. I love him right away. And he likes Fanny, no one would go to those meetings otherwise. And he does help her break into the head mistresses car so he gets his mischief and mayhem after all!

Josh Wickham, famous movie star, who has not been the nicest guy in past books in the series, has taken a real liking to Fanny. It's not a likely match, one the girls in the group have a hard time believing is sincere, but it is. Fanny, who really gets flustered any time Tran is around, just doesn't feel it with Josh. Josh isn't used to girls telling him no. He's Josh Wickham. He's gorgeous and he's a movie star. And he and Fanny understand each other. He throws a bit of a fit when she says friends only. I thought maybe he was using it as a publicity stunt. But he seems truly hurt. Who knew?

The World- What you have to understand is that this is the first year The Jane Austen Academy has allowed boys in their school. It's a boarding school and the girls were up in arms about it. Anne's family owned it for years, since it opened in the late 1800's but they lost it, bad gambling debts or something.
Lizzie is set to be a reporter later in life and determined to save the school Ellie is her laid back friend but determined to help. Emma is the fashion queen, but no less determined to save the school. This foursome has been in all the other books. But Kat and Fanny join the group in trying to save the school in this book. The motto of the school is "WE WILL BE HEARD" and the girls take that as far as they can.

The Story- A conglomerate has purchased the school and is set to tear the school down and put up a shopping mall at the end of the school year. Lizzie et all are fighting this at all costs. They are set to use Josh Wickham's popularity and celebrity status to get publicity. They need Fanny to use his interest in her to their advantage. The tables are turned on him for once. Fanny is in serious crush mode or more with Tran. But Lucy, the ever present bad penny, takes him away from Fanny so she lets her attention be swayed by Josh. But she's too good to lead Josh along. But they still have to save the school. And Josh wants to save the school as much as the girls do. Besides, having the girls as friends wouldn't be such a bad thing.

My thoughts- I loved the story! Loved all the flirtations going on especially between Tran and Fanny. She is so shy and awkward yet she wants to feel that stud in his tongue in her mouth. Then she tries to shake herself out of the thoughts because he's with Lucy. It is so much like an Austen novel with nobody being honest with how they feel about each other and mixed signals and I loved it. I loved to see Josh on the rejection end for once. But he bounced back. However groveling was involved and I liked that. I loved seeing the character growth of Fanny. Excellent growth even with Kat. And I loved seeing the quirky Henry and Darcy, I mean Dante. I'd have loved to seen the other guys!!! Need another house party!!  Now, Emma needs to find someone, Josh deserves a girl, and Anne. Anne and Rick need to resolve whatever happened to them and they need to get back together. Guess I need to read up on my Austen to see how they do that!!

Austen fans, contemporary YA romance, boarding school, HEA's, you'll all love it! I recommend the entire series!!

Cecilia Gray- Find her here  Website/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Pinterest


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this Heather because with that cover, which has a textbook feel to it for me, I would have glossed right over this book. I know, I suck for judging it so harshly, but it's the truth. Clearly I would have been missing out on a really cute series though!!!!

  2. This book sounds super fun. I LOVED the retelling The Trouble With Flirting and this one sounds cute and imaginative and creative. It also makes me a little sad that I haven't finished P&P yet. I need to get on the Austen Band wagon.

  3. I so need to read this series. I tend to enjoy Austin retellings and I LOVE that this presents with different cultures! Must move the series up my wishlist and add this one!

  4. As Jenny mentioned above, Heather, I'm glad you read this series and reviewed it because I would never give it a go based on that cover. It's a disease, I know, but books have to have the full package to compete these days! Seriously though...great review! :)

  5. This is why I love book blogs. As with Jenny and Melissa above me, I am glad you reviewed this book and I saw it because otherwise I would have passed on it based on that cover. I know it sounds shallow, but it's just how I feel! This one sounds like the book definitely is better than the cover and sounds worth checking out. Thanks for your review!

  6. So good to hear about a series that gets better and better. I haven't read Austen but I want to eventually.

  7. M. P. is my daughter's fave Jane Austen story. I'll have to zing this her way.

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