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Resilient Blog Tour Giveaway and Review

Today is my stop on the Resilient Blog Tour with Candace's Book Promotions. There is a great giveaway going on with the tour that you'll see at the bottom of the page for a Kindle Paperwhite (US only) and a signed copy of the book (International)  along with some information about the author, Patricia Vanasse. You can also follow all of the tour stops for the blog tour HERE.

Resilient by Patricia Vanasse
Available Now
Pants on Fire Press
Paperback 336 pages
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Livia has never felt like she fits in. As normal as it sounds, Livia is anything but ordinary. She can feel every emotion of every single person around her, and it’s maddening. In pursuit of some psychic quiet, she moves with her family from New York City to Whidbey Island in the lush and sleepy Pacific Northwest. But when a horseback riding accident in her new home gives her a broken leg that heals in a day, she finds that another unexplainable ability has manifested, and her life isn’t about to get any easier. Adam has no problem fitting in and making friends. In fact, he’s the top of the school, the boy everyone knows and loves. However, people only see what he allows them to. No one knows what Adam is truly capable of. After witnessing Livia’s accident, Adam sees something intriguing in her quick recovery, something that gives him hope that he’s not alone. Adam is the only one whose emotions Livia can’t read. Afraid of not knowing what goes on behind his dark eyes, Livia decides to keep him at a distance. Yet the more she tries to ignore him, the more alluring he becomes, and while their personal quests for identity will inevitably bring them closer together, it is the confirmation of what they really are that threatens to tear them apart.

Resilient, told in alternating point of views, is a gripping story of survival and romance, in which two teenagers face the consequences of being anything but normal.

It's always so great to be surprised by a book you've agreed to read for review, especially for a tour. That was the case for this novel. I always trust Candace's judgement, but this novel was really great! It had a great romance, unusual supernatural abilities with a plausible reason for the characters to have then, lots of secrets and villains, but, and I hate these, a huge cliffie. God do I hate those. Still, I did really enjoy this novel. And I am eager to read the next in the series.

Livia has always hidden away from people because she's empathic and it's almost excruciating for her to live in NYC and be around all those people feeling all those feelings. She does have two best friends which are mentioned several times as she's leaving them when the novel opens to go completely across country to an island off the coast of Washington, Whidbey Island.  It's a welcome change for Livia. She's a strong runner, fast due to her enhanced abilities and she enjoys running, swimming, horseback riding. She is no shrinking violet. She doesn't actively seek danger, but she's active and strong. She is aware that she was adopted and is seeking her biological parents only to answer the questions about her unique abilities most of which she keeps hidden from her parents. She has an overwhelming sense of guilt about their guilt they feel because she can feel everything they feel and they can't shield  it from her. Did I lose you? It's not complicated, really. Livia is an everyday, all American girl except for her unnatural ability to feel what everyone else feels, her superspeed and some new things that are developing.

Then she meets Adam. And she can't read his feelings at all. And Adam, who keeps his abilities from everyone but his best friend, can't seem to use his abilities on her. They are different but the same. They get off to a rocky start. Adam acts like a kindergartner with a new box of crayons and he won't share the lake which is half on his property and half on her property. Livia, being new, isn't sure of herself so she lets him have it. But they overcome their rocky start and become friends, then closer. Livia makes close friends almost instantly, being empathetic would probably make her very likable. Everyone wants to be understood.

Then when the two, Adam and Livia push for answers, they come from an unexpected place and have unwanted consequences. "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it," one of them quotes, too little, too late. And then, there's the cliffie. BAM! I knew it would happen, there was foreshadowing. But I hate them. That's my only fault with the novel. My copy wasn't the shiny polished copy that's on sale. I read an ARC so the mistakes I saw were expected. I loved that the chapters switched off one from Livia's point of view and the next from Adam's. I love to see what the characters think of each other. Adam has it BAD for Livia. So I need the next book soon. The sneak peek at the first couple of chapters were not enough!

I received a digital copy of this novel for review purposes for the tour. I was not influenced by this. The opinons expressed in this  review are my own.

About Patricia Vanasse-
Patricia Vanasse was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now she lives on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two adorable children, and two crazy dogs. She has been trough Culinary Arts, Psychology, Law School, and now has finally found her passion in creative writing. She also loves traveling, cooking, and is an avid reader. Her strength- believes that everything is possible.

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  1. Thanks for the blog post and giveaway!!

  2. This sounds like a cute read, Heather! I like how the MC embraces her abilities to the best that she can and searches out for answers instead of sit and whine and be "all woe is me". Not a huge fan of cliffies either but I think I might just bare the pain with this one. Great review!

  3. Yeah, that cliffie was killer! I'm really glad you enjoyed this one as well. And I really liked that these characters weren't all in denial about their abilities, that's one thing I have issues with in many books. But I guess since they've had the abilities so long they have grown to accept them even if they are dying for answers (which makes sense). Thanks so much for giving it a shot and hosting a tour stop!

  4. Thanks for the review and giveaway

  5. Sounds like the author does a good job of writing the relationship centered interactions.

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  6. Can't wait to read, sounds great! Thanks for the blog post and giveaway!!

  7. Sounds like a great dual perspective, I enjoy when well done

  8. Oh love the sound of this one... except for the cliffie. I'm SO with you. Those things should be outlawed.

    It looks like these characters really shine and I really like a character driven book. Oh I may get this one, but wait until the next is out to read it!

  9. Great review heather! Thanks for hosting the tour stop. Good luck for everyone!

  10. Awesome tour and review! I am enjoying this tour. I have found so many paranormal type blogs on this tour to watch for new books! Thanks a bunch!

  11. Yes! I agree, it's always wonderful to love a book you are reviewing for a book tour.

  12. Is the girl on the cover supposed to look like you? :) Danica


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