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Review- Sherlock, Lupin and Me by Irene Adler

Sherlock, Lupin and Me- The Dark Lady by Irene Adler
Available Now
Publisher- Capstone Young Readers
Hardcover 238 pages
MG Historical Fiction/Mystery

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Goodreads-  While on summer vacation, little Irene Adler meets a young William Sherlock Holmes. The two share stories of pirates and have battles of wit while running wild on the sunny streets and rooftops. When Sherlock’s friend, Lupin, joins in on the fun, they all become fast friends. But the good times end abruptly when a dead body floats ashore on the nearby beach. The young detective trio will have to put all three of their heads together to solve this mystery.


So, loving all things Sherlock, I couldn't pass up a chance to read another entry into the growing number of  books that include his character. I loved that this one also included Irene Adler and his brother Mycroft. If you watch Sherlock on the BBC, you'll understand why. 

Irene Adler is exactly what you would expect from a young Irene. She demands to be an equal with Lupin and Sherlock and gets her way. Lupin is the son of an eccentric circus performer and by extension, he's a bit eccentric himself. And then there is the young Sherlock, yes, showing all the signs of Sherlock, nose in a book, cryptic mumblings and unusual but highly effective escape plans. The three spend a very eventful couple of weeks trying to solve the murder of a man that washed up on the beach as they were exploring an abandoned manor house.

What I loved about this novel was that it was a perfect mystery for young readers. I had no idea who did it. None whatsoever. Typical Sherlock. I enjoyed the trouble they got into and how they got out of it. I had to follow the clues right along with this threesome to find out who, if someone did it. The original findings were suicide. Now, I want to assure that with all this talk of suicide and murder this is not a dark novel. It is very light. There is just a mention that the dead man died from suicide. That's it. And Sherlock and company don't believe it because they find the body first and investigate it. What they find makes them want to investigate further. And the one clue that breaks the case is one that you would never guess, ever!

It's an easy read for chapter readers. The chapters are short with large typeface and the page before has a picture on it. I recommend it for any reader that enjoys mysteries and Sherlock. It's a fun, quick read, the first in a series that I will continue to read.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher for review. This did not influence my opinion at all. 
Thanks to the publisher Capstone Young Readers and Casey at Media Masters Publicity for connecting me with this novel.


  1. UGH! So bummed that this archived on me at NG, Heather! I absolutely love anything Sherlock so I was really looking forward to this one. Oh well, I'll definitely check to see if my local libraries are getting this one. Great review!

  2. The mystery sounds great, but I have never been the sherlock enthusiast

  3. I like the sound of this series for kids. I love the real Sherlock Holmes stories and I think refashioning them for a new generation is way cool.

  4. I adore Sherlock Holmes as well, so I'll be recommending this one to my younger brother for sure. Thanks for such a helpful review, Heather! :)

  5. I'm on a total Sherlock kick myself Heather, so this is right up my current alley:) Love that you couldn't figure out the mystery, it's so much fun when that happens. Or when you think you have it figured out only to learn you're completely wrong. Lovely review!

  6. Got my copy! :) I'm going to have to read this before I pass it on. I mean you said it was good... so I'm blaming you for giving my little cousins preread books. ;) I think they will enjoy them!

  7. I haven't watched Sherlock so I was only familiar with Sherlock himself when reading this. Though I'm not sure how I knew so much because I don't think I've really watched or read anything about him. I really enjoyed this one too!

  8. This is just the ticket to get some of my reluctant readers back in the game.

  9. Oh, this sounds just fun! I haven't read any Sherlock in forever, but I know a lot of reluctant readers who would absolutely die for this. Wonderful review!

  10. oh a MG sherlock! that is so super exciting! I don't know who those characters are but I haven't seen the show yet myself :(

  11. This sounds seriously fantastic. I'm going to have to get my hands on a copy. Thanks for sharing! (And I'm glad to be back and reading your blog again!)


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