Friday, July 12, 2013

Interview with Katlyn Duncan-Soul Taken Author

Today I have the author of Soul Taken, Katlyn Duncan on my blog to answer some questions about her debut novel and to answer some general questions about Life After Death! Don't forget that there is a giveaway for her novel on my review of the book yesterday HERE

If after you read the interview you'd like to know a little more about Katlyn (Kate) Duncan you can find her at one of these many places.


About the author- Katlyn Duncan was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts. Her overactive imagination involved invisible friends, wanting to be a Disney Princess and making up her own stories. Her bibliophile mom always encouraged her love of reading and that stayed with her since. Even though she works full time in the medical field Katlyn has always made time for books, whether she is reading or writing them. 

Katlyn now lives in southern Connecticut with her husband and adorable Wheaten Terrier and she is thrilled to finally share her stories with the world.

My Interview Questions for Katlyn Duncan and her answers-

1) Soul Taken involves the taking of the soul and matching it with it's "True Soul." What exactly do you imagine a "True Soul" to be? 

My imagination of the True Soul comes straight out of Soul Taken. It's an essences that links to its soul and helps it make the souls journey to the After.

2) Where did the idea for your novel begin? Did you see your characters first or did you have the idea of how the after life worked? Where did it start? 

It started with a question: "What would happen if a 'reaper' found herself stuck inside of a human body?' Maggie, Cooper, and Ally were the first to be cast in my mind, but they are totally different now then they were in earlier drafts. And I've always pondered what my after-life would be and the After in Soul Taken is what I'd like it to be.

3) Would you like to keep all your memories in the after life or would you prefer to forget everything? 

Awesome question! I think I'd like to keep them so I could have a sense of accomplishment in the after-life.

4) If there is an After Life, would you prefer to have a job doing something on Earth with humans or would you rather be reincarnated or go on to whatever there is beyond that? 

Another fabulous question. I think I'd take a job. I think initially it would be hard to let go of my humanity so I'd like to stick around for a little bit. 

5) What kind of research do you do for a novel that delves into that After Life and the present and the past? 

I didn't do research per-say for the After in Soul Taken. Like I said, it's always been a topic that interested me so I pretty much formed it around my ideas. Although I did love Richard Matheson's 'What Dreams May Come' and the questions it sparked within me. 

6) What is the best thing about being an author? The worst? 

The best thing is calling myself an author! And of course sharing my story with the world. There really isn't a "worst" part for me. I'd say the hardest part is balancing life and deadlines but when I get frustrated I remember that this is an amazing part of my life now and I wouldn't want to go back.

7) Anything else you want to add? 

I hope that readers find a part in Soul Taken that they can relate to and above all I hope they have fun reading Maggie's journey.

Thank you so much Kate for answering my questions and your patience with all my glitches as I get back into blogging. I hope everyone enjoyed the interview and will give Kate's book a try. I think you'll like her unique take on the Life After and the interesting story line!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wonderful Interview and I am so excited for Kate to publish this amazing story!!!

    1. Thanks Danny! It's out now so you can get a copy.

  2. Terrific interview. It really made me think about how I'd answer the questions. Best of luck with Soul Taken. Love the cover.

    1. Yes, Leslie Rose, I had to think about how I'd answer them as well. I'm not sure how I'd answer some.

  3. Great interview, I like the question (and answers) to best and worst part of being an author

    1. Me, too. The worst thing could also be said about being a blogger, finding a balance. That's what I've been trying to do this summer but focusing the most on my kids.

  4. What a great interview! Oh this makes me real curious about this world. Sounds fab!

    Hope everything is going well for you!

    1. Yes, the interview helped me understand the world better. And just asking the author some questions.

      Things are getting better, thanks.

  5. Really interesting questions, Heather! Number 4 is thought provoking, not sure what I'd pick. But if I could choose between keeping or losing my memories, I'd choose to keep them. I can't bear the idea of the people I love being lost to me forever.

    1. I'd want to keep my memories, too. I think the after life is a reunion with the people you loved on earth and it would be hard if you didn't have your memories. I've got some dogs waiting for me on the other side!


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