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The Eighth Menorah by Lauren L. Wohl from Albert Whitman and Company

The Eighth Menorah by Lauren L. Wohl
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Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company
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Picture book- 32 pages
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Goodreads-Hanukkah is a few weeks away, and Sam can't wait to celebrate with his family, especially his grandma. At Sunday school, everyone in his class is busy making clay menorahs to give as Hanukkah gifts! Sam likes how his menorah is turning out, but he's worried--his family already has seven menorahs! Will they want another one? His teacher reassures him that his parents will love it, but Sam is determined to solve this problem on his own and find the perfect home for his menorah. 
Sam's dilemma in this sweet and simple Hanukkah story is one that rings true for kids and their families. 


This is a very sweet simple story about a little boy, Sam, who has made a menorah in Sunday School and he thinks his family just doesn't need another one as they already have seven. Of course, none of them look like the one he has made, nor does he know what a handmade gift means, but Sam is practical in thinking that seven is enough. The pictures are so cute, Sam hiding his wrapped present under his bed. Sam hiding under the table covering talking to his grandmother on the phone sharing a secret with her. This is a wonderful book for younger children to show they are important too, that their contributions do make a difference. Sam found the exact right person to receive his menorah and it was even more special because of who it was shared with. The end shows the special relationship he has with his Nana and how thoughtful Sam is.

I have two copies of the books for giveaway thanks to Albert Whitman and Company! They are signed. And this is a continental US giveaway only.

About the Author
Lauren L. Wohl has been working in children’s books… well … always, or so it seems.  Primarily, she’s been involved on the marketing side of publishing. But she’s worked for companies big and small, including some notable start-ups: Disney Press, Hyperion Books for Children, Jump at the Sun, Roaring Brook Press, and First Second Books.  

Lauren has an MLS and has been a school librarian in the New York City public schools.  And she’s taught marketing at NYU and is currently mentoring students in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Simmons College.  Lauren and her husband owned a children’s bookstore on Long Island, New York, where she was the Saturday morning storyteller and the summer evening PJ parties’ host.  She’s proud to be the local “book lady” – the neighbor to whom kids come when they want a book; the person local schools call on when they need a guest storyteller or reader; the “expert” friends trust to find the absolutely perfect match between a child and a book.

It seemed like the right time for her to jump in and write herself.  THE EIGHTH MENORAH is the result of that impulse and effort.  It’s a story out of her own family’s experience, and she’s hoping many other families will see themselves in it as well.

How cool does that sound?? Summer evening PJ parties host?? I think someone should do that in every city! Out on the lawn in the summer just before the sun goes down under some big shady trees....yeah, summer!
Or in a huge tent with fairy lights on the ceiling and pillows and blankets on the ground. Camp lights. Would that not be the coolest to hear stories read to you like that?? Somebody do that. Then send me pictures or a link. This is one cool author!

So, for the giveaway.....
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  1. This sounds so cute! I love simple sweet stories for kids and this one sounds perfect for the upcoming season. :)

  2. It is, it has such a sweet message. Kids sometimes think their handmade gifts don't count for much when that is such the opposite. I love my children's handmade gifts. Then adding the thoughtfulness of what Sam does with his gift makes it so, so sweet.

    We have several Menorah's but some are only decorative. We let our kids chose which one to use each year. We are a blended family so we celebrate Jewish and Christian holidays. It's fun!


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