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The Empty Throne (Heirs of Chrior Book Two) by Cayla Kluver

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This is the second book in the Heirs of Chrior Trilogy. If you haven't read The Queen's Choice, don't bother reading this one. You will have no idea what is going on. In fact, I had a little trouble remembering what was happening and who was who. I eventually figured it out, but I think a slight recap in a prologue would have been well worth it. Of course, I am reading it a year after it was published, but.....maybe it is my fault.

Anyway, this felt like a long book. I enjoyed it, but it dragged in places and there felt like a lot of standing still spots where the story just didn't go anywhere. But, then, that is part of the story. Anya just waiting for something to happen. She's stuck, imprisoned, not in jail, but still watched every second and it's made worse by the fact that she has indulged in something she shouldn't have. She has nightmares and feels the loss she suffered at the hands of the hunters when she crossed The Bloody Road. (I'm trying not to be spoilery for the first book.) Her days and nights are endless as she just sits around doing nothing. She's not the girl she was in The Queen's Choice.

In this book, Anya seems like she's been beaten by her circumstances. She makes foolish decisions. She doesn't confide in anyone. She trusts no one not even her own instincts. She languishes in her loss. I kept thinking about it too. Wondering if there weren't some way to fix what had happened. Could it be repaired? What would her betrothed do? Would he change his life for her?

There is a lot that happens in the book, yet a lot is in Anya's head. There is a lot of waiting and thinking. The romance is bigger in this one than the last for those fans of the romance. I just wasn't quite as impressed as I was with The Queen's Choice.  There are still so many questions about who is trustworthy and who isn't. Honestly, I didn't believe anyone anymore at the end of the book than I did at the beginning of the book. I think in the end, I was disappointed because I saw(in my mind) Anya hanging on the gate waving goodbye to her friends while she was left in the mortal world. She's sad. Alone for the most part. Worried for her world and worried for herself. Worried for the Fae and Human world alike.

This book did move the story along to a predictable place. Some interesting reveals occurred. There were more questions that came up than answers. Everything took place in the human world. We saw nothing of Illumina and I really would have liked to have known what happened to her in Chrior. But I did enjoy my time with the old characters and some new ones. It just didn't live up to The Queen's Choice. I guess you've got that by now. However, if you want to continue the series, I recommend reading the book. You will be lost without it. And apparently, right after I read it, I gave it four stars so I think I enjoyed it more than I remembered.

There is some violence, some of it mild, some of it very brutal. There is drug use, a made up drug, but still drug use and addiction. I would recommend this book to mature 12 and up. Also death and a little sexual content (alluded to).

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  1. I have heard some good things about this author, but haven't tried her yet. Not quite sure though if this one is for me. I will think on it. Thanks for the helpful review.

  2. Glad you liked this one over all, Heather. The premise of the first book did nothing for me. Glad I decided to take a pass on it.

  3. The fact that this one is mostly in the mortal world and that there were more questions than answers kind of pulls me away from this one. Still, brilly review. :)


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