Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bookish Things, Book Signings (pictures) and ......

So Date Night in the Rosdol household Saturday night was not spent with David watching football and Heather reading and writing. No we made a little trip to Asheville to see these ladies:

 Yes, yes that's right! My lovely indie book store,(it's two hours away but I love it anyway) Malaprops hosted (from left to right) Erin Bowman author of Taken, Sarah J. Maas- make that NYT Best Sellers Author of Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and  five e-novellas in the series (and some other things I'll get to) and Susan Dennard diligently signing her books Something Strange and Deadly and A Darkness Strange and Lovely (and also some other things).

The first thing you should know is I was too scared to ask the one question I wanted to ask. So I just sat there and listened. On the front row. I was by myself for awhile until the lady at Malaprops that runs the events started threatening people. Not meanly, but she promised she wouldn't force a question out of people in the front row so my butt stayed glued to my seat hoping that extended to me since I was already there. It did. I took notes. I am SUCH a nerd at book signings. Don't sit next to me if you don't want to look nerdy, too. My husband wisely walked the streets of Asheville on his own for awhile and then sat in the back. Way back. He wouldn't want anyone to mistake him for a reader. But don't worry, I fill him in on every book I love and the ones that don't work for me. I even shared some of my writing at the restaurant after the signing.
What I LOVE about a book signing at Malaprops is that there are always other authors there hanging out on the BACK row and they ask lots of questions. I saw Megan Shepherd (The Madman's Daughter), Megan Spooner (Skylark, Shadowlark) and I am so sorry....there was another author there who looked so familiar but I just can't recall her name. And sadly, I did not take a picture.

So, what did I learn-
 All three of these authors are great friends and met on the internet. They toss writing ideas back and forth and bounce their WIP off each other. They Skype and email and get together some. They had just spent a week together at a lake house in a secluded area at the end of dirt road. Now, if you've read their books you know they have wildly creative imaginations- Cut to no internet, no cell service and then one dark night they get just enough internet to get creative or punchy, not sure but definitely entertaining. Sarah Maas reads a story about a strange green light traveling down the eastern seaboard and it's headed their way, Apocalypse??

As they recounted how they inventoried the house for weapons (fireplace pokers) and supplies (food) I pondered whether I would want to be with them during an apocalyptic catastrophe. Okay, no zombies I want to die a nonreturnable death in the case of zombies. But you know, a good storyteller would be valuable in the event of no t.v., radio, internet and the necessity to travel light. However, their plans for survival were less than stellar, if you do happen to be with them during an Apocalypse, better come up with your own plan and make sure to save them.

Interesting Facts-
Susan Dennard knows how to make dynamite and some type of pulsing gun? I haven't finished her books so I don't know but she's pretty sure she's on a government watch list since she Googled it. I'm pretty sure she's right.

Erin Bowman is working on a New Adult series (shh!). And she was editing another book when a certain character from Taken poked his head into hers and just wouldn't leave until she wrote about him. That's how she started Taken.

Sarah Maas started writing Throne of Glass when she was 16! She published it for the world to read on Fiction Press and had so many fans that she finally got serious about it in her 20's and made it into a book. Yeah, she did good. Oh, and in case you're wondering, ready....The Throne of Glass series is going to be SIX books long!!! Yeah, I know! But really, it's just too big of a story to be contained in three books and I'd be disappointed if anything was rushed. Think about how big that world is and four years is a long time (No I have not read Crown of Midnight so do not give me any spoilers). And there might be more novellas. And her idea came after she watched Disney's Cinderella, the scene where she's escaping the ball and she asked "What if Cinderella was an assassin?"

Another interesting fact Susan Dennard and Sarah Maas are writing a Space Opera free to the world for Adults. Stressing the ADULTS here because they do. It is called The StarKillers Cycle. It's on Tumblr and you can click that link but I will put it here too in case you have any trouble with it- http://thestarkillerscycle.tumblr.com/ . You can also find out about some more writing projects Sarah Maas and Susan Dennard are doing together and that Sarah Maas has done on her own here.

These authors were so much fun to listen to, so positive about venturing into the writing world and so down to earth. I always feel like I'm meeting Julia Roberts (Susan Dennard reminds me of her) or another famous star whenever I meet authors and I'm always surprised at how happy they are that I spent fifteen dollars on their book, like I did them the favor. And they aren't faking it, they aren't pasting on a smile. You can tell they are so happy to talk books with you and to hear how you loved their characters. Nerd or not, I had an awesome time!

Oh and something really cool that Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas did, when they had their book launch for their first books, they had everyone that has been at a book signing sign their books. So we all got to sign their books! So cool!

I found these authors all over the place so I'll let you know where you can find them, too!

Erin Bowman- Website - Twitter - Tumblr - Pinterest - Goodreads 
Sarah J. Maas- Website -Blog - Twitter - Facebook - Pinterest - Goodreads 
Susan Dennard - Website - Blog - Twitter - Facebook  - Pinterest - Goodreads

And StarKillers Cycle the Space Opera!
They can also, all three of them be found on Pub(lishing) Crawl along with other authors and people in the book world writing about many different topics. They also have an obsession with Teen Wolf and think of themselves as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but they're missing their fourth turtle. They are aware of this fact. They are not concerned.

Other Book News-
I didn't know about this did you-
For fans of Jodi Meadows Incarnate series-Phoenix Overture
This is Sam's story! According to her blog it is 0.5 and 2.5 together.
Amazon/ Barnes and Noble/ Kobo
From Goodreads-
This breathtaking and lyrical novella captures a thrilling and momentous decision for a young man and the people he loves. Told from the perspective of Sam, the sensitive musician from Jodi Meadows’s Incarnate series, lifetimes before he meets Ana, Phoenix Overture is a story of love and loss, strength and courage, and facing the consequences of the hardest of decisions.

Phoenix Overture offers existing fans a deeper insight into a favorite character and the intriguing history of Heart, while new readers will find a stunning introduction to this rich world and the romantic, captivating fantasy of the Incarnate series.

In the wilds around the Community where Sam and his family have taken shelter, life is dangerous. Dragons, trolls, centaurs, and other monsters fill the world. The word comes from the council that everyone must leave and journey to rescue their leader, Janan, who has been abducted by a mysterious new enemy in the north. Faced with overwhelming threats that bring death and destruction, Sam and the others reach the northern Range and, reunited with Janan, are given an unimaginable opportunity. Although it would give them the privilege to live and learn and love without fear, the choice is not without its own dire consequences. And lives—though not theirs—are sure to be lost. Just how much are they willing to give up to save themselves?

HarperTeen Impulse is a digital imprint focused on young adult short stories and novellas, with new releases the first Tuesday of each month

And also from one of my favorite authors and I don't know how I totally missed this-

Secrets and Lies by Kody Keplinger
Amazon/ Barnes and Noble/ Kobo

From Goodreads-  Kody Keplinger both returns to the halls of Hamilton High and explores new territory in her collection of two e-book exclusive novellas. In these short stories, the author revisits a familiar cast of characters from THE DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) and A Midsummer's Nightmare. Explore the uniquely teen world of high school drama, secrets, and romantic entanglements from completely fresh perspectives that will intrigue fans of Kody Keplinger and new readers alike.

And that's all I have for today. But I do have some other author signings that I am shamefully behind on so I'll be trying to catch up soon. Hope some of this was news to you!


  1. Oh it sounds so fun Heather! I would LOVE to meet Sarah Maas! I haven't read the books of the other two, but I'd be happy to meet them as well! That's awesome they are all friends. I can imagine being in a cabin in the woods with a other insanely creative people and imaging the apocalypse happening. Yep, that would be SO me! My hubby already thinks I'm crazy, I'll lay in bed and point out the UFO's. I started doing it just being dumb one night and then I saw one, for REAL! I was just joking but then it started being all weird. There could be an explanation, it wasn't something really, REALLY weird, but it was definitely something strange. So yeah, I always have weird things that I freak out about.
    Glad you had a good time!

    1. Oh you would have loved it Candace! Loved it! You could have talked about survival stories. I think they were going to sacrifice Erin Bowman so the other two could get away. Of course she'd get a memorial dedicated to her. I am wondering if drinking was involved in their plan. It would explain a lot! lol
      I was so in awe of Sarah Maas to have started writing at 16. They are all so young! It was so much fun! Wish we lived on the same side of the country!

  2. I am glad you had so much fun!!!! And yeah, I also would be really shy - so don't worry you are not alone.

    I adore Sarah J Maas! She's so incredible and I'm excited that the series is going to be 6 books long!

    1. I am too Danny! I just can't imagine mapping out six books in my head or on paper.

      If I had some other book bloggers with me, I might not be so scared to ask questions. But I'm either with my 13 yr old son, who asks his own questions or my husband who hides in the bookstore somewhere. Calling all Charlotte/Mooresville book bloggers. Where are you?

  3. I would totally be geeky next to you! I also take notes but mine are pretty brief except when it comes to movie news or upcoming books. I tend to ask questions too which make people who accompany me to the signings uncomfortable but I can't help it! I get giddy and shy. I spent like 5 minutes talking to Cassie Clare of why I preferred Simon over Jace. She was fascinated. If you get a chance to see Libba Bray, do. She is hysterical and sharp as a knife. Love her!

    I've yet to read Mass's books but it's been all the rage for this month so I need to find out what I'm missing. But 6 books! Holy smokes that's huge for YA. Glad you had a blast!

    1. I would totally WANT to tell Cassie Clare why I prefer Simon over Jace, I just wouldn't have the guts to do it. Just like I'd want someone not to die in one of the prequels to Throne of Glass but then there'd be no reason for the story. Some things can't be undone. And I would totally love to see Libba Bray! However, I'd be very, very shy around her. I would need some fellow bloggers for support.

      Yes, you have to read Sarah Maas' books! You are totally missing out! And that's not really a spoiler above. I haven't read Crown of Midnight but I plan to this weekend. Cannot wait. I think I've read that I'll be needing tissues.

  4. Oh thanks for taking me along with your night. I love posts like this! Oh and I want to read all of their books, but I swear you even got me more interested in Throne of Glass and I didn't think that was possible. So need to see if the library has it now. If not... bookshop time! :D

    Oh and trust me... if I was able to be there I'd totally sit next to you and geek out with you! :D

    1. So really, I'm not a geek. I just wonder why I'm the only one taking notes. Is it that I am the only one with a bad memory? Are you going to check out the Space Killers Cycle? I plan to make time to read it. I've never read a Space Opera before :)

  5. This looks like so much fun! I'm really hoping they tour in my area soon!

  6. It was so much fun! I do hope they get up your way! Check out the Southern Book Bloggers website and see if they come your way.


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