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The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (Sequel to The 5th Wave)

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

I'm not bothering with giving you the synopsis anymore. If you want to read it, you can click the Goodreads link. More often than not it gives too much away. When I read the synopsis for this on Goodreads I knew who had survived The 5th Wave just from the characters they listed so don't go there for you synopsis if you don't want it spoiled.

Of course, just because they survived the first book doesn't mean they will survive The Infinite Sea which, by the way is metaphorical. There is no great rush of water over the lands that wipes everything else out and survivors are living on canoes and kayaks. No still hobbling along in abandoned buildings and forests. But we find that the aliens are even more insidious than we were led to believe. Oh, the crushing blows that deals and the almost complete helpless and hopelessness it shoves in our faces, it drives home. Nothing can save us, not even our humanity.

The Infinite Sea is mainly Ringer's story and we find out how she fared in the early part of the alien assault on earth. She wasn't doing great before they arrived so she's traded one kind of harsh existence for another. We also see the backgrounds of Poundcake, the boy that never speaks and we can understand why. The devastation again, wreaked by the aliens is complete. Not just wreaking havoc on the planet, but the people. Not just killing them, but killing their will to fight, their reason to go on. With each death they are more and more evil. Think the devil times a hundred because only he would think using the most innocent among us against us.

I've seen a lot of people say this second book was a sophomore slump or that it didn't move the story line along. I don't see how they can say that. It just build deeper and deeper on the despair and betrayal again and again. Just when you believe the story couldn't twist anymore, that you know who the bad guy is, a brick hits you in the side of the head and you wake up to see what was there all the time but you just didn't want to see it. The other characters, Poundcake, Dumbo, Cassie, Zombie, Sam and Teacup all have their own parts to play in this story but they take a backseat for the most part to Ringer's story. She is the focal point, the battle between her and Vosch. Ringer is tough, so tough and I knew I liked her. I'm just hoping she can keep her hard edge. I don't see where the series is headed at this point. Last Star....sounds ominous to me. Is Earth the last viable planet? I'm not sure what the aliens really want. And how the hell are the survivors going to find out? And please someone kill Vosch. Put a bullet between his eyes. Someone please. He has got to die!!

Again excellent succinct storytelling. A lot of violence but I don't see anything a mature 10  and up couldn't read. You know they're gonna go see the movie. Though you might want to read the prologue before you give it to your children. Maybe your sensitive children would have a difficult time with how the young (real young) children are being used. I had a hard time with it and I'm a grown adult. But kids these days, maybe they just write it off as fiction. I still highly recommend it!


  1. It's not often that a sequel of a book is just as good as the first one. I really need to read this series soon!

    1. It was very different from the first one, but just as good. The focus was on a different character so of course the book was very different because the setting was completely different. But it was crucial to the story. I can always think of so much more to say after my review posts!! Thanks for visiting Rummanah!

  2. Good to know that you didn't think this was a slump. I still haven't picked up this one, but I want to do so soon as I loved the first one. I am interested to meet some of those characters you mentioned.

    1. Don't expect the same book as the first one. I'd say they are as different as they can be, but just as good! Hope you pick it up soon! I hadn't planned on starting ANOTHER new series but.... :)

  3. Man I so need to start this series! I might end up seeing the movie first but so need to read it. I can see that some of the nuances would be lost. Now even though you had a hard time with parts of it (which does give me pause) but still ended up enjoying it... It really makes me want to read it even more. I think I can handle it.


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