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Double Vision by F.T. Bradley Review and Giveaway

Double Vision by F.T. Bradley
Available Now
Publisher: HarperCollins
Hardcover 256 pages
Received copy of book for review
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Goodreads Synopsis-  Fans of 39 Clues and Artemis Fowl will enjoy the fun, fresh thrill ride through this humorous, action-packed adventure from debut author F. T. Bradley.

In the trilogy opener, twelve-year-old Lincoln Baker finds himself in a world of trouble! First, Linc’s seemingly harmless prank on a school field trip ends in expulsion and a lawsuit. Then two mysterious figures from a secret government agency called Pandora show up at Linc’s house with a proposition for him.

Turns out Linc looks exactly like one of Pandora’s top kid agents, Benjamin Green, who vanished while on a critical spy mission in Paris. If Linc agrees to take his place, they’ll get him back in school and make that costly lawsuit disappear.

But the mission is a lot more complicated than it seems. A highly valuable copy of the Mona Lisa has gone missing and now Linc must make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Too bad Linc isn’t a black belt math genius who can run a four-minute mile like his double, Ben, because he’ll need those skills to make it out alive. . . .


So this is a highly entertaining spy novel in which the spies are twelve and thirteen year old kids thrown into a spy mission and a mystery without a clue about what's going on or how to solve it. But first, before I talk about that, I have to share with you about Lincoln Baker. I think F.T. Bradley has been spying on my 13 yr old son. Linc, as his friends call him has what his friends parents call "Linc Disasters" and they are not allowed to go with him on his "exploring" on field trips. And truly, I don't think Linc wants to do anything wrong. He is just a curious boy. Who might be in need of some medication. Here is what Mrs. Valdez says before they get off the bus at the chicken farm at "o'dark thirty" as Linc says.

"And Lincoln."That's me.   "Yeah-I mean yes, Mrs. Valdez?""Can I count on you to behave?" She gave me one of those death- ray looks.  Mrs. Valdez had reason to be worried."
I won't spoil the fun of finding out what he did but suffice it to say he caused some major trouble on two other field trips. And now they are at a chicken farm. Where they are not allowed to see the chickens. Use your imagination. Just to help you, my son, much like Linc, set the fire alarm off at the YMCA when he was 3. I was trying to book his birthday party. They don't care if he was restless. They get really mad. Guess where he didn't have his birthday party. I identify with Ms. Vasquez and with Linc's parents!

Linc honestly feels bad about causing trouble. Not about what he did at the chicken farm. He thought it was funny and the chicken farmer deserved it, but he is really sorry for causing trouble for his parents and the lawsuit, well it will wipe them out. He feels very guilty. Until a seemingly miracle drops in his lap.

All he has to do is slip into this missing teen spy's place, deliver a package and he's out. Two days tops. And he gets to go to Paris. But nothing is that simple. Soon Linc finds that he is sorely out of shape to be a teen spy, that the missing spy that he bears an uncanny resemblance to seems to be working for the bad guys, and French pastries are the best. Two days turn into a week and the longer it takes to get the missing Mona Lisa, the less chances that the lawsuit against his family will disappear.

But, Linc does have two allies, Francoise, the daughter of the original owner and caretaker of the missing Mona Lisa and Henry, the gadget maker. (The gadget maker is always the best, isn't he?) And with their help, he thinks he might be able to outsmart the bad guys, whoever they may be.

This is a fun book to read, taking you on a dizzying tour of Paris and a breakneck race to save Francoise's father and the painting from the hands of terrorists. And more importantly to Linc, save his family. Linc is outrageously funny, his situations improbable, but fun never the less, and the complete story is a quick and enjoyable read for adults as well as kids. I highly recommend this series!

About F.T. Bradley
I grew up in the Netherlands, where I spent my childhood riding my bike, catching tadpoles, and reading Pippi Longstocking and Roald Dahl books. My very favorite book was The BFG by Roald Dahl. I would read under my covers well past my bedtime, secretly hoping for the BFG to knock on my window.

But somewhere along the way (around my high school) years, I sort of lost the love for reading.

It wasn’t until I was given a paperback thriller many years later that I caught the reading bug again. Like so many reluctant readers, it was all about discovering the right kinds of books. 

After reading many, many mysteries and thrillers, I decided to try my hand at writing (I was pretty bad at it, to be honest). It took a long time before some of my short mysteries started appearing in small press magazines, which encouraged me to keep writing. If you have writing aspirations, don’t give up!

My love for mysteries and thrillers sent me searching for children’s books in the genre, but I quickly discovered that there weren’t many titles that mirrored the great thrillers written for adults. After hearing parents wish there were more good books for reluctant (often boy) readers, I set out to write a fast-paced, exciting thriller written from a reluctant reader’s perspective—and 
Double Vision’s main character Linc Baker was born.

I have to tell you about the Double Vision Interactive Pages- There are pages about codes and ciphers which are used in Double Vision a lot. Codes that homeless people use to let each other know where it's safe to stay to codes to let Francoise and Linc know where to find something, including Morse Code. On the Codes and Ciphers page on this web page, there are games to play to see how good you are at cracking codes. It says CIA and NSA so be careful what you do on those sites!!

How about Spy tips from the FBI? yep got a page for that!

And for out wonderful teachers and for parents there is a page full of resources on George Washington (comes up in the second book I'm reviewing tomorrow) artists, spies, a CIA page, all kinds of helpful information and extra resources.

And if that wasn't enough I get to give away a copy of each of the two books that are being released one in paperback- Double Vision and Double Vision-Code Name 711- the first two books in the trilogy!

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  1. Thanks a ton for the kind review, and hosting the giveaway!

  2. What a fun thriller book! I swear you find the best books that I would want to read before I gift them to some little cousins.

  3. I smell a very popular boy book for my classroom bookshelf. Yay.


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