Monday, July 13, 2015

Hello Out There......

 You might have wondered where I am. Or you might not care. But then you wouldn't be here reading this post. As Hazel Grace would say from TFIOS (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green) we "had a touch of cancer" in my family. Funnily enough, not the ha-ha funny but the coincidentally funny, it was the same kind of cancer Hazel Grace started out with. Thankfully, the prognosis is good, curable, and we've been through the treatment. I say "We" because it is a family process. Though we don't have the treatment done to us, we are right there waiting in the waiting room, changing our diets, holding hands, talking about our fears (or not in the case of teenage boys) and visiting doctors. It is scary for everyone. But my husband seemed the least worried. Why is it that the person who is sick always seems to be the bravest? Maybe it's just in the movies and books.But it's also my husband.So anyway, from April until just a few days ago, that's what I've been doing. That's where I've been.

My head has not been here and my heart has not been here. I haven't read too much and I'm not going to review what I've read in great detail. But I will let you know what I think about what I've read or listened to and my reviews are going to be short and sweet from now on.

So hello! I missed you, book lovers! I missed all the BEA buzz and the books that are coming out. I haven't read any reviews. And I haven't been purchasing any books unless they were part of a series I absolutely loved. I have read a few of the books I purchased a long time ago and I have to say I'm glad I waited until the hype died down before I read them.

So, I hope you are all well and you are wearing your sunscreen if you are out in the sun!! I hope it is sunny where you are. Enjoy the warm weather, especially those of you that had so much snow last winter!! Anyone watching Shark Week?? Yeah, I'm not getting in the water ever again! Stay safe, stay well and tell me about the books you recommend. I'm not reading issue books right now. But you can still tell me about a good one you've read. I missed my book blogaversary so I'm going to have to come up with something good for later in the summer.

Who would believe it Me and the Terminator- we're back!

Happy Reading!!


  1. Ahh Heather. That just sucks. Cancer is so awful. I am hoping that things will be back on track for you all soon and that your husband will be back to himself in no time. Hugs. You take care of yourself.

  2. My prayers are with you and your family, Heidi.

  3. ((HUGS))

    Sorry you have had to go through this. I think the person going through it looks the bravest since they really have no choice in the matter. Plus, it is a different view when you are on the outside but feel helpless. Neither is braver than the other but all have value while going through something like this. Hm... hope that made sense. Take care of yourself!

  4. Sorry to hear about the "touch of cancer" my thoughts are with you

  5. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery... I went through some family issues recently and only read YA during that time. It provided some escapism, and I didn't have to focus too much :)

  6. Nice to see you back posting! Glad things are headed in the right direction. :)

  7. So sorry for what your family is going through. I hope your husband is doing better. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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