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Hereafter (Shadowlands #2) by Kate Brian Review

Hereafter (Shadowlands #2) by Kate Brian
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Published by Disney-Hyperion
Hardcover 320 pages
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for review
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Goodreads SynopsisRory Miller thought her life was over when a serial killer set his sights on her and forced her into witness protection. But a fresh start on Juniper Landing Island was exactly what she and her family needed. For the first time in years she and her sister hang out at the beach, gossip about boys, and party together. She's also made friends with a local clique--including a magnetic and mysterious boy named Tristan. 
But Rory's world is about to change again. Picturesque Juniper Landing isn't what it seems. The truth about the swirling fog that rolls in each morning, the bridge that leads to nowhere, and those beautiful locals who seem to watch Rory's every move is more terrifying than being hunted by Steven Nell. And all Rory ever wanted was the truth. Even if it means learning that she can never go home again. From the best-selling author of the Private and Privilege series comes the second novel in a heart-stopping trilogy about a girl who must pick up the pieces after the only life she's ever known ends.

So, I know a lot of people didn't enjoy the first novel in this series as much as I did. But I read purely for joy and happily overlook plot holes and other things if the novel entertains me. Most of the time, this is easy. Not as easy in this novel. ****If you haven't read the first novel, there will be spoilers from that novel***. So, who is the bad guy or what do you do with your characters when you kill off the bad guy in the first book? Well, you have to come up with something even more sinister, and it is. It's a good idea.

This novel is once again told from Rory's point of view with the exception of several one page interruptions of someone writing from their own point of view. This person doesn't reveal their identity. It is creepy and you'd almost believe Steven Nell was alive if you hadn't seen him killed in the last novel. But the author leads you heavily along as to who it is. And at the end of the novel - What? Oh no, not him! Of course, with such heavy pointing towards him being the bad guy, I'm sure in the next novel we will come to find out he is not the bad guy. However, it does make me wonder who the villain is???

Rory is herself as she was in the last novel. She knows a huge secret about her life as well as that of everyone else's on the island but if she tells it will harm them all, including herself. So yeah, that's kind of heavy. But she is also tip toeing around the boy she likes, Tristan, because he's very mysterious. (blech)   Darcy, Rory's sister, is still an insecure, jealous child. She sees Rory with the guy Darcy liked and the one she likes currently and automatically Rory is trying to steal both. What? Do they really hate each other so much? And Darcy is described as the beautiful one. If it weren't for where she'd go I'd say kick her off the island.

As I read through this time, I did some serious eye rolling. The love declaration after ten days. One. The mean girl plotting against Rory. Two. A secret society that Rory can be a member of which only makes her sister even more jealous. Three. Mysterious things happening only after Rory appeared on the island. Four. And the final one was for who the obvious bad guy was. We are led by the nose to him throughout the novel with glaring clues. He screams "It's me!" without actually saying it.The final eye roll.

But despite the eye rolling, I read it in a couple of hours and while it wasn't as good as the first one to me, I do still want to find out what is going on. So yes, I will read the last book. And I think it could be very interesting depending on what Kate Brian decides to write. She left things precarious at this point. Rory is in a very bad state right now and when I say that, I mean she is taking no prisoners as she beats her way to the answers. THAT could be fun. I like ticked off Rory. She does something very symbolic at the end that leads me to believe, whether he did it or not, the guy we all think did it better look out because I don't think Rory is going to stop for explanations!

If you've already started the series, I'd say read  this one because the first one could very well have been a stand alone. This one could be a companion novel where you already know the characters and how the island seemingly works. This one gives you the instruction manual and lets you know the defects. The next novel should be, if written really well, like a hurricane sweeping over the island, taking all the bad with it, and waking up to a freshly washed over island that can be rebuilt from the ground up like it was intended. 

I say give it a try if you've started the series. Be prepared for some obvious things in the novel. Don't let it derail you. See if you can find out what's really going on, who the real bad guy is. If I'm wrong, if it is really him, then I'll be really disappointed. But we won't know for awhile, will we? 

Thanks to the publisher Disney-Hyperion for an e-ARC supplied through NetGalley for review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Rory sounds great, but sorry this one wasn't as good as first for you

  2. Darn. Sorry this one didn't work for you as the first. I'm like you, if I am entertained then I can deal with plot holes. I think with this one, I'd be eye rolling with you. :)

  3. I read another disappointed review and I am definitely passing on this one. I can do without a book that makes me roll my eyes! Hope things are well in your world!

  4. I just skimmed, because I haven't read the first book yet. I really want to though. It's on my to do list! I'm sorry you didn't love this one as much as the first. :(

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