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Book Binge- Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

All of these are out now and can be found at your local indie bookstore. They can also be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and all the other on line retailers. I'm not going to post the links. You can probably type "T" in the search and it will bring THRONE OF GLASS up right away. Sarah J. Maas should be a household name, in my humble opinion. Like her addiction, Walt Disney.

I have to be honest, its been hard coming back from the world of Adarlan and Wendallyn. Of The Captain of the Guard, Chaol, who is so opposite of Celaena in his goodness, blind faith and loyalty and belief in his king that he can't see the truth staring him in the face. Of the world of Dorian, once chaser of women and carefree, but now with the weight of a dark secret and an even heavier burden, knowing he must live up to being a leader, but not quite there. Of magic, sweet, sweet, terrible, painful, glorious, powerful earth magic like nothing I've ever read before. And oh the painful, deep loss and grieving and loneliness of losing everyone and yourself and giving up all hope. Of letting that spark die.

I don't know that a fantasy book has ever made me cry like I did with this series, but not only can Sarah J. Maas elicit feelings of "well he got what was coming to him" and "God, she's a cold hearted bitch" or "what a spoiled child." She can also make you feel the heavy, heavy weight of grief without even writing the words. I didn't even realize that was what I was experiencing until the character finally voiced it. But Lordy did I feel it. A sense of gloom, darkness, no spark of life, no color as I read. I am so hooked!

I read THRONE OF GLASS when it came out. I might have even gotten it through NetGalley. But I have my own copy, actually signed and a signed copy of CROWN OF MIDNIGHT. I have met the awesome Sarah J. Maas in the beautiful town of Asheville at the coolest Indie bookstore called Malaprops. (Several awesome authors call that bookstore home away from home.) But, as the rest of the books were released, although I bought them, I didn't make time to read them. So with only THRONE OF GLASS and THE ASSASSIN AND THE EMPIRE under my belt, I spent my birthday weekend in Celaena's world. I was in heaven!! It's so great to give yourself permission to read anything you want and then read with abandon.

My life has been in chaos for the past few months but sinking into fantasy, what a huge relief. It was like a vacation, so wonderful, and to share it with these characters, yes!! So ummm, what can I say that hasn't already been said?? If I wasn't a fan of fantasy, this would make me one. If I didn't have a favorite female character, Celaena would be her. It's not just that she is bad ass, God to have an ounce of her bad assery!!! But she is more than that. A refugee without a country. A woman without her true love. A tragic fate without the will to fight it. A girl wounded, almost broken looking for vengeance for her love. A child without parents. It makes for a mass of emotions swirling in a dangerous woman who, though she controls them well, is always on the verge of slipping. And is more scared of losing control than dying even. All of that and she serves the king that brought all of this down on her.

When I met Sarah J. Maas in Asheville, she said that THRONE OF GLASS was inspired by the music from Cinderella and she thought, what if Cinderella didn't lose her shoe but saved herself and became an assassin. I'd say she took that thought to a whole new level!!! Thank you, to writers like Mrs. Maas. I needed this book binge. I'm thinking about catching up on some other series I have but haven't even started. But this one, this one goes on the special shelf. Like Walt Disney's Cinderella, it is a masterpiece. If you follow Sarah's Tumblr blog she posts sporadically about music that inspires certain scenes and I love to read them and imagine the music as I re-read the chapters. Music is such an inspiration to me whether it's just getting through the next hour or getting me through the day. I love to read what music does for other people, how it speaks to them. I write to music. Maybe I'll find the score to Cinderella and it will inspire me. Whether it does or doesn't, I will think of Celaena who rose from the ashes of the castle. She didn't need a prince, she cast him aside. Cast the knight in shining armor aside. She saved herself. As the saying goes, "No one is coming." Except Celaena, and I'd say that the King and his knights should start running. Because Celaena may be pretty and like pretty things. She may fall in love and may cry at beautiful music and love to read, but she's a warrior and Celaena is coming. I can't wait!

THE STARKILLERS CYCLE SPACE OPERA (this is a collaborative effort with Susan Dennard (SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY SERIES) and is free on line for anyone to read. It is updated when the authors have a chance meaning, in between books tours and a life. It's an awesome opportunity to see more of their imaginations!)



  1. Oh I so can't wait to start this series. I am going to try to do them all on audio when I get a chance. You moved it up my list!

    1. Wow, be careful of the audio, there are so many voices, especially later in the series. However, I'd love to know how to pronounce some of the names!! I'd love to know how it is in audio. I wouldn't mind a listen. Audio books make exercise (walking) enjoyable. But I am listening to The Queen of the Tearling and the while the voice is okay for the main character the other characters bring me out of the story.

  2. I had to move my review for the third book, I have it scheduled in November and I am itching to read it. Interesting about the whole Cinderella thing, I had no idea. This is an outstanding series, and I can't wait to get lost in it.

    1. This is a rarity, I think. It is an excellent series and I think some of it is because it's so emotional, yet not. The emotions are strong, but aren't stated- the best show not tell I've ever seen. Heir of Fire is amazing in that regard. Carve out large amounts to time to read! Thank you for commenting!

  3. When the ToG came out I wasn't interested with the comparisons to GOT, but when I saw reviews of this series getting better and better, I thought I would check it out. I'm glad that I waited for the novellas to come out in print so I could read those first and then start the first book. I've heard that makes a world of difference.

    1. It's funny Rummanah-some people got a bad impression of Celaena from the novellas. They thought she was spoiled and haughty. I never got that impression- she cared so much about people and I thought she deserved a little happy compared to her life. I don't think it's like GoT at all. I think people just say that to give it hype, make people more interested. Celaena is the main character throughout the book and I don't think there is a main character in GoT. The only comparison I'd make is "Celaena is coming" instead of "Winter is coming" lol. Thanks so much for your comment!


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